Benson/Ince react to new Ford rule

Benson Likes New NASCAR Rules Not Ford Rules ...

Benson Likes New NASCAR Rules Not Ford Rules

#10 Valvoline Pontiac driver Johnny Benson took to the Daytona International Speedway on Monday for his first drafting practice under the new NASCAR rules created in the offseason to break up the multi-car packs. Although he was 25th on the practice sheet, Benson's Valvoline Pontiac drove up through the pack several times in practice and the team seemed generally pleased after the two-hour session.

Monday was also the first time some of the Fords drafted at Daytona since NASCAR allowed them to shave ¼ -inch off the height of their rear spoilers- something Crew Chief James Ince and the rest of the General Motors and Dodge teams strongly opposed. NASCAR planned to take a car from each make to the wind tunnel on Monday and evaluate the results.

Johnny Benson On New Rules At Daytona and Monday's Practice

"Today was pretty fun. I think that on the whole the rules are fine. You can still pass a little bit and you are able to move around on the track. Before you were stuck three wide and couldn't go anywhere. I think right now I feel good about what NASCAR has done rules wise down here as long as they quit helping certain makes. I don't mind if they want us all to go faster just not certain makes.

"You have to think a lot more than before and pick your spots to pass. You aren't' going to just pass like you used to be able to. Now you can run three wide and still be comfortable. If the cars were a touch bit faster I think it would be better. But the bottom line is you really have to think and be careful when you make a pass."

James Ince On Ford Rules Concession:

"The only good thing you can say is that Ford is very organized. They played their testing out very well. They kept a leash on everybody. It's organized sandbagging by Ford. I don't know how you say that you are going to take cars to the wind tunnel and then before they even get there they make a rules change.

"All I can say at this point is that if the Fords don't win the 125s and the 500 then they should be ashamed of themselves. They have such an advantage now that it is turning into a joke."


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