All-Star: Winning team press conference, part 1

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Post-Race Transcript An Interview with: TONY STEWART - 1st DARIAN GRUBB - Crew chief THE MODERATOR: We are pleased to be joined by our race winner of the 25th running of the NASCAR Sprint All Star Race, Tony...

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Post-Race Transcript

An Interview with:
DARIAN GRUBB - Crew chief

THE MODERATOR: We are pleased to be joined by our race winner of the 25th running of the NASCAR Sprint All Star Race, Tony Stewart. He drives the No. 14 Office Depot Old Spice Chevrolet for Stewart Haas Racing. Also with us is Crew Chief Darian Grubb.

Congratulations, Tony, your first All Star Race victory. You've become only the second driver/owner to win this event. The first was Jeff Bodine back in 1994.

Take us through that final couple of laps and how you got to Victory Lane.

TONY STEWART: I've said this 50 times since I got in the car: I can't believe he gave me the bottom. We got a run on him two laps before and got a run off of 2 at the bottom, got beside him. I overdrove it in 3 and just got down there and got loose trying to clear him, and he was able to get back by us. And then he went to the bottom in 1 and 2 the next lap.

I don't think he was great down there, but he was good enough, I think, to hold us off. But the next lap we go back through there and we got a run off of 4 on him.

I was prepared to go at least to the middle or to the top and run somewhere different because I knew I wasn't going to be able to follow him through there again.

And on the entry he ran up high, and I was like: Wow, I can't believe he's giving me the bottom again. I got down there, got in the gas real quick and got by. And it was the best the car was all night. Darian made a handful of adjustments on that last caution and, man, did it wake that car up.

It just was stuck those last 10 laps. We were as good as the guys in front of us. We were just in traffic with them. And I'm confident even if Jeff didn't have a problem or Jimmie didn't have a problem around us, that we had a shot at running with those guys.

I don't know if we would have got by those two, but Ryan Newman was probably the guy that should have been in Victory Lane tonight. He got a tire cut and had to come get it fixed.

But, man, it was just awesome to finally get into Victory Lane here with a group of guys that have been looking at this for a long time.

THE MODERATOR: Darian, talk about some changes after the third segment. You had a little intermission there, talk about some of the things you did.

TONY STEWART: You tell them that, I'll kill you.

THE MODERATOR: In general terms.

DARIAN GRUBB: Honestly, there wasn't a corner of the car we didn't touch. Took Tony's feedback and made adjustments all around, a little bit of tire strategy, just track bar, wedge, air pressure, about everything we could do, packers, shot clicks, and just luckily we were able to get him out there, keep track position since we were doing all that stuff. He was able to drive it to the front.


Q: Right after you won you told the guys they were climbing the fence. Were you planning on doing that all along once you got victory? And, Darian, did you know that was going to happen?

TONY STEWART: I think they took that upon themselves to do it. They told me. I said: No way, I'm not doing this again. I'm too old to be doing it.

But I was so excited, I wanted to get back to them right away. There's guys on this team that haven't been to Victory Lane before. And that was something I was really looking forward to was getting there and congratulating Gene on his first win and these guys that have been with the organization and haven't been in Victory Lane, to see those guys get their first win and be a part of it with them was what I was really looking for.

But I don't know if he knew about it, but I heard and caught wind of it when they stopped us in turn 2 when I was taking my gear off. But I made up my mind I wasn't doing it.

DARIAN GRUBB: It was actually Aaron Kuhn, the tire guy.

TONY STEWART: One of the young guys that's able to actually do that without passing out when they get up there, that was one of the guys that decided to do that.

Q: Tony, certainly you've had a lot of spectacular big wins in your career. Is it safe to say this ranks second to your Indy wins, or how does this rank from a car owner's point of view? What's the feeling? What does it mean to you?

TONY STEWART: It's awesome. It's definitely up there. I mean, I've been very fortunate as a car owner with the USAC cars and winning championships and winning the Knoxville Nationals championship with our World of Outlaws teams. Like I said, the most fun part about it from the ownership side was getting some of these guys to Victory Lane that have never been there before. That's something that, that and getting Gene in Victory Lane.

And Gene and Joe Custer, gave me a great opportunity last year when we decided to do this deal, and that's not something that an opportunity comes around like that very often.

So to get those guys in Victory Lane and to get these guys on the team that haven't been to Victory Lane yet, to get them to there for the first time, that means more than a million dollars does to me. It's that gratifying to get this group of guys in Victory Lane. And there's guys on the team that are friends of mine and there's guys on the team that I never met before.

But they've been an awesome group of guys to work with up to this point. And that's the most gratifying part about it. It's about seeing those guys and seeing them celebrating and smiling in Victory Lane when I got there and seeing how happy they were and the excitement on their faces. There's no check that you can write in any amount that's going to make up for that and could take the place of it.

Q: Tony, you started kind of far back because of some of the adventures on the pit stop.

TONY STEWART: That stellar one I had yesterday?

Q: Yeah.

TONY STEWART: That was part of our strategy was to actually get those guys so confused that they were still talking about it today and wondering what I was doing and why I was doing it. And I still don't have an answer for why I did what I did yesterday. But go ahead.

Q: And clearly it worked. But my question

TONY STEWART: It's worked with us, too. We're still confused about it.

Q: My question is this: At what point in tonight's race did you realize you had a very good chance of winning? Because you were fairly far back for the first half of the race. Was there a point where the car picked up? When did you know?

TONY STEWART: I think it was when we got the restart after I guess it was when Jeff spun and we got that restart there. I thought Ryan was, the plan was just to follow Ryan. I thought we could both get by the 17 there and go on.

And it didn't I guess I was beside the 17 and Kyle was on the pole at that time, I think, or vice versa. That's what I was thinking: Man, Ryan's going to win this thing; wherever I end up I'll take it. And I'm going to try to beat him to Victory Lane.

I knew when his car didn't take off on the restart I knew something was wrong. I knew something wasn't right. You could see the damage he had.

I told those guys, when they ran us down the pit road the first time, I said look at his left rear and make sure it was all right. I was worried about it after I saw the contact and I saw the letters wore off.

I felt like after that restart, when we cleared Ryan, we ran right with the 18 and the 17, and I felt like at that point if they got wrestling with each other, which they did, we ran them down and we got a caution again.

But I felt like at that point we had a shot at it. When we restarted the third there, I thought if we can get a good restart, get through turn 2 and not get loose, we were going to be at least in the hunt and have an opportunity to do something with them.

Q: Tony, are you going to bring the same car back for the race next week? Will you bring this same car back? It's fast. You guys are outstanding. And we're proud of you, Tony.

DARIAN GRUBB: I have a feeling we'll sit there and talk about that tomorrow after it all settles in. I think we have a better piece back at the shop. It's in the paint booth right now. They're finishing up the decals. We might bring this as a back up. But I think what we've got back at the shop is even better.

Q: Tony or Darian, can you talk a little bit about Gene and his feelings, his first race back. First win for the organization 2002. Darian, I talked to you before Darlington and you talked about wanting to get Tony these wins at places and events that eluded him, so. Your emotion on getting Tony a win he never had before in his career. And, Tony, are you going go to Indy tomorrow and try to qualify there?

TONY STEWART: I don't know if I'll even be conscious tomorrow. (Laughter) We might set an over/under and see what time I actually wake up and you guys might want to start a second pool and see what time I actually climb out of bed.

Whoever wins that tomorrow, I'll personally, on the day that my headache goes away, I'll personally deliver the pot to you. But, no, I'm not going to Indy. I don't know what day this day is actually going to end.

So I would like to go, and I'm sure at some point tomorrow    thank God for
Tivo, let's put it that way.  I'll at least see what happens at some point.

But talking about Gene, I'm excited. It's so nice. I was so worried today just making sure, I wanted him to be proud when he got here and proud of what we've done and proud of what he's been such a huge part of putting together.

Everybody's given us all the credit for this. And you really have got to give him the credit for taking the gamble and taking the risk and having us come be a part of this organization like that and trusting us to make some pretty big decisions and personnel changes.

That's not something that a lot of people in that position are willing to do and give up that kind of control to let a totally different group of guys come in and all of a sudden start changing things around.

But Gene was willing to do that.  And Joe Custer has been so good this year.
It's been a hard transition.  But like I say, it's a hard transition when
you give up control.  Nobody likes to kind of let the reins loose and let
things go.  And Joe's worked really hard at letting us do that.

When Gene got here today, we wanted him to be proud of what we were doing and what we've built. And he's been following us every week and knows what the team's been doing, knows what happens every day at the racetrack. We just wanted to have a good night for him.

That's what made Ryan taking the lead there, at least three wide for the lead at the end, that was so exciting. It was like, man, we've got a shot at getting Gene his first win here on a night first time back.

So that in itself made it really special. So he's happy. He's drenched. We absolutely soaked him with the giant champagne bottle. But he'll get over it. He'll get used to it. Gibbs did for 10 straight years. So he'll get over it, too.

DARIAN GRUBB: As far as the tracks that Tony hasn't won at and the tracks that, the races that he hasn't won, it's something we're not really that concerned about. The way I see everything, every week we're going to write a new chapter in the book that we started.

His history book is there. We know how capable he is of winning all those tracks and everything that's been done. It's nice to be able to add those accolades to his resume. But for what I want to do and for what we want to do as an organization with Stewart Haas is go out and we want to win every week. There's nothing that we're looking at past history. We're just going out to win and run the best we possibly can. This was not a points event, so we knew we could let it all hang out and go for the million dollars.

Continued in part 2

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