AC Delco/Murray's Iceman Series - Race #8

The Clearfield Mountain Speedway AC Delco/Murray's Iceman Series race was finally run after two separate torrential rain storms hit the Pennsylvanian track necessitating a 15 day postponement. Rain again drowned out the race the evening of Aug.

The Clearfield Mountain Speedway AC Delco/Murray's Iceman Series race was finally run after two separate torrential rain storms hit the Pennsylvanian track necessitating a 15 day postponement. Rain again drowned out the race the evening of Aug. 14. Finally on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 15, the race ran under partly sunny, but windy, conditions. The long wait was worth it for Dave Kuhlman who beat Glenn Gault to the checkered flag.

Scott Baker set a new track record (18.342) in qualifying on the .519 mile high banked track two weeks ago. Twenty-three cars took the green on Sunday afternoon. Series regular, Phil Massuch was unable to make the trip this weekend because of mechanical problems. Pennsylvanian Doug Alexander was in the pits Saturday, but was unable to return Sunday.

Mike Hennessy and Glenn Gault, coincidently, were on the front row for today's race as they were in our first visit in May. Gault took the lead with Hennessy lurking behind him. A frustrated Hennessy attempted to take Gault, on the inside, lap after lap. He was pull alongside the Orange Blossom Special several times, but never able to complete the pass. He was thwarted by Gault in the corners every time.

Just after the halfway mark, Kuhlman decided it was time to make his move towards the point. He applied pressure to Hennessy and passed him on lap 55. Four laps later, the Howell, Mich. resident took the lead by outpowering Gault on the high side.

The worst accident of the race happened right after Kuhlman took over the lead. Local favorite Clate Hutsted spun in turn three and rammed into the inside ARMCO barrier on lap 59. Hutsted was okay, but the same couldn't be said for his white #1 which sustained heavy front end damage. The race was red flagged while track crew welded another rail to the top of the barrier.

Gault, despite an ill handling car, was able to keep the cars of Hennessy, Baker and Campbell behind him. The quartet ran nose to tail during the second half of the race. Kuhlman's Right Tools/Zeillers Farm Market/5 Point Embroidery Monte Carlo beat Gault to the line by several car lengths.

The race took nearly two hours to complete because of the long red for the guardrail repair. Two of the 12 yellow flag periods were lengthy because of the necessity of flat-bedding vehicles that had crashed.

It's the first time in the 13-year history (136 races) that an away race has had two rain postponements.

Dave Kuhlman again received help from Mike and Nick from Clate Hutsted crew. "It's good to win. I'm really happy that we won with this car. We had to replace a lot when we crashed so hard a few races ago and I wasn't sure I'd ever win with it again. It's been a little bit of a struggle getting the car back to what it was before the accident, and we're not totally back to that point yet, but we're getting there," said the driver of the Right Tools/Zeillers Farm Market/KMH Equipment Monte Carlo. "I almost forgot. I really have to thank PRO Shocks too the shocks worked well all race. This track is like a rolling shock dyno." The win places Kuhlman in a tie for second on the career win list with Dennis Berry.

Glenn Gault led 58 laps before losing the lead to Kuhlman. "The car was pushing all race long. I'm glad to see it over. Mike (Hennessy) drove a good race and I thought he had me several times. The American Title & Trust/Gault Heating/Tabone's Snow King Monte Carlo ran better when the clouds drifted over the track. We got second and now it's on to Angola in two weeks," said the driver from Hubbard, Ohio.

Mike Hennessy aboard his Shooters Bar and Grill Monte Carlo tried Gault several times but never quite got all the way around him. "We had a good race, but not quite good enough. We tied our career best today. At least this time we didn't run out of gas. Dad counted all the laps we ran today and counting caution flags we ran 180 laps. I don't know how much fuel we had left, but it probably wasn't much." said the Chardon, Ohio driver.

Scott Baker, coming off his first win on the series in two year, had another fine run. The driver of the Sypolt Chevrolet/Miles Farmer Market/Excalibur Body and Frame Monte Carlo increased his point lead to 23 over Glenn Gault. "The car was really good early. I was too cautious trying to pass Mike (Hennessy) and Glenn (Gault) and waited too long to make my move. By the time I decided to pass them, my tires were gone. This is such a rough track but we came away with another top five."

Freddie Campbell finished fifth, but lost two position in points. Campbell, Kuhlman and Gault keep switching positions after each race with the three drivers separated by a point each (Gault, Kuhlman, Campbell). "I had a rough day. I swear every time there was an accident today, I was nearby," said the driver of the Port City Chassis Monte Carlo.

Jason Mignogna secured a one race only sponsor from NAPA for the series race at Angola Motor Speedway in two weeks. Jason, who was caught up in several wrecks, persevered to a ninth place finish.

CP Rowles, came home with bragging rights since he finished tenth, the hightest finisher of nine Clearfield regulars to race today. Of the other eight Clearfield regulars: ARCA Bondo/MarHyde series driver Tim Bainey Sr finished 14th after losing three laps changing a flat tire.

Tracy Potter ran out of fuel with six laps to and finished 16th.

Steve Watson had two flat tires and finished 17th, six laps down. Barry DeSalve Jr's car lost power finishing 18th. John Houser and DJ Fleck made multiple pit stops finishing 19th and 20th.

Clate Hutsted crashed into the inside ARMCO barrier (turn three) finishing a disappointing 21st.

Ramey Womer backed hard into the third turn wall and suffered a bent rear clip and was listed as 22nd at the finish.

When Steven Martell tore a hole in the ARMCO and then flipped during the Four Cylinder feature ran prior to Iceman feature, Doug DeGarmo was probably the happiest driver in the pits. DeGarmo and crew were working hard to repair his car after a practice crash destroyed the left rear corner of his car. When Martell's car tore a hole in the guardrail, the track crews had to replace the railing, affording needed time to the Stevenson Auto Parts Monte Carlo crew. DeGarmo made the call for the race & finished 15th, four laps down.

ROOKIE CORNER: Alan Pinsonneault closed within three points of Rookie of the Year points leader Dan Ford Jr. Pinsonneault put in many hours in repairing his wrecked Build A Mold/Trimplas/Moldplas Monte Carlo last week. The team had replace the right front suspension, rear tube, right side sheet metal, roof and windshield. "It was a mess," said the Belle River, Ontario driver. "I made a rookie mistake this weekend. I should've used new tires for the race, but decided to run the tires we had on the car two weeks ago for practice. The car got real loose out there today."

Brett Reaume had a shock break on the car and came home in 13th place.

Dan Ford Jr had a 15 point rookie lead prior to the race. The Carleton, Michigan driver was involved in a wreck on lap 14 and was done for the night.

Dave Kuhlman, Glenn Gault, Mike Hennessy, Scott Baker, Freddie Campbell, Len Couvillon, Greg Taylor, Steve Seegott, Jason Mignogna, CP Rowles, Alan Pinsonneault, Harold Fair Jr, Brett Reaume, Tim Bainey Sr, Doug DeGarmo, Tracy Potter, Steve Watson, Barry DeSalve Jr, John Houser, DJ Fleck, Clate Hutsted, Ramey Womer, Dan Ford Jr DNS: Phil Massuch, Doug Alexander

Points: Baker, 186; Gault, 163; Kuhlman, 162; Campbell, 161; Couvillon, 147; Hennessy, 138; Mignogna, 123; Taylor, 119; Seegott, 118; Fair Jr, 116.

Rookie Points: Ford Jr, 110; Pinsonneault, 107; Reaume, 84

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