Atlanta II: Dodge race quotes

JOHN ANDRETTI (No. 43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge Intrepid R/T) "I think I know what happened. I'm not quite sure. It looked like the 5 finally got up in front of the 19. It looked like the 19 was going to shoot the gap, and there wasn't a gap.

JOHN ANDRETTI (No. 43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge Intrepid R/T)

"I think I know what happened. I'm not quite sure. It looked like the 5 finally got up in front of the 19. It looked like the 19 was going to shoot the gap, and there wasn't a gap. When he turned in he must have thought he was clear. He turned me hard enough to turn me sideways on the straightaway. The thing just went straight into the wall. There are several (seasons) I'd like to forget, but I'd like to make one to remember. I was real happy with my car. We worked hard on it, and it had a real funny setup in it. It was really hooked up, and I was pleased with it. I feel great. Maybe it'll rain out and I'll be home watching. That's not a good thing, but you've got to look on the bright side. We've had a lot of bad luck this year, and we had a lot of bad luck last year, too. Two seasons is plenty, so maybe we've used it all up."

KYLE PETTY (No. 45 Sprint Dodge Intrepid R/T)

NOTE: Petty's 14th place finish was his best since a 13th-place run at Darlington in the Mountain Dew Southern 500 on Sept. 1.

"Well, we finished 14th and we finished 15th here in the spring, so I guess we gained on it a little bit. We started at the back because we made a motor change, but we had a good motor today. The engine ran great. We had really good pit stops. We stayed out and got lapped and then got a set of tires and ran up there and passed them and got our lap back. We started slipping and Kurt got back around me. He let me have my lap back and then the rest of the day we were just steady. I got around a bunch of other cars and they got a lap down. There at the end we only got about four or five laps to run, but the car was pretty good at the end. It wasn't great, but it was pretty good. Starting at the back hurt me more than I thought it would. I thought we were better than that. With the rain, it didn't make any difference. You just kept scrambling them up and throwing them back out there again. Everybody had to do it. If I was the only one doing it, I would hate it, but everybody was in the same boat. It looked like we might really need a boat for awhile today. We had better than a top 15 car here this time, but we just never put ourselves in the right position. I'm going to Homestead tomorrow and test for two days and then come back to Rockingham. We'll try to get it all figured out and see if we can't close out the season with three good runs."

BILL ELLIOTT (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid R/T)

"We just seem to have hit some bad luck these past few races. I know these guys have worked awful hard. That's who I feel bad for. We still have some races left, and we'll keep plugging away with this Dodge team."

WARD BURTON (No. 22 Caterpillar Dodge Intrepid R/T)

"We battled back from a flat tire. We were a top 10, top five car there for awhile and then we just got loose and didn't have time to fix it. We ran 11th to 15th most of the day and right there at the end we came in and got some tires and ended up 16th. I don't guess the rain hurt us that much, but by the same token, it didn't help anything, either."

GARY PUTNAM (Crew chief No. 44 Georgia Pacific/Brawny Dodge Intrepid R/T)

"We started a little bit loose. When we came in to adjust, we have gone too far, and it was a bit tight. We made some changes, and by the end I think we had a car that could do something. That's when the rain came."

JAMIE McMURRAY (No. 40 Coors Light Dodge Intrepid R/T)

"We had a good car. I learned a lot from the Busch race yesterday about the race track. I had a totally different line from anybody else. It worked for me yesterday. My spotter told me it looked funny today, but it was turning good. On the second run, I think we had the best car. It seemed like more guys started getting lower on the track, the more rubber they laid down and the less grip I had. At the end I was kinda searching for something. We kept adjusting on it, and I feel like if we could have gone back out we would have been pretty good. I'm thrilled with seventh. It's hard to back up a win, but a seventh is awesome. This is a really good race team, and I hope this proves a little that the win wasn't a fluke. It's the same Dodge we won with at Charlotte. They said it runs good everywhere they take it. I think the biggest thing I just learned a lot as a driver yesterday in the Busch race. What a weekend? I won the Busch race, seventh in the Cup race. That's awesome. The Busch win was good for me, but it was really good for my team. Those guys needed that. So did I, but those guys work so hard. They saw me win that Cup race, and they were happy for me, but at the same time they wanted to win, too. I'm thrilled. We're going to test at Homestead on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we're going to Rockingham. We tested at Rockingham last week, and I think we'll be really good there. We've been good in these last two races, but we tested really good at Rockingham. Rockingham isn't my favorite track, but I do like it. Charlotte is my favorite track now, and I used to not like it much, either. We tested good at Rockingham with qualifying runs and in race trim. I'm really looking forward to it."


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