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Bobby Ginn - Team Owner Ginn Racing I want to thank all the media for coming out today. This is of course my first media day. There is a lot going on here. Some of you I know and some of you I haven't been able to meet since getting involved ...

Bobby Ginn - Team Owner Ginn Racing

I want to thank all the media for coming out today. This is of course my first media day. There is a lot going on here. Some of you I know and some of you I haven't been able to meet since getting involved in the racing world and NASCAR. It was something that I had thought of for many, many years and it was perfect timing as I ran into a great situation. I do believe that fate has a great way of working things out, as I met a guy named Jay Frye and I don't know which one of us was a better salesman, but he did a great job introducing me with the opportunity to come into a team that stayed together and worked together over the years. They had two great veteran drivers and a great crew chief in Ryan Pemberton.

"What we've tried to do is come in and be good partners with Jay and the team. We've tried to work hard to make improvements where necessary such as bringing in Gary DeHart and with some of the other changes we've made. We had to get started quickly and our business plan is pretty much laid out for the next five years. We didn't go into this with a short term attitude, we went into this with a plan and we knew it would take a long time to develop the shop and develop the way we work together in the shop.

"One of the things that we've decided to do is to announce most of the new sponsors between now and Daytona, to allow them the opportunity to have the podium.

"This has all been a tremendous learning curve and a great opportunity. It's moved very fast for us over here. Having a background in real estate, the first thing I did was look and see if we had the facilities. You can't have a great shop if you don't have the facilities for that, and Jay had done a great job of putting together a great facility right before I came along and since then in the few months that we've been together, we have expansion underway to expand the facilities by another 30 percent. We've have begun to employ more people and build on our teams. We've been a two-car team and our plan is to be a four-car team in '08. We will have a three-car team in '07 and we knew we had to be on the expansion program not only in terms of facilities, but in people.

"One of the things that I believe -- in my own business, in life and in the race team, is that at the end of the day you can have all of the best sheet metal and all of the best motors, but if you don't have great people you are never going to get there. That is what I saw here -- the opportunity with Jay. I'm excited about it all and I know that he is too.

"With the expansion, we've had to expand by 60 people in a very short amount of time. We've about caught up to where we need to be and to what we have to have in place for our four- car team next year. There is just a lot of growth going on right now at Ginn Racing and it's all good.

"The last thing we had to turn our attention to is drivers. As I said the one thing I believe in is people and I believe in the drivers program. If you look at our drivers -- that's our future and it's something that we have invested in early in our career in racing. We wanted to identify young drivers and bringing Mark Martin to our team -- convincing him to make that kind of change after 19 years-- he would help the other drivers and would help the young guys in taking them through the ranks, while not pushing them too fast or holding them back. Nobody is more excited about that than Mark Martin, who will be our tutor of drivers in the future.

"We are also excited about Ricky Carmichael, who is the winningest racer in motocross history. He is just an individual that I got to know and fell in love with. - his work ethic and his incredible family. His support and fan base are strong, but his desire to win is on top of it all; just his attitude to win. We are kind of both in the same position. I'm 58 years old and changing careers and he's 27 years old and changing careers, so we have that in common. We got together and like our other developmental drivers, we think he is the future.

"One of the other things we needed to do this year at Ginn Racing was to bring in a third driver and what an opportunity to bring in one that not only had the experience and was a winning driver, with the ability to continue to win, but someone like Mark Martin, who is just what everyone wants to stand for. He has not only the ability to go out and win races, but also the desire to help come in here and build the developmental program. He is just a tremendous asset to Ginn Racing.

"Also, our two drivers that were here when I got here and both of whom I've gotten to be good friends with. Joe (Nemechek) and his family and Sterling (Marlin) and his family have become a part of our family and this year we are going to put the best equipment we can underneath them and the best pit crews around them and just support them and we are expecting this year to be a great year."

How do you sell to the race fans that this team is going to be one of the top teams in the sport in three to five years?

"We'll it's not just one thing. You have to have the facilities and the engineering. You have to have good drivers and what I'm not asking people to believe is that we are going to go out and win the series next year. But, we are committed to a five-year plan to really grow into a team than can and will compete at that level. The amount that we have in place already is very important and the way we promote our teams. Having good sponsors and having them be successful is something that is key to building a good strong team that can compete down the road."

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