#88 jackman doing well, looks to return


#88 Jackman John Bryan doing well, looking forward to return

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (August 4, 2003) --- John Bryan, jackman for the #88 Robert Yates Racing team, is at home and resting after being involved in a pit road incident at Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the running of the Brickyard 400. Bryan was injured during a pit stop on lap 37 when driver Dale Jarrett came into the pits and hit the pit wall. After being evaluated at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Bryan was released with all tests coming back negative.

Albeit a little sore, Bryan's spirits are up and he is looking forward to getting back to the race track.

"I'm very sore . . . I feel like I was hit by a racecar," Bryan joked Monday afternoon. "I am a little sore all over right now but the biggest thing that's sore is my shoulder, which makes sense because I landed on my right shoulder. Other than that, I feel pretty good and hope to get back to the shop later this week."

Bryan, who has been working at Robert Yates Racing since 1996, has been part of the #88 team pit crew since April 2002. He has worked as the Parts Manager since 1996, and shortly after that went to work pitting the #28 Robert Yates Racing Fords before moving to the #88 team in 2002. Bryan says he has every intention of returning to his jackman duties as soon as possible.

Bryan, who flew home with the team on Sunday night, talked to Jarrett before leaving Indianapolis.

"I saw Dale at the airport and I think seeing me in person and being able to see I was OK was a big help for him," Bryan said. "DJ is a great person and a great driver. We're having a tough time as a team, but we'll get through it and I just want to get back to the track and be part of that."

Bryan says one of the positives that came out of the weekend was the performance of his safety equipment.

"The safety equipment did a great job," Bryan said. "I wear a Troy Lee helmet which has a chin guard and I think that made a huge difference. I think I was able to figure some things out too that may even help make this job safer and have talked to both Robert (Yates) and DJ (Jarrett) about it."

Bryan will sit out this weekend's race at Watkins Glen and probably the August 17th race at Michigan International Speedway. He hopes to be able to attend the race in Michigan for moral support for the team.

"These things happen," Bryan said. "This is the class I signed up for 10 or 11 years ago when I started doing this. I'm not quitting and I'm looking forward to getting back to the track in the next couple weeks."

Bryan is going to continue resting for the next couple days before returning back to work. All media inquiries should be directed to Penny Copen at Elevation Motorsports. Inquiries will be addressed later in the week.

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