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A wild final lap capped off a night of crashes, spins and penalties at Bristol motor speedway. Jimmy Spencer, who had stayed on the lead lap all night, but started sixth on the final restart with only five laps to go wound up second followed...

A wild final lap capped off a night of crashes, spins and penalties at Bristol motor speedway. Jimmy Spencer, who had stayed on the lead lap all night, but started sixth on the final restart with only five laps to go wound up second followed by a jubilant Ricky Rudd in third. On the last lap leader Terry Labonte was spun by Dale Earnhardt, who won the race. Point leader Dale Jarrett fell victim to early handling problems bringing out the second caution of the event when he spun and seven cars were caught up in the ensuing accident. Jarrett received help getting into the wall on lap 100 and had to wait while his car was repaired until lap 252 to re-enter the contest. Jarrett maintained his point lead 3,573 over Mark Martin, 3,360. The next race will be held at Darlington International Raceway this coming Sunday.

88 - Dale Jarrett - Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Taurus: (finished 38th) "The car was just loose. I'd lost it earlier, and then I thought I was going to wreck before I did. It's my fault. I created the accident. The car just got away from me." MORE JARRETT "Not what we had planned for sure, but we had a good race car. It was just unfortunate. It was a bad weekend. Those kinds of things are going to happen. We knew sooner or later it was going to happen. You know what I'm saying? You can't ride without all the trouble all the time. We'll just take our lumps here and go on. It wasn't because of anybody else. It was a mistake that I made. That's unfortunate. The car was a little tight, and I was on the apron of the race track to get it turned. I just got down there too far, got sideways and couldn't correct it. It was a bad night. It would have been a lot better if I hadn't messed up. Things are going to happen. I said we couldn't make mistakes, but I made one. We'll go to Darlington and be good there. We've still got the (points) lead, but that's not what we wanted. We wanted have a good night here, but that didn't happen. We're still in the lead and we'll go to Darlington next week. It's been a good track for us, and it will be again, and we'll try to win the race there." WHAT ABOUT THE CREW? "Unfortunately they had a lot to do. The second one created more problems than the first one. And so that just got us into more trouble. But they did a great job getting the car fixed and back out there. We picked up a few points. That's what makes a good team, being prepared like they were. It (the first accident) bent the rearend a little bit and I tried to run. I knew it was loose, but I was out of the way. I just got planted from the back there. Somebody in more of a hurry. I was trying to get out of the way, and he just didn't give me time." WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FIRST ONE? "I just got my tires down there and just lost it." IS THAT A PRODUCT OF A SMALLER TRACK? "Yeah. We were off on the handling a little bit, and I was doing what I could to try to make up time. We were doing pretty good. I just made a mistake." Todd Parrott: "I didn't see it." WHAT KIND OF REPAIRS DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE? "The rearend housing, the transmission, just slight repairs like that. We had a good car.

77 - Robert Pressley - Jasper Engines and Transmissions Taurus: (finished 43rd) "I don't think we can get back out. This Jasper Ford is tore up pretty bad, and it's too bad. We thought we had a good car tonight. The car had run good all week, and we were pretty excited about tonight."

94 - Bill Elliott - McDonald's Taurus: (finished 36th) "Jarrett just lost it. The problem is I got hit from behind, and then I was out of control. I kept thinking I might have could have dodged him, but I was just out of control." ARE YOU GOING TO GET BACK OUT? "Yeah, we'll get back out, but it will take some time."

26 - Johnny Benson - Cheerios Taurus: (finished 33rd) "I got spun out. I got hit and couldn't save it. I started spinning and somebody came by and hit us. There was certainly nothing that guy could do unless he was the guy who spun us." CAN THE TEAM GET THE CAR FIXED SO YOU CAN GO BACK OUT? "They're working on it. It doesn't look good, but they're working pretty hard at it trying to get it back out."

2 - Rusty Wallace - Miller Lite Taurus: (finished 18th) "The car was just tight, tight, tight, tight there at the start. We kept adjusting the pressures and the track bar and finally got it the best it was all night. Then only 10 laps or so later, we had a flat right rear. That cost us two laps pitting under the green and we never got a shot at making anything up from there. We had probably a top-five car but we couldn't do anything with them after that flat right rear."

6 - Mark Martin - Valvoline/Cummins Taurus: (finished 6th) "I don't know what happened there at the end. I got caught up in that wreck and was lucky to get the car back to the finish line. It wasn't a great night, but it was a good points night for us."

10 - Ricky Rudd - Tide Taurus: (finished 3rd) "We got wrecked at the end. We had a shot at winning that thing. I seen that happen, a hole opened up and I thought we were going to get through it, and Terry spun up in front of me." TALK ABOUT THE RACE AND COMING FROM STARTING 35TH. "When we started the race we weren't good, and the guys made some adjustments. We had a right rear tire going flat on us at the start of the race, and we got down a lap. After we got it back we ran good after that. It was a good night for us." WILL THIS FINISH HELP IN YOUR SEARCH FOR A SPONSOR? "I'll be honest with you. I really don't know. It seems like a lot of these sponsorships are put together with marketing strategies and things like that. It doesn't seem like it really matters how you run on the race track any more, so that's a little disheartening." IS IT YOUR OPINION YOU CAN TURN A GUY AROUND ON THE LAST LAP AND GO TO VICTORY LANE - SHOULD THAT STAND? "Well, no. Personally I don't. I had a similar race taken away from me, and it was an accident. It wasn't even on purpose. It was back in the early 90's. You've got to consider who you are racing with. There are certain guys you will race with will race you hard and race you clean. The guy that spun Terry is not one of those guys. But you've got to think of that when you've got to pass him. You can't give him that opportunity. You can't give him that free shot. Terry, when he passed him, passed him clean, but he gave him a free shot to get back at him. Hindsight, if Terry had just stayed square with him on the inside he might have a shot at him."

11 - Brett Bodine - Paychex Taurus: (finished 12th) "Our race team just needed something positive to happen. We just had a decent car all night. We kind of missed it in the middle part of the race, and had to keep adjusting on it all night. But all the guys just did a great job. We knew we were coming back into the strength of our season and Bristol has always been a good racetrack for us. We'll take a 12th and go to the house. The way it's been for us the last few weeks, that's a big improvement for us."

12 - Jeremy Mayfield - Mobil 1 Taurus: (finished 32nd) "It was just a long, long night."

23 - Jimmy Spencer - Team Winston No Bull Taurus: (finished 2nd) "It really hurt us that we had to pit on the back straight away. We didn't get the qualifying lap we needed. We made great pit stops and had great calls in the pits. About the finish there, I'm not surprised what happened there, but we got second out of it. We knew this afternoon that we had a pretty good racecar, and we knew that we had to keep it on the bottom of the racetrack. We kept it there. We just weren't good enough to win. We got to the top-five there a couple of times. We ended up with second, and that's pretty neat. It was a pretty wild finish."

66 - Darrell Waltrip - Big Kmart/Route 66 Taurus: (finished 14th) "We tried real hard. The car wasn't great but we came out okay." (Waltrip collapsed when he got out of the car, and received medical attention, but left the track in his own transportation.)

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