Bristol II: Kurt Busch - Friday media visit

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET YOUR SECOND WIN OF THE SEASON HERE AT BRISTOL? " "It's going to take the normal things that it takes at Bristol which is to protect your race car, make sure that you...

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)


"It's going to take the normal things that it takes at Bristol which is to protect your race car, make sure that you don't beat it up too much and protect it as long as you can. Yet at the same time, you have to put yourself toward the front with the final pit stops approaching. That way you're in position and don't have to pass too many cars. Ultimately, it comes down to just how the car is handling. You have to be able to turn in the center of the corner and have that good grip putting the power down coming onto the straightaways. So it's lap after lap. You have to make sure that the car handles well and you hope that things just shine your way. There are a lot of times that you can have a fast car at Bristol, but you have to have a little lady luck on your side as well. For the Miller Lite Dodge, we're not locked into the Chase but we feel comfortable. So, it would be a great opportunity for us to go out there and try and get 10 extra bonus points for when the Chase does start and try to get a win on a short-track because the Blue Deuce is always running strong on the short-tracks."

IT LOOKED LIKE THE HIGH GROOVE IN THE TRUCK RACE WAS WORKING BETTER THAN THE LOW GROOVE. DO YOU EXPECT THAT TOMORROW NIGHT IN THE CUP RACE? "It just depends how our cars feel once we get into the race because the tires are a little different on the trucks and Nationwide cars than they are with the Cup cars. Sometimes tires lets you keep the momentum built up at the top, and then there are times where the tires tell you that you can still get some turn out of it and stay low because the low groove usually is the preferred groove here. I expect the groove to widened out and be very wide. It's going to race two, three wide sometimes. It will definitely be an exciting race this time around with the different tires that we're seeing on the cars."

ARE YOUR TEAMMATES BRINGING MORE INFORMATION THAT HELPS YOUR RACE SETUP? "I feel like it's definitely coming back around. Sam (Hornish Jr.) has more experience and David Stremme is doing a great job blending in with his crew chief Roy McCauley. We just hope that before time gets too far along that they're running up there. That's what we want. We'll see. To have Sam finish in the top-five last week, that was great because he bolted in my setup cold turkey Sunday morning and so he ran out there with what the Blue Deuce had in it and finished well. So that's what we hope to see more of."

WHAT DOES IT SAY THAT MARK MARTIN IS MAKING HIS 1000TH NASCAR START? "That's amazing. I had no idea that Mark was up to 1,000 starts. All the Nationwide races, he's the king in that series. Truck racing here and there and of course all the years in Cup, it's been a long ride for Mark and it didn't start out all that well. I think that he didn't make it in Cup and had to go back to ASA, it shows his perseverance. It shows his work ethic. It shows how determined he is to go out there and still be competitive. I think that fire from within still burns as bright as the first time out because of the fact that he's still searching for that first (NASCAR) championship. So I think that helps him continue to pour on the pressure and keep this an old man's game. I'm watching guys like Brett Favre come back and John Smoltz is still pitching....maybe Mark Martin is their inspiration."

DO YOU THINK THAT SOME 500 MILE RACES CAN BE SHORTENED? "I think that we go through that every time we show up to Pocono for sure. It's what the promoters want or it's what the TV package wants.

It's what the sponsors, the fans, whomever, whatever number it is, we're going to race and put on a good show. I always think that Martinsville could use lights. That would be fun racing there at night. We all have our wish list, I don't know if that would be one of them at the top."

DOES TALLADAGA BEING LATER IN THE CHASE MAKE IT A BIGGER FOCAL POINT OF A RACE? "Talladega has always been the wild card. You hope just to survive Talladega and then find out where you stand in points. That was early in the Chase, now it's going to be later and just thinking about it, if Talladega is with three (Chase races) to go, you hope that you survive Talladega and if you did, you hope that you just put yourself in position the first six races to be running for the Championship because that leaves three races to go. And with three races to go in the Chase format, that's the 'who's who' on who is going to win the championship. Talladega will definitely throw in a different feel."

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