Bayne - The Ellen DeGeneres Show interview

Racecar driver Trevor Bayne makes an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Racecar driver TREVOR BAYNE makes an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airing Thursday, February 24th. The 20-year-old became the youngest driver to win the Daytona 500 this past Sunday and chats with Ellen about the race and beating Jeff Gordon's record!

On racing for three hours straight...

Ellen: How do you stay so alert?

Trevor: That was one of the most mentally draining races I've ever been in because of the way the drafting was. You can see in that video clip that it was two cars the entire time pushing each other. My mom gets scared when she rides with me in the car and I get within 30 feet from a car on the interstate. So you can imagine how draining that was. Those racecars are really hot. It's like sitting in a sauna if you can imagine sitting in a sauna for three hours. It's kind of what we go through. It's tough. Racing is a tough sport. It's tough to get wins like that.

Ellen: What if you have to pee?

Trevor: You're in trouble if you have to pee.

Ellen: You can't drink anything beforehand. You want to stay hydrated but three hours to be in a car is long.

Trevor: We lose about ten pounds of water weight throughout a race but we have water there that we can drink there. You're sweating a lot.

Ellen: You have a cup holder in your car?

Trevor: Some cars do actually...But if you have to pee you're in trouble. You just have to hold it till the end.

Ellen: Then you're going faster.

Trevor: Exactly.

On beating Jeff Gordon's record of being the youngest winner of Daytona 500...

Ellen: You beat your hero's record. What does that feel like?

Trevor: It's just incredible. It's a dream come true. Jeff Gordon actually helped us out all weekend...It's so cool to see your childhood hero congratulate you and be a part of it. I feel kind of bad for breaking his record there. I hope he still wants to be my friend. It's cool to be a part of it.

On winning the race...

Trevor: The Daytona 500, to me, has always meant a lot. I grew up wanting to win it as a kid but I didn't know it meant this much to the rest of the world so to see these kind of fans and this crazy stuff going on, I love it.

Ellen: You must have girls all of a sudden going crazy over you because you're adorable and now you're getting all this attention. You getting proposals and stuff like that all ready?

Trevor: Well, I didn't have a Valentine this year so I'm hoping for better things next year.

Ellen: You will. I think you'll be okay.

-source: the ellen degeneres show

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