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Kyle Busch, No. 5 Kellogg's Monte Carlo SS - Finished 8th "It was a great run for us. It was just a solid effort by the whole Kellogg's Monte Carlo SS team. They did a great job for me. We had a car that was tight, loose, tight, loose. We kind...

Kyle Busch, No. 5 Kellogg's Monte Carlo SS - Finished 8th

"It was a great run for us. It was just a solid effort by the whole Kellogg's Monte Carlo SS team. They did a great job for me. We had a car that was tight, loose, tight, loose. We kind of fought all day to find a good balance for it. There at the end with about 60 (laps) to go, we were able to make up some spots and got an eight place finish out of it so that's pretty good."


Dale Earnhardt Jr., No. 8 Budweiser Monte Carlo SS - Finished 11th

"(We were) struggling. We were tight all day. We got a couple of bad breaks there at the end with track position. (I) had to drive hard all day. It was real frustrating. We know we were a little bit, we were a lot better than that here in Bristol especially."


Tony Stewart, No. 20 The Home Depot Monte Carlo SS - Finished 12th

ABOUT YOUR DAY AT BRISTOL: "I am really disappointed. We had an awesome car all day. I felt like I ran the most patient race I have ever run at Bristol. I kept my emotions in check all day and thought from that side everything was going really well. We had a great car all day. That second to the last set of tires we put on made us really free and we dropped back to fifth. Then we came in put tires on under the caution and the last set of tires, we were tight. I couldn't turn it through the center at all. It is hard when everybody gets their cars right at the end of the race and you become a little bit off, it is hard to hold those guys back. So we just tried to race smart there and bring our car home in one piece."

TALK ABOUT YOUR PATIENCE WITH THE MARTIN TRUEX JR. INCIDENT LATE IN THE RACE: "I was following him, and when he went over the bump I don't know if his car got loose or what or if I just got a good run. I mean I got in the back of him but they said he had had a problem with the 24. I don't care if he wants to settle it, but settle it in the bus lot later on. We are running for a top-five finish there at the end and he is holding both of us up. It is part of Bristol racing. I mean it is just part of what goes around."


Denny Hamlin, No. 11 FedEx Express Monte Carlo SS - Finished 14th

"It was a good day for us. The FedEx was really good. We just got caught behind there a lap down early. It took the entire race to get back up. We showed we were able to run with the top four when we were a lap down there. We got it back for a good top 15."


Sterling Marlin, No. 14 Waste Management Monte Carlo SS - Finished 17th

"Because we had to start so far back, we had a big hill to climb today. But we got out there, worked on the Waste Management Chevrolet and kept getting better and better. My spotter did a great job and we were able to avoid the wrecks and keep our fenders on."

"The main thing that we did tonight was survive until the checkered flag. A 17th-place finish isn't too bad, but it's not where this Waste Management team wants to be. It's a start in the right direction though, so we'll take it and go from here."


Scott Wimmer, No. 4 AERO Exhaust Monte Carlo SS - Finished 19th

"We learned quite a bit today. We came through a lot in the Aero Exhaust Chevy and got our lap back there at the end which was real important and ran all 500 miles. I think it was a big boost to this team to get a top-20 finish. We let one of those slip away at Atlanta last week. We're real excited - it was a good points day for us. We just lost something with the car, had a brake problem or something like that and we could just never get the car right after that. We ran strong all day and stayed out of trouble . I don't think we made anybody too mad and we will go on to Martinsville now."


Jeff Gordon, No. 24 DuPont Monte Carlo SS - Finished 21st

WHAT HAPPENED THERE AT THE END WITH MATT KENNSETH? "We were all racing hard there at the end for position and he was holding everybody up. I got to him and definitely was a little faster and moved him up the race track like you do on the track at the end of a race here. We went down into one and he decided to wreck me instead. It is pretty disappointing. We had a great car. I am sorry that happened. I like racing with Matt, I certainly didn't enjoy racing with him today. I showed him my displeasure. I get fired up too. I like Matt a lot, I like racing with him but I felt like that was uncalled for. We will keep racing hard against him in the future. "


Joe Nemechek, No. 01 U.S. Army Monte Carlo SS - Finished 28th

"Not a great finish, but a great effort. We struggled in practice yesterday and I was concerned. But the crew put in a whole new set-up for the start of the race and the Army Chevy was bad to the bone. One of the best cars I have ever driven. It was incredible, I mean incredible on how good the car drove. Dale Jr. and somebody got together and shot up in front of me and I got into the back of them (on Lap 118). My brakes locked up and the impact crunched the nose in. The car never drove the same after that. It was a pretty frustrating deal to have a car drive that good and then all of sudden get wounded. For a while we had an easy top-10 car."


Jimmie Johnson, No. 48 Lowe's Monte Carlo SS - Finished 30th

"Man, before we hit the start of the race we had a flat tire. It was just a tough day for us."

ON THE TIRE ISSUES WITH VARIOUS DRIVERS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE RACE: "Yeah, everybody had some problems at the beginning. We were going to recover from that OK and I thought I was clear off of turn two but Matt (Kenseth) evidently still had his nose tied in there and came across and hit the wall and just didn't have a good day.


Chad Knaus, crew chief for the No. 48 Lowe's Monte Carlo SS

Note: Jimmie Johnson in the No. 48 Lowe's Monte Carlo SS made incidental contact on lap one that forced him to come down pit road to replace a cut tire, putting him two laps down. Hard contact with the wall on lap 125 substantially damaged the No. 48 Lowe's Monte Carlo SS. Crew members made as many repairs as possible during repeated trips down pit road under the subsequent caution laps.

ON THE CAR: "Jimmie's car is pretty bad. During that last pit stop, we got up under there to check out the whole suspension to make sure nothing was going to fall off and it is pretty bent up under there."

"We're just going to do what we can to gain a few more spots out there. These guys keep wrecking and having their difficulties which will give us a few more spots and then we move on to Martinsville."

ON KEEPING HIS DRIVER'S SPIRITS UP: "Jimmie is OK. That kind of stuff happens at these race tracks. It's a tough race track. It's tough racing even if everything is going well for you. We'll do OK. Jimmie will be fine and we'll go to Martinsville and go after them there."


Jeff Burton, No. 31 Cingular Wireless Monte Carlo SS - Finished 34th

"We struggled a little bit but we kept working and kept making something out of it. It was going to be OK but we just had a big wreck in front of us. The 6 couldn't do anything. He got in the back of us. He got us straight. There's nothing he could have done. That messed us up. That's why we can't get to a spring race here without getting involved in a wreck. We'll keep digging. I hate when we finish that far back but there's not a whole lot we can do about it."


Brian Vickers, No. 25 GMAC Monte Carlo SS - Finished 37th

Note: Vickers was involved in a multi-car wreck on lap 188 making contact that forced him behind the pit wall for repairs.

"I don't know what happened. Somebody up in front of me had a problem and we checked up then we had no where to go. It is frustrating. We had a good car. We were running top-15 pretty much all race. We stayed out but a lot of guys behind us pitted and got by us there with fresh tires but we were on our way back up to the front. It is just unfortunate for everyone on this GMAC Monte Carlo SS team."


Martin Truex Jr., No. 1 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Monte Carlo SS - Finished 38th

Note: On lap 437 Truex was involved in a single-car incident making hard contact with the wall. The damage was sustained on the No. 1 Bass Pro Shops/Track Monte Carlo SS and forced his withdrawl for the remainder of the race. He was examined and released from the infield car center.

WHAT HAPPENED? "I got spun out."


DO YOU KNOW WHY? "No, I'm not really sure. We just had a rough day. We were just about ready to get our lap back. We got our car running pretty decent. We ran a lap or two and we were the first car a lap down up there on the bottom. What did we run - two laps? Then we just got spun out. It was unfortunate. I don't know what happened the second time. I guess we got spun out again."

ON DRIVERS SAYING JEFF GORDON HAS BEEN DRIVING OVERLY AGGRESSIVE TODAY: "I'm not driving his car. All I know is he spun me out."

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