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Most recently uploaded NASCAR Canada photos:

Podium: Kerry Micks and Trevor Seibert spray champagne David Thorndyke
Brad Graham D.J. Kennington
Alex Tagliani Dave Connelly
Scott Steckly Jean-François Dumoulin
Robin Buck Restart: Kerry Micks leads
Restart: Kerry Micks leads D.J. Kennington spins
Podium: Andrew Ranger receives the second place on the first place step on the podium
Girlfriend of Andrew Ranger
Andrew Ranger heads to the starting grid Fans check out the car of Alex Tagliani
J.R. Fitzpatrick Damage on the car of Alex Tagliani
Don Thomson Jr. and Robin Buck Don Thomson Jr. and Robin Buck
Robin Buck Paddock activity
Mark Dilley, D.J. Kennington and Doug Brown The car of Andrew Ranger stopped on the track at the end of the session
Jeff Lapcevich D.J. Kennington
Peter Klutt Don Thomson Jr.
Peter Gibbons Derek Lynch
Peter Klutt Scott Steckly
Dave Whitlock Jean-François Dumoulin
Jason Hathaway Don Thomson Jr.
Ron Beauchamp Jr. Peter Klutt
Alex Tagliani Ron Beauchamp Jr.
Trevor Seibert Dave Whitlock
André Coursol J.R. Fitzpatrick
Derek Lynch Peter Gibbons