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Latest picture on my screen saver 2012-11-29: art director Eric Gilbert presents the photos that he actually uses as screen savers (and that he has actually shot, also). He presents those photos on his personal Facebook page and is...

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Homestead-Miami Speedway, 2012-11-18.

Three things I like about this photo: it's simple, it's (pretty much) wysiwyg, it's unexpected. Oh, and it shows Brad Keselowski on his way to clinch his first NASCAR Sprint Cup championship - editorially speaking, it's always a good thing to feature the winners and champions…

It is indeed a very simple photo, but its simplicity has a graphic edge to it, which I like a lot. The graphic designer in me always find it interesting to shoot a photo that is composed is such a way that it would fit well within a graphic work: a poster, a billboard, a magazine spread, etc.

It is wysiwyg, or close to, in the sense that I barely did any edit to this photo. Contrary to what most photographers would like people to think, today's photos are edited, and most often than not, edited a lot. Personally, I don't have any problem with this, as long as the content itself is not modified and that the 'enhancements' are reasonable. But I (like many other shooters) still take a certain pride in getting it right straight out of the camera, and this one is a good example: barely any edit was made to it. It would have been tempting to crop it to make the car appear bigger in the frame, but I thought the negative space was part of the beauty of the photo, so I didn't even reframe it.

It is unexpected in the sense that when I shot it, I really didn't think it was an interesting shot. The violent late afternoon sun was now behind a veil of cloud and I thought we had lost our chances for those crazy side lit shots in T1 and T2 at Homestead. Since there was a nicely lit spot on the track, I still tried a few frames just to see, and kept walking. Only at the end of the day while editing that I started linking this side light, soft but still strangely effective to pump the saturation on the Blue Deuce.

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