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The following is #10 Valvoline Pontiac driver Johnny Benson's reaction to today's announcement that General Motors will consolidate its resources in NASCAR to exclusively support the Chevrolet Monte Carlo in 2004.

Benson drove Pontiacs at Bahari' Racing in 1996 and 1997 and has driven Pontiacs since the 2000 season. Benson won Rockingham last October in a Pontiac. Benson was in Homestead, Fla today tire testing when he made the following comments.

"This is a surprise. I have driven a Pontiac in all but two seasons since I started in '95. I might have driven the most races of anyone in a Pontiac in recent years. Obviously, I have mixed emotions hearing this news. I guess it is disappointing we are going to lose a car in the series. If General Motors isn't going to support the Pontiac next season then I doubt you will see too many teams running Pontiacs. I would guess that most of the Pontiac teams will switch to Chevrolets and I hope GM continues to support them the way they did when they were running Pontiacs. You know we heard some rumors at the beginning of the season about Pontiac not continuing. But, I dont think anyone would have guessed that it would come this soon. I suspected they would eventually throw all their support behind the Monte Carlo but I figured it would be in a few years. The Pontiac was a good make. I think they were always just a touch behind, not a lot behind the Monte Carlo and others. But it was a good car and it was a pleasure to drive for them."


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