Atlanta II: Bowyer - Friday media visit

Clint Bowyer, No. 07 Jack Daniel's Monte Carlo SS, met with members of the media and discussed his chances of gaining points in Atlanta, if he's ever wanted to punch a teammate, how he communicates with Kevin Harvick, if he looks at the points,...

Clint Bowyer, No. 07 Jack Daniel's Monte Carlo SS, met with members of the media and discussed his chances of gaining points in Atlanta, if he's ever wanted to punch a teammate, how he communicates with Kevin Harvick, if he looks at the points, what he's expecting to learn at Monday's test session with the Impala SS, if he's concerned about speeds with NASCAR's new generation race car, how Texas is different from Lowe's and Atlanta, if Texas will be more of a level playing field against Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson and the pressure on him and the 24 and 48 teams.

HOW MUCH CHANCE DO YOU HAVE AT CUTTING INTO JEFF GORDON AND JIMMIE JOHNSON'S POINTS AT ATLANTA: "We just got to go out and do the best we can. If we do that we can continue improving on our best finishes like we have five of these last six races. That's a pretty good run here. We finished sixth here in the spring so just looking forward to going out here and doing everything that we can do. We can't control what they do. We just kind of go out and run as hard as we can and do the best we can."

HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO PUNCH ONE OF YOUR TEAMMATES AFTER A RACE? "No. You know, that's Martinsville, tempers flare. They get the best of all of us. Carl's no exception. He's a good guy. His temper got the best of him. What can you say? It happens to all of us especially at a place like Martinsville."

DO YOU AND KEVIN HARVICK HAVE ANY KIND OF DEAL WHERE YOU COOL OFF AND TALK MONDAY OR TUESDAY AFTER A RACE OR DO YOU JUST TAKE IT AS IT COMES? "Well everybody gets frustrated. Your teammates are out on the track too. Again you just take a deep breath and wait until Monday morning and sit down and talk about it. I'm sure once Monday came they talked about it and everything was fine. It's just one of them things, nature of the beast."

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOOK AT POINTS? "You got to look at them. To win the championship you got to beat them two but we can only do what we can do. You can't wish bad things upon them. You just got to go out and race as hard as we can and if they slip up you got to be there for the taking and that's all you can expect to do. So we're really focused on what we can control and that's that 07 Jack Daniel's Chevrolet sitting over there."

WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTING AT THE TEST SESSION ON MONDAY FOR NASCAR'S NEW GENERATION RACE CAR? "I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to just seeing how we stack up. That's the competitive nature to you. But we've got to learn a lot of things to put towards a good year next year. That's going to be the deal. Again who beat everybody to the punch on this Car of Tomorrow this year is again going to be that much more farther ahead come next year as well. Hopefully we have a good test. Hopefully we're fast."

ARE YOU CONCERNED AT ALL ABOUT THE SPEED? "Yes and no. It's all relative. It's the same for everybody and it's a good place to test. I'm glad we're doing it here because if there's one place you're going to learn it's going to be here."

HOW IS TEXAS DIFFERENT FROM LOWE'S AND ATLANTA? "It is different but the same principles apply. It seems like racing against Jimmie and Jeff and these guys, you used to kind of hear 'he holds on for 10, 15 laps unless the car comes to him and then that's why he's fast on the log run.' You can't have that racing against these guys. You've got to be fast the whole run and that's what we've focused on. We focused on everything that we can do to try to close that gap of our weakness. It used to be that we'd kind of be a little bit too loose and then a long run I'd be good. Gil's (Martin) really changed the bodies around and got the things where they're a little bit more comfortable for me getting going and the longevity hasn't died. Just hard work and pushing harder to make things work. That car sitting over there was new for Charlotte and it's going to be extinct in three or four weeks so that just shows you how much hard work and dedication is put into these cars."

WILL TEXAS BE MORE OF A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR YOU AGAINST THE 24 AND 48 SINCE NEITHER HAS WON THERE? "Maybe but in my opinion it's still a mile and half track and you've got to be good. The same principles apply. I think the same car that wins at Atlanta or a Charlotte is going to be capable of winning at Texas. It's all about the way you drive it and the way you set it up. It all comes down to what you ask for on Friday because that's the day the counts - Friday and Saturday."

WITH WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEKEND, WAS THAT OUT OF CHARACTER FOR CARL EDWARDS? "Oh yeah, I'm going to stick up for him. That's Martinsville. That's the nature of the beast and your temper can get the best of you there more than any place. Believe it or not it's not it's tighter than Bristol, as tight as Bristol is in my opinion. My temper flares more at Martinsville than it does at Bristol any day of the week. It's just so hard to pass there."

ARE YOU FEELING PRESSURE NOW OR ARE YOU NICE AND LOOSE BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE WANTS TO MAKE IT A JIMMIE AND JEFF BATTLE? "Like I say, we're the outside looking in still. We've got to push harder. We've got to do better. We can't make mistakes but we got to pick our game up a little bit more these last four races and try to win this championship."

DOES IT HELP NOW THAT THE PRESSURE IS ON YOU AND YOUR TEAM AS MUCH AS IT IS ON THE 24 AND 48? "Yeah those guys are definitely the guys that have pressure. They can't make a mistake. They have to make sure that they make every move just right where we can pick and gamble maybe on a pit stop or that last stop with 20 to go in a race where we take tires and go for the win. We just got to do everything we can do and if we do that we'll have a shot."

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