Brickyard 400 Ford Race Report

FORD RACING NOTES AND QUOTES Brickyard 400 August 7, 1999 Indianapolis Motor Speedway 97 CHAD LITTLE - John Deere Taurus - "I got hit by a bald-headed cue ball as Little E (Earnhardt) put it last weekend." YOU HAD MOVED UP ...

FORD RACING NOTES AND QUOTES Brickyard 400 August 7, 1999 Indianapolis Motor Speedway

97 CHAD LITTLE - John Deere Taurus - "I got hit by a bald-headed cue ball as Little E (Earnhardt) put it last weekend." YOU HAD MOVED UP THROUGH THE PACK PRETTY WELL TO THAT POINT. "The car was running good. The John Deere Ford was running as good as could be expected for that early in the race and it was just unfortunate. I thought I gave him enough room, but I guess I didn't. We had fresh tires and he was coming, but my car was really strong in the later part of the run. I was kind of holding my own, but what can you say? Everyone's gotta give and take."

66 DARRELL WALTRIP - Big Kmart/Route 66 Taurus - "Something happened internally, I'm not sure. Going down the back I was running right there and I was really thinking about trying to pass Earnhardt and them. I pulled out, Rusty, the 12 and Dale were right there, I pulled out and when I pulled out it quit. I don't know if something broke in the motor or the ignition, I'm not sure, but it just died and it won't fire back up. We'll just have to get in it and see, it's probably something internal." AT LEAST YOU'LL HAVE ONE MORE SHOT AT THIS PLACE NEXT YEAR. "I tell you what, when I come back next year I hope I don't have to struggle like I have this week. The announcement and barely getting in the race, which I was glad to get in. It doesn't matter how you get in as long as you're in, but then to have a bad day...I was looking forward to a great run today. I thought we had a good car and I thought we were up for that, but, obviously, we left something undone here."

Dale Jarrett's victory in today's Brickyard 400 was his 4th of the season and gave Ford a series-leading 10 triumphs in 1999. Chevrolet is second with six wins and Pontiac third with four. In addition, Ford increased it's point lead in the manufacturers' standing. Ford leaves Indy with 144, followed by 122 for Chevrolet and 114 for Pontiac.

This marks Ford's third victory in six tries at the Brickyard 400. Jarrett gave the blue oval its first in 1996, and Ricky Rudd followed in 1997.

Jarrett has finished in the top-3 four times at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1995 (3), 1996 (1), 1997 (3), 1999 (1), an incredible five-year run marred only by his fuel mishap in 1998 which left him 16th.

Jarrett's victory today is his 22nd in NASCAR Winston Cup competition. Since joining Robert Yates Racing in 1995, Jarrett has posted 19 victories over five seasons, 18 of them since 1996 with crew chief Todd Parrott and the -88- Ford Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Taurus.

88 DALE JARRETT -- Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Ford Taurus -- YOU MADE EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT A YEAR AGO. "Thank goodness we were able to. In this same race car. What an incredible race car. Thank God for a safe race and for giving me the abilities that he did, but most of all for giving me the wisdom to come and be with this race team. Robert Yates and Todd Parrott accepted me here. What a great team. I can't... I mean, if you saw it, it was just easy to drive. It handled perfect. It actually handled better with two tires than it did with four all day. And the engine... it was just something else. THE FINAL CAUTION TOOK AWAY THE WORRY OF FUEL MILEAGE CONCERN... WERE YOU CONCERNED THAT YOU COULDN'T GO THE DISTANCE? "Well, I switched over to our channel and asked him if we were gonna be OK. I was conserving some fuel. He said we'd be okay if I took care of it. So when the caution came out, I was a little upset about that, knowing that I had a good lead. I wasn't sure what two tires would do, because we hadn't done that here. The car was already a little bit pushy on the set that we had. So they made a little bit of an adjustment, got the car absolutely perfect. Once I got out front, I just took off and really went. Those were the fastest laps we ran all day. DID YOUR HEART SKIP A BEAT EARLY ON WHEN YOU BRUSHED THE WALL? "Yeah, it did. That came from not paying good enough attention on my part. I was a little bit tight, and I looked up to see what was goin' on behind me and ran into the wall. I knew I didn't hit it hard, I usually do that here about every race so it wasn't any big deal. Just an incredible race car.

6 MARK MARTIN - Valvoline/Cummins Taurus - "This Valvoline/Cummins team was on the money today. We had the car to beat there early on, but the handle got away from us a little bit later on. We had a good run and I'm proud of these guys. We'll just go and try to win Watkins Glen." DID THAT LAST CAUTION HURT YOU OR COULD YOU GO ALL THE WAY? "We were gonna have to stop for gas. I don't know who else was gonna have to, but we were." HOW DID THINGS SHUFFLE OUT WITH YOU AT THE END? "We were faster than the 18 but couldn't get to him and not as fast as the 24 or the 88, so we'll take fourth today. That was a good run for us." THE 88 PICKED UP MORE POINTS TODAY. "We raced as hard as we could and we finished as high as we could."

99 JEFF BURTON - Exide Batteries Taurus -- "We had a real fast race car. Unfortunately, we had a bad day in the pits. That's not like us, but we did. That really hurt us. We got behind on a caution and lost about six spots and then we had two bad stops under green. One of them was my fault and that just cost us too much track position. I was gonna be in second. We ran the 18 down and got by him. We ran the 24 and got by him. We caught the 6 and was getting ready to get by him and the caution came out. We were gonna put on four and I looked up and they were all putting on two. I said, 'To hell with it, we're putting on two' and I took off. They were worried that they got the lugnuts loose on it and it vibrated early at the start because it had rubber on it, but then once the rubber build up got off of it, it was fine." SO IT WAS JUST A SPLIT-SECOND DECISION ON YOUR PART TO TAKE OFF ON THAT LAST STOP? "Yeah. We're here to win races and the only way we were gonna win was to put on two. If we would have put on four we might have finished better than we finished because I think that's what Gordon did, but we wouldn't have won. So we finished second instead of third and we're too far back in the championship points to be thinking like that. We need to come here and win and we finished fifth. I'm real happy with the car. We just had a bad day in the pits, but we'll fix that."

2 RUSTY WALLACE - Miller Lite Taurus - "My car was on the tight side all day long, but it was pretty competitive. We finished eighth and that was probably about as good as I could have done with it right now. It was just too tight all day long, but it had a good engine in it. We had good pit stops and didn't get a ding in it and it was a good day for us. We gained some points and had a good solid run. We've been fighting a tight race car for a long time now and I don't know what it is. It's race after race after race that the front end is pushing. We try so many things. We get the rear-end loose and then we try to stick the front end and the rear end still gets loose, so we're doing a lot of things to try and get the car handling better." YOU TOOK THE LAST RESTART 13TH AND MADE UP FIVE SPOTS DOWN THE STRETCH. WHAT WAS YOUR STRATEGY AT THE END? "We were running ninth and a bunch of guys came in and put two tires on. I don't really know why they did that because they were dead meat doing that and then we just had four. But we still had to race three or four cars to get passed the lapped cars and get up to Earnhardt. By the time I got to him Tony Stewart was gone and I couldn't catch him. All in all it was a good run. It gave us some good information to go back and work on now."

77 ROBERT PRESSLEY - Jasper Engines Taurus -- "That was a good little hot-rod. That Jasper Engine Ford ran good all day. We needed long green flags, we didn't need that caution at the end. We were getting great fuel mileage and we were gonna be able to go all the way at the end, but we never thought it was gonna slow down as much as it did. We pulled a lot higher gear than everybody else, but that still didn't hurt us on the straightaway any. We've regrouped here the last couple of weeks and are showing that we're gonna get this team back on track. As long as we can get in the top 20 every week, then we can start working toward top 10s." WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY THAT GOES WITH THIS RACE? "Money don't mean a whole lot to me, I just need a win. I need some top fives and top 10s."

Ricky Rudd -10- Tide Taurus:  "It was a pretty good day.  We just fought the
chassis just a little bit all day.  But it was great.  We had a Pro Motor in
the car today, and it was really great.  That really helped us.  We've been
lacking all year on that deal.  Those guys did a great job for us."  THIS
WAS YOUR FIRST TOP-TEN THIS YEAR?  "Yeah.  We had that third or fourth going
at Sears Point.  With five laps to go I got too anxious and took us out of
the race.  We definitely didn't dominate.  We held our own in from 12th to
15th all day.  Like I say, probably the biggest difference, this was a brand
new car.  Mike McSwaim and all the guys have been working on aerodynamics
quite a bit.  And the best motor I've had all year so it all kind of came
together.  From where we've been, we made big gains."  WAS THIS THE FIRST
TIME YOU USED A PRO MOTOR ALL YEAR?  "Yes.  I don't want to look at any
negatives on Penske engines.  But the motors we were getting, we have a
chassis dyno, and for some reason they wouldn't run on our dyno.  We had to
do something.  We've probably fought that all year.  That was our biggest
problem."  WILL YOU GO BACK TO PRO MOTOR NOW?  "We'll run a Pro Motor the
rest of the year."  YOU HUNG AROUND THERE ALL DAY.  "Yeah, but you come to
different level.  We've been at the back all year.  Now we're sort of
towards the front of the pack, the first third of the pack.  Now we know
what to work on a little bit more.  Now we have to work on straightaway
speed, and we get that, and corner speed is pretty good."  YOU NORMALLY
FINISH PRETTY GOOD HERE.  "Yeah, if we don't wreck or something happen to
us.  Last year we were going to have a fifth place finish, and we got a flat
tire and got tangled up in a wreck all with about eight laps to go.  But if
we finish, it is generally always a top-ten."  TOP-TEN HERE PAYS SOME BILLS.
"It's good for us.  The first top-ten of the year, and to have it happen
here at the Brickyard the biggest paying race of the year.  It came at a
good time.  Timing.  Timing is everything.  I got by Earnhardt on the white
flag lap, and I got hung up with the 60 car.  Bodine was a lap down.  I
guess he was trying to fight people off.  If it hadn't been for that, that's
how Rusty got away from us.  If it hadn't been for that, we might have give
him a fit."  THIS MUST BE A REAL PUMP FOR THE TEAM.  "They need it.  They're
nervous.  We don't have a sponsor yet.  I'm trying to hold them together.
We've got some good guys.  I'm trying to hold them together.  They're just
worried about jobs for next year.  I lost one this week, and hopefully I
won't lose any more.  Good solid runs like this help to pull them together."

Kenny Irwin, Jr. -28- Texaco Havoline Taurus: "I thought we had a hot rod at the first part of it. We were coming up there in the top six or seven. Then we were just getting looser and looser, and we weren't doing enough at the stops to get it better. We were just doing a little. The last stop I finally told them to crank some wedge in there, and we ended up pretty good. They made a good call on taking four tires. We just should have been up on it a little bit, but at the start of the day I didn't think we had this good a car, so I'm very happy with how we ended up. We kind of lost track position there, but then later we were able to make it back up." DID YOU FIGURE THE RAIN INTO THIS EQUATION AT ALL? "No. Everybody keeps talking about rain. Every week people talk about rain, and we never worry about it until it actually does.

Bill Elliott -94- McDonald's Taurus:  "Missed it.  Missed it big time.
We're fighting a lot of different things.  I don't think the aero is right
on this car, and we missed the set-up.  The car was just ultra tight all day
long.  But hey, we'll come back next week."

Ted Musgrave -75- Remington Taurus: "There was race out there? Not for us. I think that's the third or fourth time we've raced that car, and every time we've raced that car, it has a terrible push in it. It was the same thing today. It was just kind of exaggerated because Indy is a tight racetrack, and we tried all weekend to get it out. We tried different fender locations. We tried a bunch of chassis stuff. So I think we'll just have to take this thing home, and the only thing this thing is going to see is a torch right now."

Jeremy Mayfield -12- Mobil 1 Taurus: "We lost third gear a little before halfway and then lost second. That just made us slower and slower since I couldn't pull off (turns) two or four very well. Plus when that happens you just sit there and wait for the rest of the shoes to drop. We were out there on a wingnut and a prayer the last half of the race. I guess it sounds silly now be we really had a pretty good car. I was taking my time. But about the time we got into 10th, the transmission started going. It was a pretty long day after that."

DALE JARRETT PRESS CONFERENCE WAS THAT HARD WORK? "That was hard work. I mean the car was really good, but when you get out like that and you're leading a lot, I guess especially after last year, you wonder may happen and what scenario is gonna play out. I had a good lead and Todd had already told me we could make it on fuel and I was saving a little bit of fuel at that time. I had a lot of lapped cars in between myself and I think Mark had gotten to second at that time. The caution came out and I said, 'Here we go again. What do we do?' We discussed staying out, getting four tires, and then I said two and Todd agreed with that. The worst feeling in the world was gonna be to look up as I came down pit road and see all those guys stay on the race track. I wondered if somebody may try it, but everybody came in. We had no idea what the two tires would do, we hadn't tried it, and the car was actually the best it had been all day. I'm sure part of that was the cloud cover. The track didn't seem like it wasn't quite as slick, but it was tough work. It's kind of deceiving because you get out a little ways and you think you've got a little bit of a lead and actually the cars aren't as far back there as what you think, so I had to keep running hard there for awhile. When those guys got to racing side-by-side, that certainly made things a litttle easier on me." DID YOU THINK ANYBODY WAS SAVING THEIR CAR? "That guy that ran behind me a lot of the day in that 18 car, he's the modern day David Pearson and you just don't know what he's got. Bobby is smart, he's a great race driver, he's got a really good car and he knows when to go and he knows how to play the game really well. I was sitting there riding and said, 'Well, he came up and passed me one time and then I got back by him,' so that kind of showed me that he can go when he wants to, so we made another adjustment to know that we could make the car better. When we put on the two we made an adjustment with it. I had such a strong engine that when I needed to go, I could get right to the bottom of the race track in the corners, especially off of two and four, and I could stretch it a little bit." DID YOU GUYS DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR FUEL LIGHT THIS YEAR? "Last year we had a fuel light too, but it came on as soon as I ran out, so that wasn't doing me a whole lot of good. I said, 'Yeah, I can figure out when it's out,' so we actually worked hard here on the test session with the pick-up and the light to know that when it came on I still had about two laps worth of fuel. That's something we worked extremely hard on, to make sure that we were in good shape. Todd said for me to go ahead and come in, that there wasn't any sense at that time in trying to go any further and take a chance at that point in time, but we did have a little bit of cushion with it." IN THE INDY 500 ARIE LUYENDYK, A VETERAN, MADE A ROOKIE MISTAKE. DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT CROSS YOUR MIND? "I watched that race and you think of things like that. When you get a good car the last thing that you want to do is create a mistake and cost yourself the race. I had a couple of times that I came up on some lap traffic and they were racing pretty hard, so I just gave them a second to kind of get done what they needed to get done. I knew that there were places for me to pass them. The engine was so good that if I just got off of turns two and four, I could beat anybody down the straightaway then, so I just had to get me a good run. I certainly did think of things that I've seen happen here with guys having really good race cars, but not getting the job completed." ARE YOU HAVING ONE OF THOSE YEARS WHERE EVERYTHING JUST CLICKS? "Right now they are. I don't want anybody to shake me to wake me up. It's as good as it can get right now. To compare mine and Jeff's last two seasons, they won a lot of races. I don't see ourselves doing that. I hope that maybe we will and we'll win the rest of them -- we've got a good start on it. We've had the kind of breaks that we saw those guys get through the season. We've had good racing luck. We've made a lot of things happen whenever we weren't the best car and you have to give the crew a lot of credit for that. They don't give up they keep working and that's what you see out of Jeff's team too, so I guess there are a lot of comparisons, but right now things are really going our way."

88 TODD PARROTT, Crew Chief -- CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE EFFORT THAT WENT INTO THE FUEL LIGHT? "I think after the trouble we had earlier in the year at Las Vegas and the trouble we had here at the Brickyard last year, that coming into this race the last thing we wanted to do was have a fuel problem. We did spent three or four hours just making sure how much fuel we could pick up and how much fuel we could pick up and how much fuel that the car used under cautions -- just exactly what it took. I think that was one of the keys to winning the race here today. Going into this race today there were no doubts in anything we were doing or anything that was gonna happen other than the way the race fell. Just knowing what was going on and knowing how many laps we could go today was a big key to the test."

JARRETT CONTINUED-- WHEN YOU'RE UP FRONT LIKE THAT, WHAT'S THE HARDEST PART? "I think staying consistent and running lap times consistently. Obviously, you don't want to make a mistake and it's easy to get out there and maybe get a little complacent, but Todd is good at giving me times and letting me know. Of course, for a majority of the race I had somebody pretty close behind me, so I could kind of gauge off of what they were doing, if they were catching me in a certain corner, but I don't think there's any chance of losing concentration. You don't do that because to get around this place you really have to perform well in each corner and I think that challenge keeps you on your toes." WAS THIS CAR BETTER LAST YEAR OR TODAY? "As good as it was today, with the rules of last year, it was probably better then. It really went through the corner and off the corner and we had to make quite a few adjustments today to get it there, but it was actually the best right at the end of the race than it had been. If I would have really needed to go hard, I could have run harder than that at the end. It was really incredible there, so we made the right adjustments. But with today's rules, I guess it was just as good as it was. For me driving it, I had to work a little harder today to make it do the things I wanted it to do." WILL YOU BRING IT BACK NEXT YEAR? "We'll take it to Michigan in two weeks."

88 ROBERT YATES, Car Owner -- DO YOU THINK NASCAR MIGHT COME AROUND AND SEE IF YOU HAVE SOME SORT OF ADVANTAGE AFTER THE DOMINANCE YOU HAVE SHOWN HERE AND AT PLACES LIKE MICHIGAN EARLIER THIS SEASON? "As far as being able to dominate or run that well and worry about NASCAR coming and taking something away from us, we feel like we're working with less real estate than the Chevys or the Pontiacs. I think it's really about Doug Yates and Todd Parrott polishing every part of this deal. We feel good about what this car is. Certainly, this is car from last year -- the car is better, the engine is better, the aerodynamics are better, so it's not the same car. We keep moving ahead. As far as being concerned about taking the cylinder heads, that deal went away in '91, so we feel really good about what we're doing now."

COULD YOU TALK ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING CHASED IN THE POINTS RACE AND HAVING TO CHASE SOMEONE ELSE? "It's a lot more fun being where we're at. When you're in 2nd and 3rd (place), you have to rely on someone else having a problem for you to gain points. There were many days in the last couple of years when we finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th, and the problem with that was that the guy in front of us leading the points was the guy finishing first. Even when we'd finish 1st, he'd finish second. So we were gaining very little. It's pretty frustrating from the standpoint of trying to win a championship. It feels great to know that you're leading the points, and we can finish 1st or 2nd and gain points or not lose any. They see the races start counting down and they realize that their time is running out a little bit. It's a lot more fun to be in control of your destiny. I know that I have a good team, and they've done their job totally in every respect this year. That's been the key. We've just been there week in and week out."

TODD PARROTT, Crew Chief -- TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO GET YOUR PIT CREW TO SUCH AN EXCEPTIONAL LEVEL "I think we've stepped our program up. Over the winter, we went and hired a trainer to come in and two days a week and work the pit crew out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here recently, we took one of our Tauruses that we don't run any more and made it strictly a pit practice car out of it. So the guys are getting a chance a couple days a week to practice pit stops. A couple weeks ago in Pocono, we had a little bad luck, and we lost our rear tire carrier. The jack dropped on the left side and crushed his toe, and we were able to bounce back and find another tire carrier, thanks to the Robert Yates organization, in the -28- team. Everything just seems to be clicking and going good. The biggest thing is the team. This isn't about (DALE) or me or Robert. It's about all of us. And behind us, there's about 60 or 70 guys back at the shop, and that's what's working. There's no one single thing that you can put your finger on. It's every person in that shop doing everything it takes to win that championship. Right now, everything is going good. We've got a lot of racing luck, and you just got to keep doing things like we're doing, and things like we did today.

JARRETT - YOUR FATHER, NED, WAS UP THERE SPOTTING FOR YOU TODAY. WHAT KIND OF HELP WAS HE ABLE TO GIVE YOU? "This is a big racetrack, and we had a number of people out there today working with us. Of course, I'm fortunate, when my Dad can (help), because he's been a racer and that's an advantage to have someone up there who's been in that position. He's awful good for the majority of the time. As long as we can keep him from trying to commentate, I'm in good shape. But when he starts trying to call the race, we've got to turn him off for a minute. He does good. It's nice to have someone like that. It's an advantage, I guess, to have someone that's driven a race car before, because he can see and anticipate. I noticed today that the position that he was in was to help me down in Turn 1, to get clear or to know if someone was getting under me. And he was already pushing his button and anticipating me clearing at just the right moment to give me all of the track that I could use. It's definitely an advantage. And let me answer about the pit crew. They've been great all year too, but today they were exceptional. They got me out first every time, whether it was a green flag stop or under the caution and that's very, very critical at this race track.

"We talk about aerodynamics, and we depend so much on that with our cars. You get behind somebody, and you lose that air to the front end. That makes a big difference. Being out front was really a key for us." HOW DOES IT FEEL PERSONALLY TO HAVE DALE JARRETT'S NAME ASSOCIATED WITH INDY? "If this is behind (Daytona 500), it's not far behind it. Now that we've got two of these trophies, it's pretty special. This is an incredible racing facility. The history that's here... you look at the names of the people that have not only raced here, but who have been fortunate enough to win, and think that our name is on there twice is a pretty incredible and special feeling. We're very, very fortunate. BOBBY (LABONTE) WAS TALKING ABOUT RUNNING THE PERFECT LINE. GUYS CAN COME HERE FOR DECADES AND NEVER FIND IT. WHAT DO YOU DO THAT SEEMS TO WORK SO WELL FOR YOU? "I don't know about running the perfect line, but I think the biggest thing that I've been able to do is get into a car that's got Robert Yates horsepower. That helps you run a perfect line. That's the biggest key. We've hit on something. From the time that I ran the -28- car, we had a fast car. And every year we've been here with the -88- car we've been fast. It's just a matter of having a car and making it kinda do what I feel is important. When you have the type of horsepower that we have, there are two corners that are more important than the other two corners, and that would be certainly (turns) 2 and 4. To be able to utilize the horsepower that we have, we have to make our car get into those corners, but more importantly, we have to make it get off of those corners. And that's what we've worked extremely hard at, is making that happen so that we can utilize the horsepower that we have." WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOU HIT THE WALL? I wasn't paying attention. I was paying attention, but I kinda glanced up in the mirror. I pushed in that corner, and I just glanced in the mirror to see whoever was behind me, how much they gained. I went to kinda swing out to make Turn 2, and I swung a little further than what the race track was gonna allow me. I think I've hit a wall here every single year I've been here. So it wasn't anything different. I usually do it about once a race, so I got it out of the way early." YOU SEEM TO HAVE REALLY HIT A STRIDE IN THE SUMMER. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU'RE DOING DIFFERENTLY NOW THAN BEFORE? "From my perspective, (Todd) has worked extremely hard on the bodies of the cars and the aerodynamics, and made them better. We've kind of worked hard together. I'm not as big a part as his hard work is with the chassis and finding out what these cars need. Because of the downforce that he's able to make with them, we've had to go and do some things a little differently on the chassis. And from our standpoint, that is what has helped me more than anything."

ROBERT YATES, Team Owner - "I tell you, the first of the year, Doug Yates told me, 'Look. We've got to be more aggressive. We cannot run these lazy engines.' We'd just get a good top-five finish, because (Dale and Todd) know the strategy, and they know how to take care of the tires and get a lot out of the car. But our cars were not winning cars. You talk about championship stuff... well, we were steady, but we just couldn't pull off wins. I really had the hammer on Doug not to bring something (engine) that was a little risky. I didn't feel like we needed to pull it out. Let the guys keep working on the cars. I started telling them how bad the cars looked. They made a fool out of me at Richmond, but still, I tell it like it is and they respect that. They finally got the cars a lot better. And we didn't have to pull everything out of the (engine) box to run.

"Even today, Doug Yates came here and wanted to really kick (everyone's) butt. But we went with the conservative deal. Certainly, my heart rate was down from even the engine like the -28- ran. We still pulled it out. Doug says, 'You didn't run enough timing and you didn't...' and I said, 'I'm telling you. These guys have got the car working so good that you don't have to reach down and go over to the edge, and maybe fall off the edge. Early in the year, we were just Mr. Consistency but we can't win a race. You know, it used to be if you won the Daytona 500, you pretty much could survive that season regardless (of what happened after). And I think that chalking up a Brickyard falls right into that category in money, in prestige... and the fact that we've done it, I think we'll breathe easy no matter how the rest of (the season) falls."

JARRETT -- DALE & TODD, YOU WERE PRETTY EMOTIONAL WHEN YOU WON THIS RACE IN 1996. NOW IT SEEMS LIKE YOU ALMOST EXPECT IT... "You didn't hear (Todd)? He was about to cry the first time I saw him. I think that we may have been a little more emotional then, but I think that this time we knew a little bit more how to enjoy this and how to celebrate this. We had everybody here. Todd's wife is here. Robert's wife is here. My wife is here. And we could just enjoy it. We wanted to take in everything that was around us. I don't know if we didn't show emotion, but I think that we were as excited and maybe more so for this one, because we do have our families here. I had some people here from Hickory with me. It was just a fun, fun day. The crew was ecstatic, because they knew that they were a big part of this win. I guess in 1996, it being our first year, it was kinda like a fairy tale goin' on there. I'm not sure that anybody expected out of us what we did. I'm not even sure that we expected it totally, and we're pretty confident guys. I mean, we'd won the Daytona 500, the Coca-Cola 600, and then we came and won the Brickyard 400. We were starting to wonder... we were pretty emotional through all of that. But this is a terrific day for me."

PARROTT - "Very much the same for me. Debbie (Parrott's wife) has been coming to a few races, and she was at Daytona for that race (this year) and left Saturday morning and went home. I said, 'Why are you going home?' and she said, 'Well, every time I show up, y'all lose.' So she's been here the last two years. She wasn't here in '96, and I asked her last night... we were setting down for dinner and I asked her what time she wanted to leave in the morning? She laughed and asked, 'What are you talkin' about?' And I said, 'Well you do want to go home tomorrow, right?' She said, 'No, I'm gonna stay.' So having our families here (is important)... but I think that the hard work that the crew and the team have put forth this year... 1996 like Dale said was a fairy tale. It was like a dream come true. We were riding an emotional rollercoaster, and it was, like, so cool. This year, we've got a common goal and that's the big trophy in New York, and I think we're more focused. We're paying more attention to everything, the engine, the cars, and we're communicating. (Dale's) healthy. I'm healthy. And we've got a good line of communication, and we're having fun."

YATES - "Last year, I think we shed a lot of tears before we left here. We couldn't even joke about running out of gas for about six months. Now we've got that air cleared, and we've come back, done our homework, and got this job done. I tell you what, Dale Jarrett, this place suits his driving style and I don't want him tellin' anybody what he's doin'.

JARRETT -- HOW MUCH FUEL DID YOU HAVE? WHAT WERE YOUR EMOTIONS WHEN THE CAUTION CAME OUT? "I'd asked Todd about five or six laps before that if we had enough fuel. I'd been saving some... the guys had gotten me out in terrific shape to start with, and I had a pretty good lead. So I'd been taking it easy with that set of tires, but I asked him and he said that if I was easy with the gas peadl that we could make it. So I went back to racing at that point in time. When the caution came out, I was a little disappointed. But I was ready for it, because it never seems, and at this place it shouldn't be, easy. I knew that I was gonna have a race on my hands. But the biggest thing was not knowing what everybody might do. We discussed staying out. We discussed four tires. And then we decided on two tires. And they made a great two-tire stop. As I went by the other guys (on pit lane), they looked as if they weren't exactly sure what they were gonna. It looked like some of them were ready to change four, but as we went by they saw us and they changed their mind and went to two tires. Our car was really good (on two tires). I was concerned with Bobby Labonte, with not knowing exactly what he might have been holding back. But also that he might get a run on me and I knew that if I got behind that aero-wise it might be a little difficult to get back by him. So I just tried to concentrate on what I needed to do. But I think we had enough fuel to go, if the caution doesn't come out and then things worked out good for us with the two tires, because the car was just really fast then."

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