Bristol II: Kevin Harvick press conference

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: Finished 2nd: TALK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR RUN. "It was a good night for the GM Goodwrench car. Cautions killed us. We'd get going and it felt like the right front tire was flat. One...


TALK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR RUN. "It was a good night for the GM Goodwrench car. Cautions killed us. We'd get going and it felt like the right front tire was flat. One time I

went in there and went to turn the steering wheel and Kurt [Busch] drove right underneath me. All in all, it was a good night for us, a great points night. When you're frustrated about finishing second, third, fourth or fifth, your race team is really strong. Todd [Berrier] and Gil Martin have put a great bunch of people and a great bunch of race cars together for us. It's a lot of fun to go to the race track."

WAS THE PASS BY KURT BUSCH FOR THE LEAD A CLEAN ONE? "Yeah. The only thing I saw was a little blood dripping out of his nose as he went by. Nah, it was perfectly clean. My car just wouldn't get going on the restarts and his car was really good on the restarts."

WHY WOULD PEOPLE BOO KURT BUSCH? "Because he's a cocky, arrogant punk. That would probably be my guess. Great race car driver, he just has a really, really bad attitude. Sometimes he just spins people out, runs into them and drives like an idiot, but he can wheel a race car, there's no doubt about it."

AS SOMEBODY WHO HAS HAD RUN-INS ON THE TRACK, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO KURT BUSCH? "I think I read this morning that was it was the media's fault, that everything is where it's at because of you. I've been at that point, and when you get there, it's downhill because all the media turns against you. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at it, you guys can be used as a tool of plusses or minuses. When he starts blaming stuff on you guys, all those people sitting in the grandstands that are already booing him when he's winning races are going to be 100 percent against him because everybody in the country is writing negative stuff. I've been there, I've done it, I've blamed you and I promise you, it's not easy."

IS THIS STARTING TO REMIND YOU OF YOUR BUSCH TEAM OF 2001? "A lot of it is my Busch team from 2001. I said recently that it's good to know when you get out of the race car and know that you've been a part of building something and know that those guys are there because I'm driving the race car, and want to be a part of the team and I want to be a part of their race team and we all get along real good. Slowly, but surely, and this no negative on anybody, but it doesn't feel like it's Dale Earnhardt's team. It feels like it's my team. Not that Dale Earnhardt didn't build RCR or help Richard build RCR and is responsible for where we all are at today in our sport. But it's like a burden lifted off your shoulders when you get out of that car and put your arm around those guys and know that those guys are all there because of Richard and you and all the people around you that support everything we do."

IS YOUR CONFIDENCE AS HIGH AS IT'S EVER BEEN IN WINSTON CUP? "Yeah. This team is as good as our 2001 Busch team and better than our 2001 Winston Cup team. If we run good at Darlington next week, we're really on top of our game. We struggled there at the beginning of the year, but right now, it's a lot of fun to go to the race track. The Busch car is running well, we had a chance to win all three races this weekend. We got no darn trophies, but it was a lot of fun just being in contention week in and week out."

WHAT'S CHANGED WHEN TODD COMES BACK TO THE CREW CHIEF ROLE? "The unique thing about what's going on is, Gil is in a managerial position. Todd worries about the race cars. Gil worries about all the headaches, all the people, all the nitpicky stuff that's going on around the race team. He can go fight fires while Todd is working on the race car at the track. He can worry about dealing with the politics and the officials and things like that. When you have one guy concentrating on your race car, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that's all Todd and Gil do is concentrate on these race cars--this is a match that was made in 2000, I believe, or right at the beginning of 2001. It worked really well in the Busch shop. They compliment each other well, and the whole organization--our bodies and our engines have really stepped up. That's the biggest key, communication."

MIKE SKINNER, NO. 01 U.S. ARMY PONTIAC GRAND PRIX: Finished 18th: "We took advantage of our track position at the beginning but we never had the right balance. The car kept getting tighter in the center and loose off. I'm not happy with the finish, but it's better than the alternative. I guess it's a consolation when you're not in a wreck and finish on the lead lap at Bristol."

TERRY LABONTE, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S/got milk? CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: Finished 11th: "It was pretty much two different races. We made a lot of adjustments. It wouldn't turn in the middle of the corner. We finally made some adjustments and got it better."

RICKY CRAVEN, NO. 32 TIDE PONTIAC GRAND PRIX: Finished 8th: "It was a great effort from the entire Tide Pontiac team. We were strong all night, and we fought back from some adversity after some contact. The pit stops were awesome all night, and I felt like I could have caught the 88 and the 12 if we had had a little more time on that last green-flag run. It was nice to finish the job. That's what it's all about. You can have good runs but you have to have the finishes. We've had the runs, but we haven't been able to get the finishes."

"This gives us some momentum going into Darlington, where we hope to be a repeat winner. Winning the Southern 500 would be almost as nice as winning the Daytona 500 because of the tradition, and also because this will be the last Southern 500 on the traditional Labor Day holiday."

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