Bristol II: Biffle - Friday media visit

Greg Biffle, No. 16 Dish Network Ford Fusion, is currently in the top 12 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup point standings. He held a Q&A session after Friday's practice session at Bristol Motor Speedway. IS THIS NEW CAR ANY EASIER TO DRIVE OR BALANCE?...

Greg Biffle, No. 16 Dish Network Ford Fusion, is currently in the top 12 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup point standings. He held a Q&A session after Friday's practice session at Bristol Motor Speedway.

IS THIS NEW CAR ANY EASIER TO DRIVE OR BALANCE? "I think it's just faster and pretty much the same. The thing about it is we start closer to the correct setup now. When we rolled it off the truck, we ran a 15.93 on our second or third lap so the car was right on. We tried to make it a little bit better and made it worse, made it worse, and got back to about the same. We didn't make it any better. I think we're getting close to fine-tuning on the car. It's as good as we're gonna make it with the tools we have. We'll continue to make small pieces better, but we're beyond those big gains right now. Now we're fine-tuning on this car."

WHAT KIND OF MENTAL STATE DO YOU HAVE TO BE IN AT THIS TRACK? "You really have to be thinking. You've got to be sharp. You've got to be on your game. There's no time to take a breath around this place. It is very, very fast and that's what makes it fun and exciting."

WHAT ABOUT THE PHYSICAL PART? "It's a little more physical just because you're turning on the wheel so much, you're holding your breath, you're down in the corner. It's as physical as Darlington is in the corner, but Darlington has got a little bit of a straightaway to take a breath on. This doesn't. This is a little short straightaway and then you're back into the corner again, so it is physically a lot more demanding and probably more demanding than anywhere we go, really."

DOES THIS NEW SURFACE TAKE THE X-FACTOR OUT OF THIS PLACE? "No, not at all because you can be caught up in a wreck here just as fast as you can shake your head. If somebody checks up in front of you, you're in an accident. It's easier to drive from a standpoint of it's easier to manage the car, but it's just as easy to get into accidents and bumping and banging like it was before."

ARE YOU SLEEPING WELL THESE DAYS WITH YOUR PLACE IN THE CHASE STANDINGS OR ARE YOU WORRYING NON-STOP? "I'm just trying to take it the best I can. I'm trying not to think about it. I'm trying to think about the good race tracks we have coming up. Bristol, California, Richmond, those are good tracks for us, so I try to focus on the positive and not really think about the points."

YOU HAVE AN OFF WEEKEND AFTER THIS RACE NEXT YEAR. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT? "I think it's the best thing that they could have done. It gives us a chance to take a breath and get prepared for the chase, get ready to go. We came right out of Michigan and tested Milwaukee for two days and now we're here. The guys are just run ragged. I'm not, the drivers -- yeah, we've got a lot of work to do -- but it's the team guys. It's nice to give them a break and get those chase cars prepared or get prepared for next year and use those last 10 races for testing and getting prepared for the following season, and trying new people out on the pit crew. I think those things are important, whether you make the chase or not. I think it's a great thing for our sport."

BUT IT'S JUST HOW THE CALENDAR FELL. "Yeah, I heard about that and I said, 'Well, everybody is gonna get the week off at the end of the summer and then next year they're all gonna be mad because they lost their week off.' We try to make everybody happy, but this is a big business. It's about TV, it's about fans and it's about ratings. I know they want to be racing every weekend, but it's not a bad idea with how long our schedule is, it's not that bad of an idea."

HOW HAS THE CHASE CHANGED THINGS? "I think it's changed things dramatically. I think it's really put a lot of emphasis and a lot more focus on our sport, a lot more to talk about getting prepared for that chase, and it's put some excitement back in the championship. I have to admit, I was against it when I first heard of it the first time. I didn't really care for that format, but after almost winning the title the first time, I thought it wasn't such a bad idea afterall."

HOW HAS IT CHANGED YOUR APPROACH TO THE SEASON? "I don't know that we really do a lot different before the chase, in the chase, out of the chase. We're here every week to get the best finish we can. We want to win here at Bristol, we want to win at Richmond, we want to win every single week and there's not a lot we can do. Now there's pit strategy and things that we can do -- stay out and try to pit and make it on gas, those kinds of things you won't try if you're trying to get in, but as far as racing and typically what we do doesn't really change much."

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