Allmendinger's business manager says amphetamines caused positive test

Eric Mauk

Walldinger Racing Inc., which is the business arm that controls the operations of NASCAR driver A.J. Allmendinger, told yesterday that the recently-suspended Penske Racing driver tested positive for amphetamines on his two recent drug tests.

The corporation put out a statement soon after Allmendinger’s ‘A’ sample came out positive saying that the drug screen had tested positive due to a stimulant. Walldinger Racing Inc. Vice President Tara Ragan told that the Allmendinger camp used the ‘stimulant’ term initially, because they weren’t sure how to classify the result.

"With amphetamines, there are a whole slew of things it can be," Ragan told "When we say we don't know what it is, what we were trying to ascertain is what is it in that grouping? In our head, we don't know. In fact, when they first called and said he tested positive for amphetamines, the first thing we said was, 'What does that mean?'

"We weren't being evasive," she continued. "In my head, no, we didn't know what the drug was. Amphetamines was too general for us when trying to figure out what it is."

A.J. Allmendinger, Penske Racing Dodge
A.J. Allmendinger, Penske Racing Dodge

Photo by: Action Sports Photography

Medications that contain or will metabolize into amphetamines include but are not limited to Adderall, Dexedrine, Dextrostat, Desoxyn, Didrex, ProCentra and Vyvanse. Amphetamines have also been used in sports for years and were prevalent in big-league locker rooms and clubhouses throughout the 1970s and 80s. Used recreationally as a performance enhancer, amphetamines are often referred to as ‘speed’.

As reported here yesterday, Allmendinger has already consented to enter NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program, which is the first step toward reinstatement in the series.

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