Atlanta: Casey Mears preview

TARGET TEAM FACTS: - Chassis: Team Target will run chassis ...


- Chassis: Team Target will run chassis #306 at Atlanta. This is a brand new race car.

- When Ganassi Teammate Sterling Marlin made his first career start at Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 27, 1983, Jamie McMurray was only 6 years old and Casey Mears was only 5 years old.

- Casey Mears and Jamie McMurray are the first teammate rookies to compete for Raybestos Rookie of the Year honors.

- Mears became the first rookie to lead a lap and the only rookie to lead a lap in the Daytona 500.


Expectations for Team Target this weekend?

"After our strong run at Las Vegas we think that Atlanta is probably going to be one of Casey's better tracks. We are working to get our first top-10 finish this weekend."

Test at Atlanta?

"Casey did not test at Atlanta but Jamie did. We are using a lot of notes from his test. We're using his notes on setup work and getting the balance of the car. Jamie had a major shock test there. We went through a lot of shocks with Jamie and we're kind of going off of his input."

Team Target goals right now?

"Right now our main goals are to finish each race that we enter and to try to get better than the last week. Casey's done a great job up to this point and hopefully we can get a top-10 this weekend in Atlanta and after that we'll shoot for a top-5 and then go for a win."

Casey testing at Darlington March 4 and 5. How is it going?

"He got the Darlington stripe there pretty early yesterday (March 4). But, actually, the test is going well. He was running really quick before he hit the fence. He did qualifying runs in the afternoon. He had a couple good ones, struggled for a little bit and then at the end of the day finished it with three really strong qualifying runs."

Explain the one-team concept with the three Ganassi haulers.

"Basically, we split up the three haulers. The #41 Target hauler is for sponsors and media. The #40 Coors Light hauler is more of our engineering hauler. All of our engineers, crew chiefs and team managers are in that hauler. It's also got a spring rater for suspension. And then the #42 Havoline hauler is set up for the drivers lounge and also all three of our shock guys are based out of that hauler. The main advantage to this setup is that it promotes a lot better communication between all three teams."


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