All-Star: Kyle Busch - Friday media visit

Kyle Busch, No. 5 Carquest/Kellogg's Monte Carlo SS, Met With Members Of The Media At Lowe'S Motor Speedway And Talked About Competing For His Third Consecutive Craftsman Truck Series Win In Charlotte, On How The No. 8 Team'S Penalty Affects Other...

Kyle Busch, No. 5 Carquest/Kellogg's Monte Carlo SS, Met With Members Of The Media At Lowe'S Motor Speedway And Talked About Competing For His Third Consecutive Craftsman Truck Series Win In Charlotte, On How The No. 8 Team'S Penalty Affects Other Teams, On His Bad Luck This Season And Other Subjects.

ON GOING FOR HIS THIRD STRAIGHT TRUCK SERIES WIN IN CHARLOTTE: "Well we are obviously looking forward to the opportunity being back with Billy Ballew Motorsports and Richie Wauters and all the guys over there to try to three-pete here this weekend with the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, but you know, we're okay, we're just trying to get our first runs in here today. Truck feels pretty good. A little bit better than what we tested here. We felt like we had a pretty good race truck when we tested, a couple guys picked up some time. A little concerned about that, but overall, I think it will be a good night. Not much to learn right now, just basically trying to get ready for tonight's race."

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR YOU TO GET THAT THIRD WIN HERE TONIGHT? "Well you know, it's not so important to get the third consecutive win, as it is just to win and get Billy Ballew back to the victory lane and get myself and all these guys (back there). They work awfully hard and they have got a lot of time that they spend preparing all these trucks and getting all these trucks built and everything ready, so it is worth their while to be able to celebrate a little bit. I feel like we've got a pretty good shot tonight and we got Bill Lester running a lot better in the tests, so hopefully he will be confident enough in his equipment that he can get the job done as well, too."

ON THE PENALITIES HANDED TO THE NO. 8 TEAM AND HOW IT AFFECTS OTHER TEAMS KNOWING NASCAR IS IMPOSING THESE KIND OF PENALTIES: "Well, not being too particular or knowledgeable on the devices that they were penalized for, I don't know exactly what the enhancements were, but, NASCAR obviously found something to not be in order or in ordinance with the rules, so they felt it in their discretion to have to come up with a penalty, and that's the penalty they came up with. The severity, was it harsh? Yeah, I think so; it was a little harsh for what it was. I don't think it really paid much dividends to the performance or advantage or anything like that. As Eury said, I have read a couple things that it was an honest mistake. It was a part that was manufactured early in the development of the COT and it got misplaced and put on the car, by accident. I think that was probably the part that was okay, but I guess what I heard in the background of that was that they tampered with the seals and they actually moved it. That's where it became a problem. NASCAR seals those to the deck lid, the wing brackets, every week and you are not allowed to move them once they are put on there. I guess the seals were broken, so that is where the severity came from that they obviously did tamper with it."

IF THIS WAS AN HONEST MISTAKE, DOES THAT MAKE TEAMS NERVOUS THAT THE PENALTIES ARE SO SEVERE? "It should, obviously it should. If there is going to be a hundred grand and a hundred points and six week suspensions I think that crew chiefs are really going to take that into consideration obviously if they want to stick around for race weeks but also keep their job."

ON THE NEW FORMAT OF THE ALL-STAR RACE AND IF THAT AFFECTS THE WAY HE RACES AND IF IT MAKES IT EASIER NOW WITH A LITTLE MORE PURE RACING: "Last year, I am not sure if it was different in the past, but last year the inversion came after the first segment, because I won the first segment and then the invert came out and we started like eighth or 10th, we were on the outside, so one of those two spots. Going through one or two, Kasey Kahne got a little bit loose and wrecked half the field. I believe that if I was out front, and started on the pole because I won the first segment, then we would have a better shot of keeping our car in one piece, obviously, and being able to continue on in the event but we got taken out so early that I never got to really mess with the rest of the All-Star race. It would have been nice, because it was my first All-Star race, to try to complete through at least the whole thing, to learn about it a little bit. I have got to take this year again, as basically my first and try to get through the whole thing so that I can learn a little bit about it. As they keep changing the rules, it just keeps adding excitement, adding drama to the event and making it what it is. It's just the All-Star race, everybody goes for broke and there is a million dollars at the end of the deal when you finish first, so that is pretty much what it is all about.

ON HIS OPINION OF JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: "He's a fiery guy. He likes to go out there and ruffle some feathers, sort of like I did when I came into this deal and maybe still do today. It is good to see that, I believe in that kind of stuff, it's just racing. You are out there to race, so you race as hard as you can every lap and get the most out of your equipment, and the most out of your car and obviously a couple drivers have gotten a little frustrated because he's not so easy to pass. I don't think that the world of racing revolves necessarily around how easy you are to pass; it's all about trying to win races."

ON HIS ATTITUDE ABOUT LUCK, IF HE NATURALLY HAS BAD LUCK, IF IT EVENTUALLY EQUALS OUT AND IF THERE'S ANYTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT BAD LUCK: "Well, you just kind of have to go along with it. Last year it was a pretty good year. It was our sophomore season, everybody kind of plays a little bit to the sophomore slump, but we didn't have one. This year I feel more like it is probably my sophomore year, you know, having the bad luck that we have had a little bit. Hopefully it will come and it will go and you have your good years and you have your bad years. Obviously this year it started off running well at Daytona, running up front for most of the race there with Tony and Kurt, and then they got involved in a crash. Then everybody thought, well the 5 car was the third best car, so it's their race to loose, and obviously we lost it."

KYLE BUSCH CONTINUED: "We had ours up there and we had ours down at the end of that race and then we went on to California, Atlanta, and Bristol and here and there and everywhere and we've been all over the board. In the Busch Series as well, not being able to close out the deal and win a race. It's been real frustrating for me. I am real down on myself just because it's not going the way that I want it to be going and I'm trying to do everything right.

"There was some bad luck happening there. I tried changing my luck a little bit and I threw away a new pair of shoes that I thought were bad luck, you know. Just trying to figure it all out and get through it all. Like you said, it must just come and go in spurts and times and this is just one of those times that we have to go through it and hopefully get it out of our way before it comes down to crunch time, to be involved in the Chase and go after it at the end of the year. Try to win some races. Like last year, we were running pretty good and made it into the Chase, I think that we were like fourth when we got started at the Chase at New Hampshire and then we didn't finish seven out of the last 10 races. We just stumbled all over our feet and just tripped and fell. Right now, I think that we are stumbling a little bit, but hopefully we can gather ourselves back up and get ready before the Chase comes down and be solid through the Chase."

HOW BEAT UP WERE YOU AFTER THE WRECKS AT TALLADEGA THIS YEAR? "The first one, you know the Busch Race was obviously the worst one, but I was a little sore getting back into the car on Sunday. My shoulder got hit on the headrest when I was upside down there because my headrest comes up over my seat. We are working on widening that out so that we don't have that problem again. You learn as you go with that kind of stuff. I felt pretty comfortable within the race cars though, I felt safe. I got out of the first one and got involved in the next one the second day, minding my own business running on the bottom and trying to fall to the back and having cars run across my nose. That was a bad deal. Monday I felt back to normal, I actually wasn't too sore and got back to the gym and was working out as normal and throughout the rest of the week. I am always sore, just because of working out all the time and being in the gym. As far as being beat up, I wasn't too bad."

ON IF THE BIG PICTURE AT THIS POINT IN THE SEASON IS THE 26 RACES TO THE CHASE OR IF IT'S THE ENTIRE SEASON: "No, it's to the Chase right now. You've got to be in the top 12 in order to make your season. Right now we are 11th, so we are almost on the brink of falling out. I think that there is only 80-something points that separates seventh through 12th. We come out of Charlotte with a good day or something like that and we could probably move all the way back up to that point. It is all about trying to keep the consistent finishes going and get back up to the place, you know, Jeff's got a 200-point lead and I think it's another 150 or something points between second and fourth or second and fifth. There is quite a big point's gap."

SO IN THAT SENSE ARE THERE TWO DISTINCT SEASONS? "Oh yeah. It is just like the NFL. Everybody doesn't want to say it, but it is. You've got your regular season that goes on for your first 26 races and then you've got your playoff's at the end. That is pretty much what this deal is all about."

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