Atlanta II: Harvick - Saturday media visit

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 SHELL-PENNZOIL CHEVROLET, met with members of the media at Atlanta Motor Speedway and discussed strategy for last two races before Chase starts, racing at Atlanta, Chase strategy, what it is like to be on the bubble to get in...

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 SHELL-PENNZOIL CHEVROLET, met with members of the media at Atlanta Motor Speedway and discussed strategy for last two races before Chase starts, racing at Atlanta, Chase strategy, what it is like to be on the bubble to get in the Chase and other topics.

HOW ARE YOU AND YOUR TEAM LOOKING AT THE NEXT TWO RACES? "I think you just go out and race like you have been. We tried some stuff today (in first practice) that didn't work. We got it all back in the second half of practice. Just go out and race and do the normal things."

WHAT ABOUT FOCUS ON THE WINS FOR THE BONUS POINTS? "It doesn't matter. You can lose 100 points in one week. You go out and try to win it; if you can't, you don't."

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE TAKING MORE OF A LEADERSHIP ROLE WITH THE NO. 29 TEAM? "I think it's that everybody has evolved together. I don't think there is one person kind of taking charge or anything like that. I think that all the teams are running better. I think they've all shown that on the race track. I think you just have to keep doing the things you are doing and everybody evolve together. There are too many things that have to be touched and put together and parts and pieces and the evolution of the car; there are just so many things that go into it, I really think that all the people have to evolve together. I think everybody is getting better together."

WHEN YOU LOOK AT TEAMS IN OTHER PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, THERE IS REALLY A TRUE TEAM LEADER THAT KIND OF HELPS THAT TEAM, DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU NEED THAT IN THIS TEAM? "I don't know. When you look at it, they go off of everything I tell them from inside the car, in the end, Gil (Martin, crew chief) is the one making the calls and (Scott) Miller is the one doing the things at the shop and Richard (Childress) is the ultimate call. It's not like other sports in my opinion."


WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOUR NOTES FROM PREVIOUS RACES HERE AT ATLANTA, ALL BUT LAST YEAR'S FALL RACE HAVE BEEN DURING THE DAY, WHAT CAN YOU TAKE FROM THOSE NOTES? "You look at the fact the race track is a lot different than it was in the spring and the race track just changed a lot from the first part of practice to the second part of practice. This place can be really confusing as to what you need in the car and from the first race to the second race, we have a little bit of a change in the tire I believe, so there are just a lot of things you have to take into account because the tires fall off so fast that you have to guess well. That's the great part about Atlanta. It is a fun race track because the tires do fall off and you have to make your car handle and you have to make a compromise on certain things to be able to have your car run at the end. And that is a lot different than what it takes to have your car run at the beginning."

WHAT ARE THE GUYS GOING THROUGH THAT ARE ON THE BUBBLE FIGHTING FOR A SPOT IN THE CHASE? "There really is no mental way you can get around it. You are in that position and it is tough on your mentally. You have to just go out and do the things you know how to do as far as racing the car. The No. 33 (Clint Bowyer) team in general has run well enough to be in the top-five in the points and has just had a lot of things go wrong. For them, it's really just about going out and doing the things that they have been doing and hoping the bad luck goes away. That is really what it all boils down to because they have run well enough to be right up there where we are, it is just a matter of circumstances having dictated that for them.

"It is miserable. The whole position is miserable because you are waiting for something to go wrong. You are waiting for things to happen and most of the things that happen are out of your control. You don't sleep, you don't think about anything but trying to get into the Chase and it is just no fun."

WHAT IS RICHMOND LIKE FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT? "It's different for us this year just for the fact that we know that is going to be the last race going in that we can go out and just race really with no pressure -- win or lose. You have to go out and enjoy it one more week and after that is when crunch-time starts. Richmond is a fun place to race in general. To see all the things that have happened through the first 26 weeks, those 12 teams get rewarded for that, it is a cool night."

DO YOU THINK GOING FORWARD IN THE CHASE IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS THERE SHOULD BE A REWARD OF SOME KIND FOR THE POINTS LEADER? "(Tony) Stewart was in this position last year and we are in it this year and it is hard to explain to the fans that you have 26 weeks and you get nothing for it. So, I don't know what's right and what's wrong. We all know the rules when we come in so you just race by that system and see what happens."

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