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Drivers May Be Superstitious, But Can Biorhythms Tell the Tale of the Tape for the March 8 Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway HAMPTON, Ga. (Feb. 26, 2009) -- NASCAR drivers are often superstitious about many things and, based on ...

Drivers May Be Superstitious, But Can Biorhythms Tell the Tale of the Tape for the March 8 Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway

HAMPTON, Ga. (Feb. 26, 2009) -- NASCAR drivers are often superstitious about many things and, based on biorhythms, some drivers can expect a great finish in the March 8 Kobalt Tools 500, while others may want to leave their cars in the garage.

Biorhythms are a cyclical, pattern-based reading of physiological states, believed to affect physical, mental and emotional well-being. The protoscience measures and predicts physical, intellectual and emotional performance as primary readings, and also evaluates wisdom, mastery and passion as secondary categories, all based on birthdate.

But are biorhythms accurate?

For Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s sake in the Kobalt Tools 500, his fans better hope not. According to the readings, NASCAR's most popular driver will be in a biorhythmic funk entering Atlanta Motor Speedway, suggesting the NASCAR star could have a poor performance.

While the accuracy of studying biorhythms is often disputed -- perhaps a relief for Jr.'s fans -- anecdotal evidence is aplenty.

When Earnhardt Jr. had a streak of three straight top-five finishes at AMS from the fall of 2005 through the fall of 2006, he was typically near peaking in at least two of the primary biorhythmic readings. Conversely, when Jr. had his lowest AMS performance in recent years -- a 25th-place showing in the 2007 Pep Boys Auto 500 -- Earnhardt was at his biorhythmic worst in both physical and intellectual performance.

Because biorhythms are measured on pre-determined calendar cycles for each trait -- the physical cycle follows a 23-day calendar -- they can be predicted for the future, but also exacted into the past. When "The King" Richard Petty claimed his first of six AMS wins in the 1966 Dixie 400, he was well above average in physical and intellectual performance and was near peaking in mastery.

But can biorhythms predict the outcome of the upcoming Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 8? If so, some drivers might want to stay on the transporter, while others might have an easy time finding their way to Victory Lane.

Despite Matt Kenseth's hot start to the season, with average biorhythmic readings for March 8, the early-season points leader shouldn't be a favorite in Atlanta. Neither is Georgia-fan favorite David Ragan nor Kurt Busch, who currently sits third in points, as both have poor biorhythmic readings for March 8.

However, other driver's biorhythms suggest good news. Jeff Gordon, who sits second in points, has strong biorhythmic readings for March 8, perhaps indicating the four-time Sprint Cup champion can expect a strong showing in Atlanta.

With even stronger readings, both Denny Hamlin and Tony Stewart should be strong favorites based on biorhythms; Hamlin will be peaking intellectually and wisdom and is near the top in each additional category, while Stewart will be peaking physically and in almost every secondary reading.

So how will it all play out? Come to the March 8 Kobalt Tools 500 to see how much truth is in your favorite driver's biorhythm.

Good, Average and Poor Biorhythms For NASCAR's Top Drivers

The Good

Jeff Gordon -- Currently sitting second in the points, Jeff Gordon won't be peaking in any one category, but all three primary readings will be above average on March 8. Similarly, Gordon will not be peaking in any one secondary reading, but will be above average in each.

Denny Hamlin -- Perhaps with the best looking biorhythm reading of any driver in the Kobalt Tools 500 field, Denny Hamlin will be peaking intellectually, approaching his emotional peak and coming slightly down from his physical peak. Additionally, Hamlin will be near peaking in each secondary reading.

Kasey Kahne -- Kasey Kahne won at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2006 and his biorhythm suggests he may be in for number two with above-average readings for emotional and physical well being. Kahne will also be strong in all three secondary categories.

Mark Martin -- Not off to a start matching his talent, Mark Martin might expect better results in Atlanta while near his peak intellectually and emotionally. While his physical attributes may be sub par on March 8, Martin has strong readings in all three secondary categories.

Tony Stewart -- Entering the Kobalt Tools 500, Tony Stewart will be at his peak physically and high in both intellectual and emotional well being. Stewart's secondary readings will also be high, with passion and wisdom the highest of the three.

The Average

Greg Biffle -- Perhaps wishing the Kobalt Tools 500 fell on another date, Greg Biffle will have slightly-below average biorhythms for physical and intellectual well being on March 8. He will also have two secondary categories below average on that date.

Carl Edwards -- Carl Edwards won his first race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, but his biorhythm suggests the Missouri native won't find Victory Lane this year. Despite peaking intellectually, Edwards will be at his pit emotionally and will be below average in passion.

Kevin Harvick -- Kevin Harvick won in Atlanta in 2001, but his biorhythm for 2009's spring race has Harvick near his lowest emotionally, while just average in his other primary readings. More so, two of his three secondary category readings will be below average.

Jimmie Johnson -- Defining average, Jimmie Johnson's biorhythm for March 8 couldn't be more in the middle. Johnson will be average or below in all three primary readings. Johnson's secondary readings will also be among the middle ground.

Matt Kenseth -- Similar to Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth's primary and secondary readings will be average for the March 8 Kobalt Tools 500. If his biorhythm holds true, Kenseth's hot start to 2009 may come to a halt in Atlanta.

The Bad

Clint Bowyer -- Currently sixth in points, Clint Bowyer's biorhythm would indicate he should not expect to finish that high in Atlanta. Despite a decent intellectual reading for March 8, Bowyer will be well below average in nearly every other biorhythmic category.

Kurt Busch -- Kurt Busch may appear to be back to championship-contending form, but his biorhythm would suggest not in Atlanta. Off the six biorhythm categories, Busch will only be above average in emotional well being.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. -- With two biorhythm categories near the bottom of the scale and his physical well being only slightly above average, those believing in biorhythms should not expect Jr. to fare well at Atlanta. Making matters worse, all three of his secondary categories will be below average as well.

Ryan Newman -- The "Rocket Man" Ryan Newman might be tied for the qualifying record at Atlanta Motor Speedway, but his biorhythm suggest a poor race for Newman. Newman will be peaking physically, but will be in the gutter for the remaining primary categories and wisdom.

Martin Truex -- He may have won the pole in Daytona, but Truex likely won't have a hot start in Atlanta with his intellectual and physical well being near their lowest in the biorhythmic cycle. Additionally, he will be well below the norm in mastery.

To purchase your tickets for the March 8 Kobalt Tools 500, contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway Ticket Office at 877-9-AMS-TIX (877-926-7849) or 770-946-4211, visit, or contact your local Ticketmaster retailer.

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