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Most recently uploaded NASCAR Canada photos:

Start: J.R. Fitzpatrick and Kerry Micks battle for the lead Ron Beauchamp Jr.
Dave Connelly Start: André Coursol
Crew of Andrew Ranger, Alex Tagliani and Kerry Micks watch qualifying times John Gaunt and Dave Connelly
Peter Klutt Pierre Bourque
Ron Beauchamp Jr. Peter Gibbons
Alex Tagliani Pierre Bourque
Derek Lynch Jason White
Brad Graham André Coursol
Anthony Simone Don Thomson Jr.
J.R. Fitzpatrick J.R. Fitzpatrick
Peter Gibbons and Jason White Pierre Bourque
Jim Lapcevich J.R. Fitzpatrick
Andrew Ranger Ron Beauchamp Jr.
Ron Beauchamp Jr. Pierre Bourque
André Coursol André Coursol
John Gaunt Jarrad Whissell
Jason Hathaway Anthony Simone
Don Thomson Jr. Doug Brown
Andrew Ranger Jean-François Dumoulin
Alex Tagliani Didier Schraenen
Peter Klutt Dave Connelly
John Gaunt Peter Gibbons
Anthony Simone Dave Whitlock
Jason Hathaway Didier Schraenen