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Dodge Wins Two Poles at LMS -- Kahne and Riggs KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger) -- pole winner All-Star Challenge "It's pretty cool to be on this team. We finished second the other night in the pit crew challenge, so it's a...

Dodge Wins Two Poles at LMS -- Kahne and Riggs

KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger) -- pole winner All-Star Challenge

"It's pretty cool to be on this team. We finished second the other night in the pit crew challenge, so it's a huge week for us. It's a huge week to be part of everything Nextel does and Lowe's Motor Speedway to put on this great race weekend is definitely fun.

"I didn't talk to them after the deal (pit crew challenge). I left and they left. I think they were all right with it. They want to win, but they gave it all they had. They went back-to-back-to-back compared to some of the other teams that didn't from where I was watching. It was the luck of the draw. On the final run, they had done three runs pretty much right in a row compared to Truex's guys that had a little bit more of a break. I think they did an awesome job for being worn out. To keep pushing that car is not easy. They stepped it up tonight. They did a great job tonight.

"We did a little bit at the start trying to figure out the tire and the racetrack. We had a couple of good days testing out here. I felt like coming back we'd be a little better. Kenny and Keith make some good adjustments to the car. We looked at all the information, and I think Scott Riggs is going to be good tomorrow night. Hopefully he races his way in. Mayfield obviously looking good this weekend compared to where he's been, and I think we have a good shot, too. Our car was handling good all day.

"The track definitely has more grip at night. It was nice to get the draw we had. We ran quick around the racetrack. Jimmie went right before us, and Mark Martin right after and they had some good lap times, too. Definitely the late draw helped.

"There's a lot of grip but at the same time the tires are hard. You can slide around. From what I watched today once you start sliding it looks like you keep sliding until you hit something. I didn't see too many guys saving it once they started sliding. I've slid a dirt car around, but it wasn't a stock car and it wasn't at 180 or 190 mph, either. I don't know how much that helps. I just think you've got to have your car handling well. Our Dodge Charger handled great tonight and we were able to put down a good lap.

"I was happy last week we got the pole and I think we led 50 laps or so and we ended up 21st. The other two races we were able to fight back and get the win. I would definitely love to win tomorrow night, but 20 other guys would like to win just as bad. Tires are going to be the big issue. Whoever has the best grip will win tomorrow night."


SCOTT RIGGS (No. 10 Valvoline/Stanley Tools/ Dodge Charger) -- Pole Nextel Open

NOTE: Riggs won the pole for Saturday night's Nextel Open with a lap of 186.509 mph.

"We were really happy with the car in race trim. All the guys did a good job. This is an older car we've been working with. We came here and tested both times and felt good about it. We felt good in race trim. We put it in qualifying trim and I almost busted my tail on both laps. I went back to the motor home. They said to forget about it and they would fix it. They did. I think we'll be really good in race trim.

"That's great to get the pole. I wish we could have got it in a points race and start on the front row in a points race. I'm just glad all these guys on the Valvoline/Stanley Tools Dodge dug down deep. They said they'd try to give me a good car and make up for how bad the car was last week. I think we'll be real good in the race.

"We were pretty fast and pretty happy with the car in race trim. We went out to make a qualifying run at the end of practice and pretty much crashed on both laps. We weren't real happy with it. The guys made some really smart decisions to make some changes. We went with scuffed tires. Goodyear brought a tire here that is capable of handling any kind of speeds and any kind of loads we can put on 'em. The main objective right now is to win the race so we can be in the All-Star Challenge.

"That lap I did in qualifying, the car felt just like it did in race trim. It felt very solid, very underneath me. It felt great. It's an older car we brought here twice. We did a Goodyear tire test and brought it back for Open testing with a new car. Still, the older car seemed to prevail. In race trim I was really happy with the car and the way it drove. As soon as they made some changes to put it in qualifying trim, it was a handful. It was scary. I almost crashed twice. I'm really tickled with the way all the guys on the team made the changes to get the car to drive better in qualifying trim. As soon as I came off turn four coming to the green I knew how down in the racetrack the car felt. I didn't know how good it was going to be, but I felt it was good enough to be in the top three.

"Being on the pole I feel pretty good about it. If I was on the outside pole or further back I don't know how I would feel about it. The track is really fast. I'm really glad to see how wide the groove has expanded out. I ran high a couple of laps today. When I say high, it's the second groove. I think with the tire combination and the track, I think it's going to be a good combination to have a lot of racing room on the racetrack. I think Goodyear did a good job with tire selection. If we came back with the same tire we would have been a second faster and we would have all been fighting for the bottom."

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