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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations Selected driver quotes Atlanta PRIMESTAR 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Series race Robby Gordon No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet "We were going to bring another car, and we went...

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Selected driver quotes Atlanta PRIMESTAR 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Series race

Robby Gordon No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet

"We were going to bring another car, and we went and tested at Darlington last week and brought that one instead. I've got to give credit to Felix Sabates and all of the guys. They've done a great job preparing this car. I knew we had a real fast car this morning. We ran a 29.40 on 15-lap tires. We went out to make a qualifying run (in practice), and Ernie blocked us, so we just decided to see what we could do with it. We're pretty excited. We've been working hard on our motor program, trying to get this team up to par. The guys have been burning the midnight oil, and that's why we're up there right now. We could have had a better lap. We had a bit of a balance change between our simulated qualifying run and what happened here. We've had a better car than we've shown in the last couple of races."

"I'm ecstatic. To be on the pole in my fourth race is almost unbelievable. We've completely revamped the team. The team has new engine builders, a new crew chief, a new driver, new mechanics. I feel we have a shot every weekend. The key is getting the balance right, and we hit it today."

Mark Martin No. 6 Valvoline Ford

"We need to win a race. We've got a pole already this year. That's going to get us a good starting spot, and that's what we're after today. We're going to try to win this thing. It's all a crap shoot anyway here. The sun is out and it's real bright and things have changed quite a bit since practice. We'll take what we've got."

Darrell Waltrip No. 17 Western Auto's Parts America Chevrolet

"I knew if they didn't do something fast, I would have to have some oxygen. I was about to die. My car is fast. It's actually faster than I qualified. Listening to all the guys go out and come back in and complaining about how loose it was. I'm sitting in the trailer listening to that, so I backed off, too. I'll bet if you look at my segment times, turn one was terrible but I'll bet turn three was pretty good. Then I realized it was under me and it was going to be okay. I hauled pretty good through three and four. My car is just like it was this morning. If I had drove it like I did this morning, I would be on the pole right now."

Hut Stricklin No. 8 Circuit City Ford

"We picked up a good bit from what we ran in practice, probably about two-tenths. It was decent run, but we're still not where we need to be. We're a little off somewhere. We can't really get enough RPMs out of the motor. We're going to make some changes in the morning. Bob Glidden's guys are coming down here tomorrow with our first motor, and they claim they can pick it up about 40 or 50 horsepower. I'd like to have it 40 or 50 over what I've got right now."

Lake Speed No. 9 Melling Ford

"We didn't know what to expect. We were sitting there watching TV and everybody was complaining about the cars being loose. It made me kinda wonder a little bit. We were seventh in practice, and I knew we could do better. We made an adjustment on the car to make it better, then they all started hollering loose, loose, loose.' So we decided to go back and re-adjust. And the car was better than what I was anticipating. It worked for us."

Geoff Bodine No. 7 QVC Ford

"That's not quite as good as we wanted, but a lot of guys have slowed down. But that's not a bad run. The car felt great and the engine was awesome. We're ready to go racing. We have already beat a lot of cars who beat us this morning. It has warmed up, and the track is slower. I'm pretty happy with that run."

Dale Jarrett No. 88 Ford Credit/Ford Quality Care Ford

"That's not very good. The track has changed a lot from this morning. That was a matter of just trying to get a lap in and not wrecking, because I was pretty loose right there. But this an awesome car. We'll be in good shape for the race, so I'm looking forward to Sunday. It's the same car I had here last fall and almost won. The track sat there for over an hour with nothing on it and loosened up quite a bit. It's just gotten hotter. It's probably 20 to 30 degrees warmer than it was when we practiced last, and we didn't compensate for that enough."

Kenny Wallace No. 81 Square D Ford

"This is a win for us. We came here last week and tested. We worked on our shock combinations, and found some improvements. We also have Robert Yates horsepower, and today that car was fast, very fast. I also spent a lot of time working on my driving at this track. We put it all together and here we are in the top 10. I'm so happy for everyone involved. Our car has been good all year. We just had this race at Atlanta to overcome. (Wallace missed the field here in November). Now we've got all day tomorrow to work on our race set-up."

Bobby Hamilton No. 43 STP Pontiac

"I thought our Pontiac handled fine. We elected to go on scuffed tires, and I think we should have gone on stickers. We had run quicker on scuffs earlier this morning, but with no heat in the tires I think stickers would have been better. We need to run well here. We're trying to stabilize our position in points. If you can finish on the lead lap here or even a lap down, you can generally finish in the top-10."

Terry Labonte No. 5 Kellogg's Chevrolet

"We were loose in practice, and we were loose qualifying. We've been loose the whole time we've been here and just can't seem to get it together."

Rusty Wallace No. 2 Miller Lite Ford

If I knew what happened, I'd tell you. The car drove good and it handled good. We just lost about three-tenths from practice, and I don't know why."

Dale Earnhardt No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Chevrolet

"We had been a little bit tight off the corner and through the corner in practice. We made a gear change and also a spring change before qualifying. It got warmer, too. It definitely wasn't the right way to go, so we'll have to re-adjust. I still feel good about the race car. It feels good racing. I've qualified 31st here and won the race, so I'm not too concerned about the race as much as I am about getting qualified better. I'd like to try again Saturday and see if we can't start 26th. I'd rather start 26th than where I am. The car feels great, but we over-adjusted. We were 25th fastest in practice and we didn't want to be that. We had to make some changes and take a shot at it. You just can't keep doing the same thing. Larry and I talked about it. We went for it, and it didn't work out."

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