Bristol II: Dodge teams race quotes

RYAN NEWMAN, DRIVER, NO. 12 ALLTEL DODGE CHARGER "Mine was unintentional and his was intentional and that's all I'm saying. NASCAR can do what they want with it. By no means did I purposely wreck Dale Jarrett. I was surprised and shocked when...

RYAN NEWMAN, DRIVER, NO. 12 ALLTEL DODGE CHARGER "Mine was unintentional and his was intentional and that's all I'm saying. NASCAR can do what they want with it. By no means did I purposely wreck Dale Jarrett. I was surprised and shocked when he later ran into us. I wasn't expecting it. I'm really disappointed as is the whole Alltel team."

RUSTY WALLACE, DRIVER, NO. 2 MILLER LITE DODGE CHARGER "I'm really excited about it. It was a good run for us. We had to stay out and I think it was smart think to do. I was worried about that restart. I was spinning the tires up hard off that last corner and Gordon gave me a break. So, it was a good top five finish, I'm happy with it. I hope we wrapped up the top 10 today, I don't know if we did or not."

"That top finish was pretty strong. I got a pit road penalty speeding for entering too quick and that got me way behind. We kind of got back in sync. I guess I should have come down for four tires when Kenseth came in but man, I just did not want to get back in that pack so I was just holding on."

"We had to fight for track position all night, and I fought for it and it was a good strong finish. If somebody told me I could walk away with a top five finish at Bristol I'd say 'Okay, I'll take it' but I do want to win."


"We knocked the toe in early and we never could really recover. The guys worked really hard to get us back out on the racetrack. But, we were having trouble staying down in the corner. We checked up there to avoid sliding in the corner and got hit from behind by the 29. That was it for us."


"It's the same every time we come here. It seems like we get caught up in the first thing. It's funny because it's never our fault, it's always getting caught up in somebody else's mess. I guess that's just the way this place is. Somehow, one of these days I'd like to finish one on the lead lap. It looked like maybe Stanton Barrett spun out and I don't know if somebody hit him or what. But he was a lap down trying to make a run like 15th or something like that and he just spun out and blocked the road and I had nowhere to go."


"Well, we had just a very tough weekend. With the transmission that we had to change before the race that put us in the back and then we came in this morning and the oil cooler was leaking so we had to change the radiator and the oil coolers. And then we stayed out of trouble all day and I think we would have finished 10th or somewhere in there. It wasn't going to be great, it wasn't going to be bad. Then we had a flat tire with like 10 laps to go so it was frustrating after that. We didn't have any other tire problems all night. Our car wasn't great but it wasn't bad, either. It's hard to take when you run 490 laps and have a flat tire with 10 to go. We'll just put it behind us and go to California."


"We had a top 10 car today and drove a hard race all night.  We just let
it all go at the end.  We made that stop and we went the wrong way and it
kind of messed up the car a little bit.  We just started sliding a bunch
and got tight and lost a lot of track position.  You win some, you lose
some.  We're just going to get out of here and go to California."


"We had a top-five car and finished 18th. It's opposite of last week when we had a 15th-place car and won the race. That's part of it. You live and die by the decisions you make. I decided to stay out and everyone behind us came in. We should have pitted. The car was loose and we tightened it up (the last time the No. 19 stopped was on lap 419). That was wrong. It could have been worse...the car could have been wrecked or we could have gotten a DNF. We finished 18th, stayed sixth in points. Heck, it's Bristol...everybody's pissed off...that's the way it's supposed to be."


"We pretty much did it all, from starting in the back to being two laps down to getting the lucky dog. I had a pretty good car when it all shook out in the end. It's all about track position like it always is here. We got ourselves in trouble and had to work to get out of it. That spin and save was hard to do -- it doesn't happen very often. I was two laps down and I was just trying to get one of them back. I got underneath Mike Wallace and he came back across my nose and basically turned me around. I drove the heck out of it trying not to wreck, but with so much banking here it's kind of out of your control. I was a little lucky."

"We were able to go on from there and get both of our laps back and then once I got back on the lead lap I just wanted to make sure we had a good finish and a good result. I love this place. We finished pretty good here in the spring and now another decent run. It's what we needed, we've had some decent runs going in the last few weeks, we just haven't had the finishes. So finally we had a decent finish and we're looking forward to the rest of the year."


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