Bristol: Ford drivers race quotes

Bristol: Ford drivers race quotes
Mar 27, 2003, 6:59 AM

DAVE BLANEY - No. 77 Jasper Engines & Transmissions Taurus "Michael Waltrip just lost it in front of us, I was close to him and I just got caught up in it." MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus "I don't know. They started bumping in front of me, ...

DAVE BLANEY - No. 77 Jasper Engines & Transmissions Taurus

"Michael Waltrip just lost it in front of us, I was close to him and I just got caught up in it."

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus

"I don't know. They started bumping in front of me, and run over in back of me."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Grainger Taurus

"I got to thank these guys. We got the nose knocked in here, and that's what happens when you race at Bristol. You know, we came back from it and had to go to the end of the longest line; I sped on pit road. It was just a long day for us. I feel really good. I was worried about running 500 laps here at Bristol, but, man I feel great. I'm not even tired. I'm pretty excited to get the Grainger Ford up there. Everybody's done a good job here. Since we missed that race in Las Vegas, we've come a long way, and I'm pretty happy about all the progress we've made since then."

WHAT DOES THE TOP-FIVE MEAN FOR THIS TEAM AS IT CONTINUES TO GROW? "It means a lot for us. We obviously weren't as good as we needed to be. Obviously, the front of the car's hurt now, the dynamics of it. We were running hot. I feel we that if we could've got track position we might've been able to be as good as the leader was, and the 17. We were definitely catching them at the end of that run. We were the fastest car on the race track. But, you know, that's what happens. You get tore up here. We had to stop one time because I knocked the grill in a little bit on the re-start, and that's what happens."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 DeWALT Power Tools Taurus

"I feel lucky. Started provisional here at Bristol and coming home second. So, it was a great race. Me and Bobby had to go there a little at the end, and I got my fender knocked in there a little. I was hoping I could make a run at Kurt before that happened. But, it was a good race. It's always physical out there, and we didn't have a scratch on the car there until right at the end, so it was pretty good."

YOU EXTENDED YOUR LEAD IN THE STANDINGS... "Yeah, that's a good thing. It's early to worry about points, but it sure is nice to be running this good, so I'll enjoy it while we have it. Right now, it's real competitive, but this sport could turn around on you in a heartbeat. So, we're just enjoying it and we're working as hard as we can to keep it up."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus

"Man, that was just a tough day. We just struggled all weekend long with this car. It was tight in the center and the nose would just slide all over the place. These was one point where we were running okay, and then got called to pit road because there was a piece of debris in the side door. I hope this is the end of the tough luck. There's one thing for sure: This M&M's team knows how to work on a race car during a race. They made a difference and then the car got tight again, but my team is really jelling good this season, so far.

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Motorcraft Taurus

"It was just a good, solid run all day, but it was a good solid run."

WHAT ABOUT THE BUMP FROM TONY STEWART? "I don't know what was on his brain. I think he had a little brain fade on the backstretch, I'm not really sure what was going on there. There was a wreck in front of us and we were stopping, and we're dodging the wreck and he's trying to race, I guess."

IT WAS A GREAT FINISH... "Yeah, seems like we got a lot of top-fives, top-twos and all that. Just didn't have a winning car today. These guys did a heck of a job, all these guys on the on the Wood Brothers team, Motorcraft Ford, Air Force team. Did a heck of a job, just a little bit short at the end. Didn't quite have the grip we needed, but come a long way. They kind of identified a lot of our problems and they've been working on it, so hopefully, we can just continue these good runs on out."

IS THIS A RACE THAT CAN VAULT YOU TO A BETTER SEASON? "We got off to a slower start than we expected, and it's coming. This run today was just a good solid run, and great pit stops all day, great pit strategy. And we had to come back from a couple of wrecks, and everybody did their job today and we came out of there with a good top-five."

ON THE START OF THIS SEASON. "The biggest thing we did, we made a mistake. We all sat down as a team and looked at the new schedule and we said, hey, you only got five test dates, let's make 'em count. At the beginning, let's go use Kentucky, for Las Vegas and Atlanta, and it bit us. The track didn't compare at all. When we got to the race track and it was raining, so our track time was cut short, so lack of track time is really what's killed us. So we've identified the problems, been working on it. I wish we'd moved everything backwards a couple, three races, but it's coming. I'm ticked to death with these guys."

ON RACE STRATEGY. "I thought we were a good solid race team. I think we ended up fourth, I thought we had about a fourth-place car. Maybe third to sixth if you really depending on what kind of tires and adjustments you made. We didn't have a winning car, but we had a good, solid top-five car. I think to show that we had to keep overcoming adversities. We started at the back, and overcame that, and we got spun one time and wrecked another time and just had to keep coming back."

LEN WOOD - co-owner, No. 21 Motorcraft Taurus

"This is the way we felt we should have been running all along, all year. Things haven't gone our way, until today. I don't think we had a car to win, but we were a good top-five most of the day. Just got different traffic put us in different places, but we're just tickled with that."

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