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Jeff Gordon -- ...

Jeff Gordon -- #24 DuPont Chevrolet
2nd position

HOW WAS THAT LAP? It wasn't pretty, I can tell you that, but I knew it was a fast lap. We were battling with it being tight but I was still real tight. Carried good speed to the green flag and I just tried to work through the tightness and luckily it was the type of tightness where you can stay in the gas to carry momentum. I tell you what, these guys on the DuPont Chevrolet bring me such an amazing race car when we come here to Bristol. Under the hood and that race car is phenomenal. It's a lot of fun.

It was real good in practice and we didn't get our best lap in practice. The car was real tight and the guys did a great job with it and it was real, real clean.

TELL US ABOUT THE SENSE OF URGENCY TO PERFORM IN THESE FINAL THREE RACES? Well, it's obvious that we do. I wish we were in a little bit better position. You're definitely going to see all that we have to give this weekend, next weekend, the weekend after that and if we get in that Chase, the ten races after that. Because, we've obviously run out of time and we recognize that we've got to really start to make some things happen. Last week was a glimpse of some luck, we just didn't have the car that we should have had. So, let's hope this week we can put those two things together with a good car and some good luck and come out of here with a great finish.

DALE JR. SAID HALF-JOKINGLY THAT IF HE COULDN'T MAKE THE CHASE, HE HOPES YOU DON'T EITHER Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what he meant by that. I'm going to have to ask him where that came from. I guess if I can't make it, I hope he doesn't either!

Dave Blaney -- #07 Jack Daniel's Chevrolet
3rd position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? I thought going in that we'd get a good lap. We qualified second in the spring and my car felt really good in practice in the mock qualifying run. Being the last car out definitely helped out a little bit-it definitely cooled down a little bit more and it was right there. The car was really good. It was good enough where if I got to drive it a little bit more it would have been just right, but I'm sure a lot of guys are saying that.

DID YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAD THE POLE? No, I didn't. It just felt like a good lap. It felt just as good as my lap in the spring. Actually ran about the same time. I just came off the corner real good-that's the key here. Get up off the corner without having to spin the wheels or lift out of the throttle because you're loose or tight. It was good. It was real good in the race in the spring as well, we just got caught up in a wreck. Hopefully we can have a car that can compete and have an incident-free night here. That will be the key.

TELL US ABOUT THE PAINT SCHEME ON YOUR CAR? They are celebrating the 155th birthday of Jack Daniels this week. Happy Birthday, Jack car. I think the paint looks nice. This is there home state track. Have a big draw out here.

HOW IS IT WORKING OUT WITH YOUR NEW CREW CHIEF? Yeah, he's doing a good job. Like you said he was with Harvick's team. Everyone on my team knows him and respects him, so it was an easy switch there. Like you said we qualified second here in the spring and came back with about the same stuff. And the #29 won here in the spring and we did well, too. Came back with kind of the same things. Hopefully this transition is going to help us a little bit every week. We just need to scratch and claw our way forward here.

WILL HAVING YOUR CARS CLOSER TO WHAT KEVIN HARVICK IS RUNNING HELP YOU AND HOW LONG WILL THAT TAKE? It takes a while. You'd like to think you can go out back and cut them up and make them the same. But it takes weeks and weeks. Hopefully by Richmond and New Hampshire we'll have some stuff that's really close. That's not saying that's what was getting us behind before, we had some bad stuff happen to us sometime and we didn't run well sometimes. You know, I think getting closer to the #29 is going to help both of us. Hopefully if we can work together really closely, we can try things in the course of a weekend. Learning as fast as you can is definitely an advantage.

IF YOU WERE GOING TO RANK TRACKS IN ORDER OF WHERE YOU WERE LIKELY TO WIN, WHERE WOULD BRISTOL RANK? I have no idea. I'm not good at ranking anything. You can see a guy jump up and win here pretty easily. I remember Elliott Sadler winning here for the Wood Brothers on fuel mileage and staying out on tires. First thing you do here is survive the race and get to the last 50 or 100 miles. You never know. I won't count myself out anywhere.

Bobby Hamilton, Jr. -- #32 Tide Chevrolet
8th position

We're in! We started and we really couldn't run a good lap today. But, they hit it right on. That was the best I've ever had here. I drove it in and just turned it and it just stuck. The whole race was to just get in the race, so looks like we did it.

Kyle Busch -- #5 Kellogg's Chevrolet
11th position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? Way, way, way, way disappointed. That was terrible. The guys gave me an awesome car, I got through 1 and 2 way good. Got into three and got loose. Don't know why. I didn't think I got too low or whatever. Ruined my momentum for the first lap, obviously and hurt it for the second one, too. A great effort by the team. The guys did an awesome job preparing the car for me and did everything else. I screwed up I guess-just trying to match too hard what we did in the Busch Series.

Scott Riggs -- #10 Checker's/Rally's Chevrolet
12th position

It was pretty good. The pickup was due to the fact that there's a lot more rubber on the race track. So, we made the right kind of changes and wanted to be in the top 10. Our car is really good for the race and hopefully it will be in the top 10 by the time we get to the end of qualifying. I think it will be a good race for us.

Tony Stewart -- #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet
17th position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? It was just a little bit tight. It was tight getting back to the gas. That's something that we can cure pretty easily, so we'll live with that one.

TRACK CHANGED MUCH? I'm sure it has some, it's cooled off for qualifying. It's been overcast. So, I'm sure it's gotten a little bit tighter.

Johnny Benson -- #00 Bryan Chevrolet 21st position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? I'm real happy with that. Michael Waltrip and everyone on the team is doing a tremendous job to give me an opportunity to come down to Bristol and try to make the race. Looks like we're going to be in pretty decent shape so I'm really proud of all the guys. We've made a lot of changes. Because there are so many cars here it took us a while to get through tech and we missed the first half of practice. We made it comfortable and put down a lap and get in the race, so we're real happy with that.

Brian Vickers -- #25 GMAC/ Chevrolet
23rd position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? It was the best we've had for sure. It was a lot faster than we anticipated. The guys did a great job, for sure. We made a lot of changes to this Monte Carlo and I was real happy. We'll take it.

RE: TRACK CHANGES Yeah, I think it has changed. It's hard to tell that it's changed, but it has.

Jimmie Johnson -- #48 Lowe's Chevrolet
29th position

HOW WAS YOUR CAR? Well, it was awful. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Robby Gordon -- #7 Jim Beam Chevrolet
33rd position

It was okay. We were a little bit tight. We were scared of being loose, so my team tightened it up a little bit. Like I said, just a little bit tight. I think we're 18th or 19th right now, if we end up in the top 25 that will be a good effort for us.

Joe Nemechek -- #01 U.S. Army Chevrolet
35th position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? It was good. Not fast enough, though.

HOW WERE YOU IN PRACTICE? We weren't bad, just never really went fast in a qualifying run. That's all we had right there-we'll take that and go from there.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -- #8 Budweiser Chevrolet
41st position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? Real crappy.


Bobby Labonte -- #18 PowerADE Chevrolet
42nd position

HOW WAS YOUR LAP? Too loose. Maybe that will be good for tomorrow night, but too loose for tonight.

RE: TRACK CHANGES We struggled all day with the same problem. I can't tell you that the track changed a whole lot-we just struggled. Came up loose in qualifying.

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