Atlanta II: Ford drivers race quotes

KURT BUSCH, No. 97 Rubbermaid/Sharpie Taurus (finished 8th) -- "It's a great finish for our team, and to try to get us back in the top 10 in points. It just seemed like we didn't have anything for the Chevys. We couldn't do anything. We were...

KURT BUSCH, No. 97 Rubbermaid/Sharpie Taurus (finished 8th) --

"It's a great finish for our team, and to try to get us back in the top 10 in points. It just seemed like we didn't have anything for the Chevys. We couldn't do anything. We were first in class today and we'll just have to take it to a short track like Phoenix and Rockingham, and hopefully by Homestead we'll have another car built that can hang with those guys."

YOU NEEDED TO OVERCOME QUITE A BIT TODAY, MOVING FROM THE BACK TO THE FRONT... "Yeah, back to the front, back to the front. The car's good on short runs, so that's a savior for us to not put us a lap down."

MATT KENSETH, No. 17 Smirnoff Ice Triple Black/DeWalt Taurus (finished 11th) --

"It ended up being a good day in the points, I guess, a little breathing room on second place, at least. So, it ended up being a good day, but we ran real bad. We just had some problems. We had something break and that hurt our performance a lot. And, just struggled with it all day. The big picture looks good, but wish we could've run better."

WHEN MARK MARTIN'S ENGINE WENT, DID YOU THINK THIS COULD BE A BATCH OF PARTS OR SOMETHING? "Oh, yeah. Because that was our backup engine and that was the second one this weekend, so you never do know and that was a motor that came out of our truck, so it's always a concern when any of your teammates break the same stuff that you're running. But so far this year our stuff has been real reliable."

HOW BIG IS IT FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU HAD A GOOD FINISH BUT YOU DIDN'T HAVE A GREAT DAY? "It's good that we gained some points on them guys because we only got three races to go. We're going to some good tracks for us, so I feel good about that."

MORE ON IS DAY. "We certainly didn't run very good today, but overall, looking at the points thing, everything was a great day for that. We've got three races to go and going to some real good race tracks, so I'm looking forward to that."

RIGHT NOW YOUR LEAD IS 258 POINTS OVER DALE EARNHARDT, JR.. "Dale Junior's been running real good lately, and I knew he got around Kevin there and everything. Yeah, that's quite a few points, but anything can happen, but there is only three races to go, and we've been real strong at Phoenix in the past and at Rockingham, so I look forward to that."

HOW TOUGH WAS IT OUT THERE? COMPARED TO LAST WEEK AT MARTINSVILLE? "There's no comparison between here and Martinsville, but it was just as tough to be competitive today. I couldn't run today with these guys at all for some reason. My performance kept getting worse and worse as the day went on. We had a header break and he had a crush panel knocked out in that one wreck and I think that put a bunch of drag in the car, so it really hurt our speed a lot."

DALE JARRETT, No. 88 The UPS Store Taurus (finished 12th) --

"We got lucky a couple of times. We were tight all day long and just never could get it out of it, and that hurt our straightaway speed. They just got away from me so far on new tires, we weren't too bad on older tires, but they'd get too far away. Finished 12th, so not a terribly lost day. The biggest thing is, Fords out there, it's like taking a knife to a gunfight right now. We've got no chance. And, you've got to be perfect just to run decent, and it's just unfortunate that they've let the whole year go like this, and basically, these type of race tracks not give Fords a chance."

ELLIOTT SADLER, No. 38 M&M's Taurus (finished 17th) --

"We got a little loose for some reason, we don't really know why, but we got a little loose the last two runs. It's still like I got a knife at a gunfight. I don't really see any of the Fords up there leading. These Chevrolets on their re-starts and things can run wide open all the way around for a couple of laps, and I don't see any Fords that can do it at all. So, we're just struggling a little bit, but I'm so proud of my guys. They're bringing the good race cars every week. We worked our way from 43rd back to eighth, until we got a little loose there at the end. It was just one of those days, but the car's in one piece. We needed a finish and we'll move on here to Phoenix."

JEFF BURTON, No. 99 Citgo Taurus (finished 23rd) --

"Really disappointing. We were really tight to start and got that lap down, because of the pit sequence. We weren't a lap down to traffic, we got a lap down in the pit sequence, and weren't good enough to hang in there and run good on the start -- actually weren't bad on long runs. About halfway through, something happened to the engine and it just didn't run as good as it had before. It was like a header broke or something."

GREG BIFFLE, No. 16 Grainger Taurus (finished 34th) --

WHAT HAPPENED THAT ENDED YOUR DAY? "The transmission's been broke for quite some time, but the 31 kind of got inside me here and put a little air on my left-rear quarter and I got up there in the fence there just a little bit, so I had to pit for tires and the transmission broke.

MARK MARTIN, No. 6 Viagra Taurus (finished 39th) --

"I just really proud of this Viagra team. They just fought this thing all weekend. Our car was pretty good today. We just had to start in the back there because we had trouble on Friday with breaking an engine part. We haven't had any trouble with our engines since this race in the spring, so I really don't know what's up. The guys fought hard all day. We got caught a little short on gas a gas-mileage deal and a got a lap down, but we had a competitive car. It was pretty decent. I was proud of our race car and I'm real proud of our team."

WAS IT THE SAME PROBLEM AS FRIDAY? "It feels like the same problem. I feel like we've got a problem that's rearing its ugly head that hasn't ever before. And that's what you run into. You make more and more power and parts that never gave you trouble before start to be a problem. I'll bet you'll find that this is the same thing that happened Friday."

TODD BODINE, No. 54 National Guard Taurus (finished 42nd) --

"Michael just got loose. It's one of those racin' deals. We had a real good car."

ARE YOU OKAY? "I'm fine. The car's not. It was a real good race car and it's tore all to pieces now. I guess you could say it's just one of those racin' deals. Michael got loose, and when he did he turned back into me. It's just one of things that happens when you rely on the air on these cars to hold 'em to the ground. Unfortunately, it was the first turn of the first lap of the re-start. We got a good run on the outside, I was following somebody on the outside there. The tires weren't built up or still too cold or whatever and Michael loose, and it's just one of them deals."

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