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KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO SS: On special promotion with GM Goodwrench/RCR: "Thanks to everyone at GM Goodwrench; it's nice to see that you guys are participating. Your renewed rejuvenation is taken on well by...


On special promotion with GM Goodwrench/RCR: "Thanks to everyone at GM Goodwrench; it's nice to see that you guys are participating. Your renewed rejuvenation is taken on well by myself and Richard and everybody on the team so we're excited to have you guys putting on promotions. We can't make any guarantees; I know that would be nice, but our team is performing well and everything is going good. We're looking forward to the rest of the year and I think this year we have a good of a shot as any years in the past of winning a couple of those races. We're excited and hopefully we can take some of (Chevy Racing marketing manager) Terry Dolan's Avalanches and give them away and I know the race fans will be real excited. We're looking forward to it, we're up to the challenge and hopefully we can come through."

On sponsor support: "I think that participation above and beyond is - obviously the sponsorship stuff is all set - getting behind the brand and obviously with the position that GM is in right now it's nice to see them stepping up and taking advantage of the assets that they have. It's going to be a lot of fun to see it continue to grow and hopefully keep evolving."

Will this support make a difference in your performance? "It's important that the sponsor is involved in what they do and I think it's something that will obviously make Richard a lot more comfortable as an owner. As a driver, you get in and drive the owner's car and as an owner you have to just be aware of your sponsors' position. So I think it would make him much more comfortable."

How about today? "I think you'll probably see wrecked cars and you'll probably see things that are out of the ordinary. So it'll be a pretty typical All-Star event; you never know what's going to happen. Should be exciting."

Think you'll finish? "I haven't yet, but I think it's something that. we've had some really odd circumstances come through here so I think it's something that brings up the most unique situations. The most unique one was probably in 2001 when it stared raining going into turn one and we all got our backup cars out so that was probably the most bizarre night that I've been involved in."

On the groove: "The groove really opened up last night. In the Truck race you had some guys running three-quarters up the racetrack in three and four. I think one and two will be the bottom just like it's always been in the past. It's going to be interesting to say the least. Nobody's been in really race conditions so I think tonight will be a good test for next week."

On tires and fuel cells: "I think the fuel cell sucks. I think the tires were designed to not have to go down those roads and the fuel cell is just kind of a gimmick of some. I don't even know. I think the tires were designed to be virtually bulletproof and the fuel cell is an added gimmick of someone's imagination that I don't know where it came from. When we did the tire test our intentions were to develop a tire that Goodyear brought to make them last through a whole run and I think a good point was brought up yesterday. If the fuel cell is for the tires then why don't the Busch cars and Trucks run it? I think that's the biggest question. If it's a question of safety then why are the Busch cars and the Trucks not in that category?

"It's absolutely a gimmick because if it wasn't a gimmick then it would be in those two series."

What about the continuation of it? "I think it's terrible. I think it's served its purpose on the speedways. Going into a 600-mile race and you've got to come in and those guys have just ran green after your pit-stop every 18 minutes. Tires are $2000 a set and it's really hard to know what you've got and how many tires you need and I just think it's kind of a joke for what it is."

Any clear favorites tonight? "I don't think so. I think this is the most wide-open All-Star race that there's ever been. There's so many unknowns and so many variables going into the night so I think it's going to be an interesting night."

On your future in team ownership: "There's no doubt that it's going to happen that way. If you look back four or five years ago when you saw the transition of drivers take effect - there are a lot of owners who are starting to creep up there in age and at some point there has to be a transition to a new generation. I don't know when that is or what that is but it will happen sooner or later. I think that you'll see that a lot of the same faces that are getting started now will be the same faces up on the pit box in the future."

Are you building your team for Cup? "Somewhere down the road; not anytime in the near future. Until we get to the point of being able to contend week in and week out. I think that if you can't win at what you are doing, we can win, but we need to win consistently. And you've got to be consistent because when you go to Cup it's a whole different ball game."

Is it fun? "It's fun for me; right now I enjoy it. It's not a profitable business endeavor, as you can say, but it's something where you can learn how to make mistakes and learn how to position yourself to be a profitable business and be on the Cup side somewhere down the road. Like I say, that's not anywhere in the near future and our goals are with the Busch cars right now to be successful."

Would you still be as involved (full-time) once you are done driving? "I don't know. I've ventured out of a lot of it already. I participate in a lot of the things we do on a day-to-day basis. But day-to-day basis is not really in my vocabulary as a Nextel Cup driver. Sometimes you're gone so much and have to have people that are willing to take a bullet to do what they need to do to day in and day out. And have enough authority to make those calls. We still have a lot to say about what goes on but right now it's hard to be the day to day guy like Richard and Jack and those guys are."

How close did you come to not signing with Richard? I don't know that it ever actually went down that road. I think we both knew where we both stood on what we wanted to accomplish.

What did he deliver that meant more than anything else? I think the performance of the race cars was the best thing he delivered. We were able to contend - to run in the top 10. If you're winning, there's not nothing you can't get in this garage. If you're winning races, you can get anything you want around here. That's just the bottom line. Anybody who tells you any different.

On the Truck race: We put a lot of effort into last night. Richard was kind enough to help us to a lot of things that we'd done at the tire test and that we'd done at the two tests with the Busch cars. We put a lot of effort into it and we ran in the top five all night and had a good truck. Chevy won the race; that was what we wanted to do was get back to where we felt like all the Chevrolet Trucks were competitive with the other trucks on the mile-and-a-half race track. We felt like we did good and I think everyone from Chevrolet feels like we made a lot of headway last night. I think it was good to see them rejuvenated what we had for the first five weeks.

"I don't think it has to show anything. It comes in cycles. We'd gotten a little bit behind on our mile-and-a-half stuff and so everybody just took a different approach and the other Chevy teams, they went to the race track and we took another route. There's two different approaches and I think we saw good results; I think we had the half the top points."

About fans rejecting Toyota: "I think there are a lot of fans that don't understand how the car-making world works. A lot of those cars are made in the United States and I think that there's a lot of jobs added to the U.S. population. I think it will add a lot of competition to the sport and I think all the manufacturers are looking to that challenge and I don't think it will be near as big an issue when we get halfway through next year."

The Monte Carlo is made in Canada: "Yeah, the Monte Carlo may be made in Canada but there are a lot of other things made in the U.S. There's a lot of ways to pick pieces out of the puzzle that you know you can say 'this car's made here and this car's made there' but what it all boils down to is that all the car makers supply a lot of jobs whether it's Chevrolet or Toyota or Ford. Whatever the case may be, there's a lot of jobs supplied to the American people off of what they make, I don't care what brand it is. It goes right on down the list. I understand that they may have started as a foreign company and I think that the Chevrolet is in foreign countries as well. It's no different from anything else. Some people just live in a black cloud. Just don't really want to look outside the box.

"Everybody went upside-down when we had the Chase too, and look what it's done to the sport. It's made it better. I think that a fourth manufacturer coming in will make it the same way."

On the inversion: "I'll be honest with you, tonight, I don't even know what the rules are, I don't even know what the inversion is. I just know that I got to go out and go as fast as I can and if my car's good I'll have a chance at winning the race. That's about it. I've been all twisted up and caught up in everything that's going on and all it does is drive you crazy. You just go out and stand on the gas and go for it."

On Mark Martin's rap song: For a rap song it's not too bad.

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