All-Star: Ford teams race quotes

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Finished 21st) "Everybody is trying really hard tonight and the 77 just drove in there probably a little bit too hard -- trying to get a little bit too much on that restart. He just got loose underneath me.

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Finished 21st)

"Everybody is trying really hard tonight and the 77 just drove in there probably a little bit too hard -- trying to get a little bit too much on that restart. He just got loose underneath me. I saw him moving up. I moved up the race track quite a ways, but I guess he couldn't keep it down and couldn't save it. You've just really got to get these cars really loose to be able to turn and he was just a little too loose, I guess, and took us out."

ARE YOU DONE? "Yeah, we're done. It only pays to win here. We were sitting in a great spot, but coming from the back with 15 laps and then a 10-lap shootout with a tore up car, we just don't stand a chance of getting up there in the front."

WHAT HAPPENED? "I saw the 77 turn down and try to make a run on the bottom there and probably just driving a little over his head. We're all driving a little over our head tonight. The All-Star race pays a million dollars to win, so that's what we're all trying to do. Maybe he was a little aggressive on the restart and didn't give his tires a chance to get hot. It got away from him and he got up into us and wrecked us, but he certainly didn't mean to do it on purpose. That will happen."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion (Finished 2nd)

WALK US THROUGH THE LAST RESTART. "It sucks getting beat, obviously. I thought we had a shot. Most of the night we were really good on long runs and really bad on short runs. We were just really loose and we tightened it up a lot there at the break. The tires held up for four or five laps. I just got too tight and Tony was running up on me real fast there, and I chose the middle because I'd been really fast in the middle of one and two. That was my best groove, I just hit the ground and got so tight I couldn't get it to turn."

YOU HAD KYLE TO BATTLE ON RESTARTS. DID YOU DAMAGE THE CAR AT ALL? "I don't know. I haven't looked at it yet, and I wasn't trying to block his advances, but all night -- these are different rules than every week -- and you're two-wide and you can't pass anybody until you pass the start-finish line, so he was up in my right-rear way before the start-finish line and got us in the right-rear and messed us up that one restart, so I'm glad there was a yellow to start over."

ANY CONSOLATION? "It's better to run second than anywhere else but first, but, on the other hand, it's disappointing when you take two to go on the track and you're in the lead and you come home second. I feel bad that we got beat, but I think I could do it 100 times and I couldn't hold him off. We got the car too tight on that adjustment, which we knew it was a guess. We'd been too loose and we'd been really slow on short runs all night, so we had to tighten it way up to see if it would be faster on a short run, and it was, but with all those yellows I think the tires just got too hot and I couldn't hang onto it."

ANYTHING TO TAKE INTO NEXT WEEK? "Yeah, I mean I feel better about next week because our car was really fast on the long run tonight and we just had to go crazy and tighten it up to try to make it good on the short run there at the end and was just trying to crutch it too much, but 30 and 40-lap runs it was really fast, so I feel pretty good about the 600."


BOBBY LABONTE -- No. 96 Ford Fusion (Finished 11th)

"We got real tight in the center on that one run and were just tight for the most part. We just never could get it out. It got a little better on that last run for about five laps and then it went away again, so we've got a little headstart for next weekend than we had when we got here. We got a little bit better throughout the night, but we're still fighting the same thing."

NEXT WEEK'S RACE WILL HAVE THE SAME NIGHT DYNAMIC, SO DOES THAT CONCERN YOU? "I think there's enough differences in some cars there that maybe we can learn a little bit this week and get it back. The guys did a really good job. We missed a couple wrecks there and brought it home in one piece."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion (Finished 5th)

"First off, congratulations to Tony and his whole team. They've worked real hard and it's cool to see them succeed, but I was really cheering for Matt, though. I was back there running fifth just hoping Matt would bring it home. Our Aflac Fusion just wasn't that great all night, but the last run we were actually pretty good passing people and moving to the front. I think we've got something to build on for the 600, but I'd like to know what it feels like to be over there in Victory Lane at this All-Star race sometime."

HOW WAS YOUR CAR? "My Aflac Fusion was not real good for the first half of the race. We found some spring rubbers that fell out during that last stop, so they stuck those back in and the thing was pretty fast and made it back up to fifth. I was cheering so hard for Matt. I wanted him to win that race, but congrats to Tony and all those guys. They've worked really hard and it's cool to see them succeed through everything he's done this year. We've got a great car for next week and I'm exciting to come back and race next week."

DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING? "Oh yeah, I learned tons of stuff. I learned lots of things and I really did have a good time there at the end. We just needed some more laps and we won't need more laps in the 600. There will be plenty."

-credit: ford racing

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