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LONDON, ON - CASCAR recently held its driver information meetings for the Ontario and Quebec regions, and is currently holding driver information meetings in the Western Canadian provinces. With the information meetings completed, current CASCAR...

LONDON, ON - CASCAR recently held its driver information meetings for the Ontario and Quebec regions, and is currently holding driver information meetings in the Western Canadian provinces. With the information meetings completed, current CASCAR teams are excited about gearing up for the 2005 season, some new faces are joining the ranks, and some familiar faces will return after a little bit of time off.

Four time defending Super Series Champion Don Thomson Jr. is back in his number 4 Home Hardware Chevrolet gunning for an unprecedented fifth straight Super Series Championship. The legendary driver is confident that the 2005 season will be another successful year and is currently hard at work preparing a full stable of cars at Fitzpatrick Motorsports.

"We're working very hard at Fitzpatrick Motorsports to get our cars ready," stated Thomson Jr. "We plan to field three cars at each Super Series event next year (One for himself, one for J.R. Fitzpatrick, and one for team owner John Fitzpatrick) and we are working very hard to get immaculately prepared. We have seven CASCAR's in our stable now, and it is a huge job to have them all in top form."

As for his run for a fifth Championship, Thomson Jr. indicates that the strategy for 2005 will be the same as for the past four seasons. "I'll be doing the same thing that I've done for the past several years," reflected Thomson Jr. "Go out, qualify well, be consistent, and win races. The level of competition in CASCAR goes up each year, and we have to raise our game at Fitzpatrick Motorsports in order to keep up. I think we're up for the job again in 2005."

Dave Whitlock brought his number 39 Avenue Motor Works Dodge home in third position in the 2004 CASCAR Super Series Championship, and he is determined to prevent Thomson Jr. from securing a fifth Championship in 2005.

"We are very excited about the 2005 season," stated Whitlock. "We really raised the bar on our road course program in 2004 and we are working hard to step that program up again in 2005. We are very confident in our oval track program, so are working at fine-tuning our oval cars. We are in great shape on that part of our program and we are confident we will be up front on the short tracks. My goal is simple: to knock Donnie (Don Thomson Jr.) off his Championship run and bring the trophy home to Whitlock Motorsports."

This season will see the return of a popular Super Series drivers with Bryan Cathcart returning to a full season Championship effort. Cathcart was popular with fans during his full season 2003 campaign, but only ran selected races in 2005 due to time demands related to other business interests.

"We are very excited about being a part of the CASCAR program on a full time basis once again," reflected Cathcart. "The new partnership with NASCAR is great, but we are back because we love CASCAR racing and we really believe in it. We will be making an exciting announcement very shortly regarding a new primary sponsorship package, and we will be welcoming back previous sponsors National Fast Freight and JJ Stewart Motors as Associate Sponsors. An addition, we will also involved with the Micks Motorsports team by supplying him with a tractor to pull his new hauler."

Cathcart made his last Super Series campaign out of the Whitlock Motorsports facility, but this time around he is setting up shop for himself. "We have purchased two Dodge cars (one road course and one oval car) and all the pit equipment we need from Dave Whitlock, and we will be setting up a full race operation for our 2005 campaign. We can't wait to get back on the track at Delaware!"

Kerry Micks began a relationship with his new sponsor Power Water in 2004 that has blossomed into a very strong motorsports program for 2005 and beyond. Micks drove his number 02 Power Water Ford to fifth place in the 2004 Championship, but the long-time CASCAR front-runner feels that 2005 is going to be his year.

We are completely focused on winning the Championship in 2005," explained Micks. "We have a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Power Water, and they have provided us with resources that we have never had before. We will enter the 2005 season with the people, resources, and tools that we need to win the Championship, and that is our sole focus."

Micks is excited about the newest addition to his racing operation, a new hauler. "We have just added a new 53' Featherlite hauler to the team, which is very exciting. In addition to providing us with more resources at the race track, it is a great advertising vehicle for Power Water."

Much excitement has been building around the 2005 CASCAR Sportsman Series program. The format of the long-standing series was changed in 2004 when it became a true stand-alone touring series for the first time. The program was greeted enthusiastically by Sportsman Series racers, and is poised for excellent growth in the 2005 season. Many new teams have stated their intentions to run the series, and several Super Series teams are considering fielding entries in the series as well.

One new Sportsman Series team that is going to make a great addition to the tour is Lethbridge Motorsports out of Barrie, Ontario. The car will be piloted by Ron Lethbridge who has been running late model classes at Barrie Speedway and Sunset Speedway for several years. The team was voted "Best Marketed Team" at Barrie Speedway for the past three years running, and "Best Appearing Car" at Sunset Speedway for the past two years. Lethbridge has run in the top five at both race tracks for the past several years.

"We are very excited about competing in the full CASCAR Sportsman Series Championship in 2005," said Lethbridge. "We are gunning for the Sportsman Series Rookie of The Year title, and we plan to run four Super Series races as well. We are pleased to bring our primary sponsor Rock 95 into CASCAR competition, and we feel great about our decision to run a Dodge."

The team has purchased the Dodge race car from Whitlock Motorsports that Mark Dilley piloted to a commanding victory in the Sportsman Series race at Barrie Speedway last season. The team is associated with the Grieving Children charity at the Seasons Centre, and will work to raise funds for the charity through their racing program this season.

With all the top teams returning to competition this season, and a host of new teams joining the show, 2005 promises to be the most excited season of CASCAR racing to date. Stay tuned for more information as the new race season approaches!


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