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KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Vortex Dodge Charger) Race Winner HOW DOES IT FEEL TO WIN THE SPRINT ALL-STAR RACE? "It's an unbelievable experience. It's something that you sit there and you look at the greats that have won this race, the ones...

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Vortex Dodge Charger) Race Winner

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO WIN THE SPRINT ALL-STAR RACE? "It's an unbelievable experience. It's something that you sit there and you look at the greats that have won this race, the ones that have had so many years go by in between the wins, just to have an opportunity to go for it tonight, I felt like our Penske Dodge was right where it needed to be at the end. But it also started there. I felt like starting on the pole, having track position early on gave us a good indication on what we should expect for the evening, on how we had to adjust on the car and keep it up front. To win the first segment, that was pretty special, one small step as well. Getting into the second segment, we did four tires. That put us eighth on the restart. We weren't able to move up as fast as I thought we could. Got all the way up to third. We were a little loose on that run, faded back to fifth when the second segment closed out. With our strategy to put on just two tires going into the third segment, our thought process was to leave the chassis alone. When we did that, man, the car was awful on that third segment. We were just way tight. Just a whole different attitude in the racecar. It wore on my pretty heavily. I was telling the guys, We're way tight, we're out of the mix. Faded all the way back to eighth or 10th place, bouncing off the wall. Just trying to get all I could out of the racecar, even though we didn't change a thing. We were very tight. I thought our night was done after that third segment. When we got in for the break, took a deep breath, took those 10 minutes to sit there and try to figure out what we could do as a team to make the car better. I wasn't very helpful. I'll have to admit that. I told Steve Addington, The car is way tight, just fix this bad boy, go for it, go for everything you think we need, I'll drive the wheels off it. If we spin off loose going for it, it means we made adjustments to make the car better. It helped us communicate in a certain fashion where the crew chief has to stand up and take the role of being the leader and make the changes. That's sometimes the best-case scenario, where the crew chief makes his work done, puts the faith in the driver, and the driver understands that the crew chief gave it all that he's got, and the two of us went at it. We were able to move up on our pit stop during that four tire mandatory stop. We moved up to eighth place. I felt like the outside is where I found myself on most of the restarts tonight. We got bottled up on one of them. From the rest of the night, though, the outside prevailed for us. I think we went all the way from fifth to first in one lap. The Miller Lite Dodge was money when it counted. We really had a fast racecar. It was a pleasure to drive it. The segment before that, though, I wouldn't have given a million bucks for it. Now it has a million dollar name to it. The right side, we have to replace it. We'll think about bringing this car back for next week. I know we have a better piece for next week ready to go for the 600. I'm proud of our effort tonight as a team, as my crew chief and I continue to develop our relationship.


BRAD KESELOWSKI (No. 12 Penske Dodge Charger) Finished 7th

"We swung two different directions on our setup tonight and didn't find what we needed to challenge at the end. We needed to be faster. We came in and fixed what was wrong, but didn't have enough laps. We had a car I thought was capable of running with Kurt and maybe win the race. We just missed it."

DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING TONIGHT THAT CAN BE USED NEXT WEEK IN THE COCA-COLA 600? "Oh yes. Absolutely. Can't wait to come back next week. "


SAM HORNISH JR. (No. 77 Mobil 1 Dodge Charger) Finished 8th in Sprint Showdown

"We hoped for a little better finish tonight with our Mobil 1 Dodge. We were just loose on the throttle. It's something that we've been fighting. When we unloaded yesterday, we were too tight on throttle so we did a lot of things to try to make it free on throttle and we went too far. We just couldn't find the happy medium with all the things that we've done and figure out where we need to be. The good news is that we've got Kurt (Busch) and Brad (Keselowski) out there tonight in the All-Star race. We're all trying different things. Generally, when we come to a non-points race like this, we can try to use it as a test session. I just wish that we could have made my car drive a little bit better."

-source: dodge motorsports

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