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A Message from Marcos Ambrose ... Hi everyone, Well, we did it. Winning the Nationwide race on Saturday at Watkins Glen was a massive relief and a huge celebration all in one. Coming from the back to get third in the Cup race on Sunday was...

A Message from Marcos Ambrose ...

Hi everyone,

Well, we did it.

Winning the Nationwide race on Saturday at Watkins Glen was a massive relief and a huge celebration all in one. Coming from the back to get third in the Cup race on Sunday was just as satisfying.

It's been a crazy few days since I got home, with lots of media and work to do. I appeared on ESPN on Monday night from the JTG Daugherty Racing shop on the NASCAR Now program. Friends back home have said that the media interest in Australia was great as well, which is sensational to hear because obviously the Olympics are on so our Aussie swimmers are the centre of attention, and rightly so -- they're doing great. But it's nice to get recognised back home despite being on the other side of the world for almost three years now.

I've really got to thank everyone who has called, sent text messages, left voicemail messages and sent emails over the past few days. I'm very, very grateful for all the messages that have flooded in and it means a lot. The phone has been going flat out and I can't keep up with all the emails -- it's a great problem to have.

It's been great to see so many messages come from Australia, and even New Zealand. When I first came across to NASCAR it was always my intention to try and educate the Aussie fans on NASCAR so that they were all part of the journey. That the fans back home got as much of a kick out of Saturday's win as I did means a huge amount, believe me. I'm very lucky to have such great fans.

It's also been fantastic to receive congratulations from so many people here in the US. To have American NASCAR fans come up and say that they are following my progress is just awesome and to be honest it blows me away a little bit.

Victory Lane on Saturday was a great feeling and to have guys like Jack Roush and Kyle Busch come and shake my hand made me feel like I've earned their respect. The NASCAR garage is full of some great people and I'm privileged to be a part of it.

To finally get my first win was a great reward for my team owners Tad and Jodi Geschickter, who hired me and gave me a chance before I had even raced in NASCAR. To give them a win was a great feeling because I owe them a lot. It was great to have our team's newest owner, Brad Daugherty, there in Victory Lane as well. He's a great guy and it was a lot of fun to see the smile on his face.

I could not have wished in my wildest dreams to have better sponsors. The people at Kingsford and the entire Clorox company have been fantastic with their support and I am proud to represent them on and off the track.

It's has also been a buzz to race in the Little Debbie car and to get to know the McKee family and the people at McKee Foods. I've run three Cup races now and I look forward to running many more for Little Debbie. I'm a lucky guy to have great sponsors who are significant American companies and I appreciate them getting behind an Australian driver who is trying to make his way in NASCAR.

The Nationwide race was really a big relief because I've been so close to delivering everyone a win but not had everything fall into place. That happened perfectly on Saturday and now I've got the monkey off my back.

Then the next day I really had to focus and put the celebrations behind me because I had a job to do for Wood Brothers and Little Debbie. The Woods crew chief David Hyder and his guys did a great job and they're really smart people, so to get it home third after passing cars all day was great for that team.

I don't think I'll ever forget sitting in that race car for half an hour or whatever it was during the red flag. I kept looking ahead, then glancing back in the mirror, and seeing the numbers of the cars around me. Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart were just ahead, Montoya just behind and I could see all these other guys around me. I though to myself "I remember watching these guys on TV back home -- what am I doing here?" That's just about the biggest thing for me, that I can run with those guys and have their respect. It was quite a weekend, that's for sure.

Now I'm off to Michigan to try and keep the #59 car climbing up the order in points. That I'm back in the top 10 in Nationwide points kind of got lost in the whole deal over the weekend. That's a very important goal for me and I think it is a great reflection on Gary Cogswell, my crew chief on the #59, because since he came onto this car he's got the boys working really well and turned things around.

We will try to qualify the #21 car for the Wood Brothers again in Michigan. There are 44 cars going so one will go home. The pressure is on but I think that the momentum and confidence we got from our road course performance can carry over to an oval and fingers crossed we can get in the show and run a good, consistent race and be there in the end.

Michigan is a nice track, really fast and wide with flowing sort of corners. It's a big place and I'm looking forward to running a Cup car there.

So again, thanks for your support everyone and I hope I can bring home both cars with strong results this weekend at Michigan to keep this good run going.

    Marcos Ambrose

-credit: bam media

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