Bristol: Dodge teams race quotes

BOBBY LABONTE (No. 43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge Charger) - Finished Fifth, best finish for Petty Enterprises since 2001 at Bristol when John Andretti finished second. "After last week we were confident we could run good. We just had to put ...

BOBBY LABONTE (No. 43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge Charger) - Finished Fifth, best finish for Petty Enterprises since 2001 at Bristol when John Andretti finished second.

"After last week we were confident we could run good. We just had to put everything together. I think the guys in the pits stepped it up a little bit after we got going good. We're not out of cars, but we didn't have many cars to start with. The guys are building better cars. They're working hard, and it was a good team effort.

"We had a little bit of luck today and we had a good race car. Of course that's what we needed. Those guys were racing pretty hard at the end. I don't know if the 24 got into the 17 or the 17 got into the 24. I couldn't see that, but I wasn't involved in it. It actually lost me a position because Carl Edwards got by me. I got down in the flat and I got to spinning the tires. When I took off the tires kept spinning and Carl got by me.

"I was looking forward to this week after running 50 laps last weekend. Finishingt today felt good. Everyone on the team did a great job, and I got to drive a great racecar today. This tire really buffaloed me at Las Vegas and Fontana. We had a little bit of issue with that. I think I learned a little bit this weekend. Martinsville is not the same tire, but it'll still give us a little confidence going into next week's race."


RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 Alltel Dodge Charger) - Finished Ninth, Moved to 12th in standings

"It was a good comeback from being almost a lap down, getting spun out and being the last car on the lead lap. If we could have got track position it would have worked out better for us at the end. We had a good car. We had a tire problem at one point and that slowed us up, but it was a great team effort. We had great pit stops, and I'm looking forward to going to Martinsville. Congratulations to Kurt. He had a good car. I wish we could have been up there running with him. We had a car that was capable. We just weren't up there at the right time."


SCOTT RIGGS (No. 10 Valvoline/Stanley Tools Dodge Charger) - Finished 41st

"We got hit from behind by the 31, and it hurt the 10 car pretty bad. These guys on the No. 10 Valvoline/Stanley Tools Dodge are going to keep working. I know it knocked in the rear clipboard pretty bad, and that's why we couldn't go back out with just tires. We had to come in and actually push the rear clip off the rear wheels." AS FAR AS LOCATION ON THE TRACK "The corners look similar, but they're a lot different. You know where you are every time you come around. The way you enter the corners, the center of the corners and the exit of the corners, everything is different between the two. You know where you're at."


KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger) - Finished 10th, retained second place in standings, 8 points behind the leader.

"We got trapped with Waltrip, whatever happened to him, and they just zapped us. We lost some spots, got up to 10th and that wreck happened. I was on the outside of Dale Jr. and hit the brakes, not quite soon enough, and I hit Yeley. I felt bad that Yeley went out because of that. The guys at the shop built a strong nose on this car, and it didn't knock the radiator out. I think last year it definitely would have. We had a top 10 today. We just barely got there. We were running 11th before that deal with Gordon and Kenseth. It's been great. We've been able to finish these races and bring the cars back in one piece. We had a little damage to this one, but we're happy with the results. I wanted a top 15 and if we got a top 10 that was great. We finished 10th and that was cool. That's my first top 10 at Bristol, so maybe we can come back and improve on that in the night race. We'll go to Martinsville and hopefully try to get another top 10. We know we can run up front. We've just got to figure out the right setup and I need to keep working on my driving and be prepared for that track. I know these guys will give me a good car, so we'll just take it from there and see what happens."


KENNY FRANCIS (Team Director No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger)

"Kasey did a great job taking care of the car all day, keeping it off the walls. It really wasn't his fault the nose got caved in with about 100 laps to go. He did a really good job. We missed the setup a little bit. We were a little bit too tight, but we'll work on it for the next time. It wasn't too far off, but circumstances had to be just right to get a top five. We got a top 10 and we were a little lucky with that, but overall it was a good day.


JEREMY MAYFIELD (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger) - Finished 16th

"The car was tight all day; just really tight. We just couldn't get a handle on it, but we finished 16th. It was a good day for us - better than the last few weeks, so we'll take that. The guys did a great job in the pits today. Everyone on this Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger team just needs to keep their heads up and we'll keep picking up spots each week."


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