Bristol II: GM teams race quotes

Jeff Gordon -- ...

Jeff Gordon -- #24 DuPont Chevrolet 6th position

GREAT FINISH TODAY "Yeah, man, I'm real happy with the comeback. We got way off and a lot of it is my fault. You know, I asked the guys to make some adjustments on the car and it was totally going the wrong direction. That took us some time to get the stuff back in it, and when we did, we started coming back to the front."

ALSO GREAT DAY FOR THE CHASE STANDINGS "Yeah, that's what I'm happiest about. You know, it's a solid day, solid finish and I think it was a good points day for us-I don't know where the other guys finished up."

DID JIMMIE'S ENGINE FAILURE CONCERN YOU? "I didn't hear anything about it. I had no idea."

RE: ON TRACK ACTION "We just fought through a typical Bristol night where sometimes things are going your way, sometime they are not. You know, luckily there at the end we got the car a lot better and drove our way up to sixth."

YOU SEEM MORE COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR STANDING WHEREAS BEFORE THERE WAS MORE PRESSURE? "Yeah, and I still am. The way our season's gone, no matter how good we're running, no matter how bad, you just never know what's going to happen. You know, tonight is one of those nights we wanted and needed to happen. Glad it happened here at Bristol."

Mike Bliss -- #0 CertainTeed Chevrolet 7th position

GREAT FINISH FOR YOUR TEAM TONIGHT "We had a fast car all day. This was the first time for CertainTeed, so I guess the CertainTeed Chevrolet was really good. Pit strategy-we just couldn't get any pit strategy. We had tires at the end. Good call by the crew because they made a big difference. We stayed out one time and we just got ate up. So, tires are the big thing."

SEEMS LIKE YOU WERE ABLE TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE WELL, TOO "The car was awesome, relatively speaking. We just adjusted a little bit all night. But, that was the biggest thing I wanted to do-stay out of trouble."

Tony Stewart -- #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet 8th position

ONE OF THE HARDER EARNED 10th PLACE FINISHES YOU'VE HAD? "Yeah, I mean everything really fell into place for us right there at the end. Not sure I was real happy with the tires. The tire change that they made here coming into this week, it's put us all in a situation where it's just so hard to pass. You could run behind guys you could just never get know, their cars never fell off enough to pass. I wasn't really happy with the selection, but whether we like it or not there's a reason that Goodyear did that and thought that that was the right thing to do, so, we've got to stand behind them on that."

"I think we just missed the setup tonight. But, Zippy and the guys just did an awesome job all night-just kept working with it. Right there at the end we were back enough where it made sense for us to come in and pit. We didn't lose but about four or five spots doing it and got those back in the first couple of laps, so you say it's probably the hardest top 10 finish we've ever run here, but we did exactly what we needed to do tonight with the circumstances that we had. It finished out just fine."

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- #8 Budweiser Chevrolet 9th position

TELL US ABOUT YOUR RACE "Man, that was fun! I know a lot of people are probably wondering how we got a top-10 out of this, but this ol' Budweiser Chevrolet was fast tonight, and we passed a lot of cars to get that top-10. Starting so far in the back (41st) hurt us, because we had a lot of traffic to deal with. Matt (Kenseth) was stalking me for a long time, but we were lucky enough to catch cautions and get the lucky dog and stay on the lead lap every time. Great pit stops all night. I can't say enough about the guys on this team. I'm proud of them. They work hard to give me a good car, and all I can do is drive the hell out of it."

ON FIGHTING FOR A TOP-10 IN THE CLOSING LAPS "It was real hard to pass, and I knew when we stayed out (during the 15th caution with 28 laps to go) it was going to be hard to hold off those guys with new tires. I was kind of (upset) at myself for staying out. We were in ninth at the time, and I knew those guys behind us were going to get tires. But track position is really important here. I stayed out because I didn't want to give up our track position. We were able to hold on for the top-10, so I'm happy about that."

RE: OVERCOMING TWO ACCIDENTS TO FINISH NINTH "So much happened tonight I barely remember (the two incidents). There were people bouncing all over each other out there. I know the first one I ran into somebody when everyone was checking up from the wreck ahead of us. I don't know, I might've got hit, too. not real sure. The second was kind of the same deal. We were lucky to get no real damage other than flat-spotting the tires. Our incidents were minor compared to some of the stuff I saw out there."

RE: POINTS CHASE "Not even worried about it. I'm having fun driving these race cars, and that's all I think about. We dug ourselves a pretty big hole (in the points), so I'm just going to keep driving and have a helluva good time doing it."

Joe Nemechek -- #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet 12th position

Note: Nemechek's finish (12th) was his career best result at Bristol Motor Speedway

"I have to say we're pleased with the 12th-place finish. It's been crazy for me here in the past. Bristol hasn't been one of my better tracks and considering we haven't finished one of these (Bristol) races for a long time it feels pretty good to make that charge at the end and get a solid finish. The Army Chevy was very competitive, but we were stuck in the back for most of the race. I just had to be patient and use my head about what I did. I wanted to stay clean and take care of the equipment so I would have something at the end. It worked out and we'll take our finish with a smile. We didn't need that last caution because Dale Jr. and the No. 97 (Kurt Busch) were sitting ducks. The U.S. Army team is strong and I am proud of Ryan (crew chief, Pemberton) and the crew for the excellent adjustments and pit stops tonight. We're fired up, and next week in California, we'll be on it."

Bobby Labonte -- #18 PowerADE Flava23 Chevrolet 21st position

TELL US ABOUT YOUR RACE "It was okay. We pitted there out of sequence and we got the lead, track-position wise. We didn't pit there at the end and that hurt us a little bit. Still, all in all, we came home with four fenders on it, which we haven't in a while."

Kyle Busch -- #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet 33rd position

Note: Spin and crash on Lap 183

RADIATOR PROBLEMS AFTER THAT IMPACT? WHAT HAPPENED? "The thing is the car was handling great. Pretty much had the save of the year-almost spun through turn 1 and 2. For some reason the right rear tire went flat. I don't know what happened but I spun out going down the back straightaway and it got me into the fence. That's what broke it. It's been the worse night of the year as far as pit selection goes. Every time we came in we had about a 30-second stop because we picked a stall that qualified in front of us. And the guy behind us picked in front of us. So, every time I had to nose it in and then we had to push it back so I could get out."

Jimmie Johnson -- #48 Lowe's Chevrolet 36th position

Note: Engine failure on Lap 410, retired.

THIS IS YOUR FIRST ENGINE FAILURE OF THE YEAR, CORRECT? "Yeah, it is. It's too bad. That's racing and stuff like that happens. I just hope my teammates don't have the same issues. It's a shame."

ANY WARNING SIGNS? "Just blew up in turn 2. No warning signs or anything."

Kevin Harvick -- #29 GM Goodwrench / Reece's Big Cup Chevrolet 37th position

Note: Accident on Lap 316

DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED AHEAD OF YOU THERE? "No, Just got caught in the wreck there. Turned down and thought I had the wreck cleared and the #25 popped left and I hit the #12. Spotter never said nothing, so I wrecked."

Scott Riggs -- #10 Checker's Chevrolet 40th position

Note: Retired on Lap 309

TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU TONIGHT "We had some transmission problems. It jumped out of gear one time during practice and we were thinking we might have trouble but it didn't do it anymore so we didn't think it'd be a problem. Then when we got in the race it jumped out of gear almost right away. We put two bungee cords around it because we needed to have a lot of tension to keep it in gear. I was actually having to hold it in place and drive with one hand for a while. Even with the tension to keep it in gear, it was still hard to get my shift. I guess when we did get it hung up one time, that's probably when the engine let go."

Stanton Barrett -- #95 Langley Properties Chevrolet 41st position

Note: Engine failure on Lap 251, retired from race

TELL US WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE "Just blew up going into the corner. Right away, locked up. I got in my own oil and spun around. Blew up right going into the corner, not the best place to blow a motor."

HOW WAS YOUR CAR UNTIL THEN? "Not bad. The guys are pretty rough out there and trying to stay out the way. I had a really good car but it started to fall back and I was just trying to be conservative. We got a few laps down. Just trying to run. Obviously we had a good car and started running in the top 10 as far as track position there and pulling away from the guys behind us. It's unfortunate and we'll have to fix another car but we'll be out here some more."

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