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PART FAILURE FRUSTRATES JR FITZPATRICK July 20, 2008. John Ryan (J.R.) Fitzpatrick and the ...


July 20, 2008. John Ryan (J.R.) Fitzpatrick and the #84 Fitzpatrick Motorsports team traveled west to Sun Valley Speedway near Vernon, BC looking for the same results as last years visit; a victory. The team did find the necessary speed in the car but not until it was too late.

As the Fitzpatrick Motorsports team worked through practice they felt they were good but not quite good enough. "It seemed that whatever we changed on the car nothing really got any better or worse" said Fitzpatrick.

The #84 car was good enough to post the second fastest qualifying time for a front row consisting of two Fitzpatrick Motorsports cars just like last year with JR's teammate Don Thomson Jr. having secured pole position.

When the 300 lap race began Fitzpatrick felt the car to bee loose and had trouble maintaining his position. "We expected the car to loosen up, the strange part is that it was only the back end not the front end" he explained.

As laps ticked away Fitzpatrick was able at to maintain a reasonable speed but the handling of the car was giving the team fits. Even after several pit stops as the crew made adjustments and put on new tires something was still amiss. Finally as the event passed halfway the #84 car suffered a broken gear forcing the team to bring the car behind the pit wall to make repairs.

The Fitzpatrick Motorsports team including the driver worked feverishly to make repairs to return the #84 Chevrolet to the fight. "We figured that other guys might have trouble and we could gain a few points, unfortunately our tough luck continued, but we know that the only two cars that have beaten the #22 are the Fitzpatrick Motorsports cars and that's a real motivator".

Upon further examination and debrief following the race other information began to show why the team struggled mightily at times. "What we believe is that we had a broken gear all day" said Fitzpatrick. "As soon as we put in the new gear, it was a totally different car. We were running faster than the #22 when he was leading that was the kind of car we were expecting. We just didn't get any indication of the problem with a vibration or anything. It's not anyone's fault, it's a part we buy we just had a bad break. But I'm looking forward to getting back to Edmonton" he smiled.

J.R Fitzpatrick and the Fitzpatrick Motorsports team will be back looking to repeat their success from last season and claim victory in Edmonton on Saturday July 26th at the Edmonton Indy. The 2008 schedule will take teams to the east coast and western Canada where Fitzpatrick swept away the competition last year. All races will once again be broadcast on TSN. More information on the series can be obtained by visiting

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