Bristol: GM teams mid-race quotes

Mike Wallace - ...

Mike Wallace - #4 Lucas Oil Chevrolet
(involved in accident, Lap 333)

WHAT HAPPENED? We crashed the center link and everything. I saw the wreck happen and got it slowed up and got to the bottom of the race track. And then I saw a car come across the race track and hit me in the right front and got me into the inside wall. There's a big sewer drain down in turn 3 and 4 with a lot of angles down there. The Lucas Oil Chevrolet was running really good. You know, we were running 15th or 16th on the lead lap and it was going to be a good points day for us, but we'll try to get out and see what we can get.

YOU SAID THE CENTER LINK. WHAT IS THAT? The center link hooks both tie rods. The tie rods hook to the spindles, the center link hooks to the steering box and in relationship it all hooks to the steering wheel. It toes in or toes out the wheel, so you've got to get that sturdy so your wheels can go straight and you can drive good.

Richard Childress - RCR Team Owner

YOU TALKED TO KEVIN ON THE RADIO ABOUT SAVING TIRES. DOES HE HAVE A BETTER CAR THAN HE'S LETTING ON RIGHT NOW? Well, you know, Kevin is a smart driver. He knows when to go and when not to and he's sort of pacing himself. When we get down to it, he'll be ready to go.

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU'VE BEEN IN THE PIT BOX SINCE 2001, HOW DOES IT FEEL? Oh yeah, I'm just basically watching and letting these guys do it.

Jeff Burton - #31 Cingular Wireless Chevrolet
(involved in the multi-car accident, Lap 362)

IT APPEARS YOU AND JIMMIE JOHNSON GOT TOGETHER. WHAT HAPPENED? It just seemed like it didn't have to happen. Jimmie's a great driver and I know he didn't do it on purpose, but you know I gave him a tremendous amount of respect. We had a great car today. The Cingular Chevrolet was fast. Instead of racing them I just got out of there way; you know, I raced the 16. But once he got by me I just got out of their way. He's got to be better than that. He can't be doing that. And I won't put up with it. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but we're responsible for driving these race cars, and when something happens the behind the wheel-it's his fault, I won't tolerate a lot of that.

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