Atlanta II: Biffle - Saturday media visit

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Scotch Blue Ford Fusion TWO MORE RACES UNTIL THE CHASE STARTS AND IT WOULD PROBABLY FEEL GOOD TO GET SOME MORE BONUS POINTS. "It certainly would. It's a good race track for us with the Scotch Blue Ford Fusion. We're...

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Scotch Blue Ford Fusion

TWO MORE RACES UNTIL THE CHASE STARTS AND IT WOULD PROBABLY FEEL GOOD TO GET SOME MORE BONUS POINTS. "It certainly would. It's a good race track for us with the Scotch Blue Ford Fusion. We're running well this weekend. We're a little slow off the truck, but we got it going better. In qualifying trim we felt pretty good and went to the top of the board, and then on our second run we got a little bit too tight coming out of four. I had to come out of the gas, so I think it was a little better lap. We didn't get to finish that lap because I had to back out, so we'll make some adjustments for real qualifying. We've got a fairly good draw, finally. We go out in the twenties, so we'll see what the track conditions are like, but I'm real excited about this weekend. The car is running good and I'm definitely looking forward to some bonus points."

THE PERCEPTION IS FORD IS HAVING A DOWN YEAR. DOES THAT MATTER AT ALL WHEN THE CHASE STARTS? "There's no doubt that we've struggled as an organization at Roush Fenway in getting Ford its share of wins, but certainly as of late we've run much, much better. The turning point is really Chicago, where Carl finished second and we were running very well and had an engine problem. Indy, Pocono and Michigan we were really fast as an organization. Like I put it a couple of weeks ago, now it's just opportunity. Before, we were trying to get to the top five. Now, it's simply the opportunity when you get the right pit call or you get track position or get out front at the end. We're gonna win our share of races now. We're running competitive enough to do that, but now it's just opportunity - the same as everybody else. The reason why the 11 didn't win last week is the same reason we didn't get there - it's just by chance. So I feel we're good enough to win as an organization at pretty much every track, so I think we're gonna be winning some more races."

RICHMOND IS UP NEXT. CAN YOU DESCRIBE WHAT YOU LIKE THERE? "It's funny, we've run very, very good there in the Nationwide and Truck Series. I've gotten wins in both, and with the old car in Sprint Cup we ran fairly good, but the new car we haven't been as good. We've been mediocre at best, so I'm real curious to see how our car runs with this new front suspension package we have. That's one we haven't been on a short track with it yet. Chicago was our first attempt with it at the race track, so I'm actually looking more forward to Richmond than anything just for a test platform of how we're running now on those type of race tracks. That will be good for us. I'm looking forward to getting there and seeing how our car runs. It may be an idea of how we're gonna be at Loudon."

WHAT'S IT LIKE FOR THE GUYS GOING INTO RICHMOND ON THE BUBBLE? "I remember last year what it was like and I just hope we can get locked in here. We were talking about it in the transporter and I said, 'Well, one thing is if we get locked in here, we could always take next week off and get ready for Loudon.' They all thought that was a good idea, but we weren't sure what all of our sponsors would think of that, but we really want to get locked in. There's a lot of pressure on Mark and Jamie and myself and Clint Bowyer to see who is gonna take those last two spots in the chase."

IS THE ATMOSPHERE AROUND THE HAULER DIFFERENT? "Oh yeah, definitely. And it's a lot different now. Everybody feels a little calm because we have 235 points and we know that a couple of top-20s will lock us in, and we know that we're capable of better than that. If my memory serves me right, which is not very good, we were 70-90 points or maybe less going into Richmond, so we were definitely in a vulnerable spot in Richmond, especially running 15th-18th the whole night. We were treading on thin ice, but this year we've got a lot more cushion. Still, everybody is a little nervous until the race gets over."

CAN YOU PUT IN PERSPECTIVE HOW MANY WINS KYLE BUSCH HAS IN ALL THREE SERIES? "I was thinking about that the other day and we can all step back and say how easy it is to win in the Truck Series or the Nationwide Series but it's not easy. But it is easy when you have really good equipment, you're on your game, everything is clicking and working right. I wouldn't say it's easy to do, but it's doable. I thought back to a situation where, I went a season - I think it was a whole season, maybe half a season, but I thought it was a whole season - without running a truck race. Jack's teams were struggling with no wins and I don't know if they had any top fives. He asked me if I'd come back and run a couple races for him. I went back and ran four races and won two of them. I probably had an opportunity to win three of them, but we got a flat tire. So I look back at that and say, 'If I would have kept running the Truck Series would I have continued that dominance winning 50 percent of the time or better?' So it's possible if the situation is right and the cars are right, but he's doing a remarkable thing to win all those races. He's struggled in the Cup Series at some stretches. He crashed a couple weeks, a lap down, not running good three or four weeks in a row, and then he comes back and wins. He's not as consistent in the Cup Series as he is over in the Nationwide and the Truck Series. I don't know what the answer to that is. I mean, it's a lot tougher here obviously than it is over there, but his success rate is much less here, but it's not easy to do what he's doing."

THOUGHTS ON ONLY HAVING ONE RACE IN ATLANTA NEXT YEAR? "I really love coming to Atlanta. I like this race track. It's fun. It kind of seems like that natural thing to do and, to be honest with you, I haven't really thought about it yet. I haven't thought that next year we're only coming here one time. Sometimes it takes a little bit for that to kind of set in and take place and become a reality. I like coming here. It's run to race at this race track. I think they put a lot of fans here. I also understand that within anything there is time for change and to move on and try different things. I understand that's what they want to do and I think Kentucky will be a good addition because it'll be a new venue and nobody will know what to expect. You'll probably have a rush of fans who want to go to a new place for a few years to see what it's like and what it's about and how the racing is gonna be. On top of that, it being the first Cup race ever at that race track, a lot of people want to see that. At least we get to come here one time still, but I will miss coming back twice."

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