Series prepares for NASCAR challenge at Cayuga

CASCAR prepares for NASCAR challenge. LONDON, ON -- On June 30th the stars of the CASCAR series will go head-to-head with six NASCAR drivers at Cayuga Speedway in Nelles Corners, Ontario. The race is being billed as one of the most...

CASCAR prepares for NASCAR challenge.

LONDON, ON -- On June 30th the stars of the CASCAR series will go head-to-head with six NASCAR drivers at Cayuga Speedway in Nelles Corners, Ontario. The race is being billed as one of the most exciting stock car races ever to take place in Canada. NASCAR Winston Cup drivers Tony Stewart, Johnny Benson, Matt Kenseth, Dave Blaney, and Ken Schrader will be joined by Ted Musgrave (currently standing in third position in the Craftsman Truck Series) when they make the trip north on Canada Day Weekend.

While NASCAR has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity over the past several years, many Canadian race fans don't realize that Canada is home to a stock car series that rivals the NASCAR series in terms of top-tier driving talent, professionalism, and exciting race action. CASCAR has been Canada's premier motorsports series since 1981, and has grown into a series that is home to more than 150 race teams across Canada. When race fans arrive at Cayuga to watch Canada's best drivers take on the NASCAR talent, they will be hard pressed to tell the difference between a CASCAR and NASCAR team.

"Our Canadian CASCAR teams have grown to a level of professionalism that rivals teams from any series," says Tony Novotny, president of CASCAR. "When people see the CASCAR circus roll into their local track for the first time, they can hardly believe their eyes."

CASCAR was founded by Novotny in 1981, and like NASCAR, has enjoyed an incredible growth in popularity through the 1990's. The series is home to Canada's most prestigious motorsports sponsors, and drivers compete for a prize purse in excess of $1.2 million each year.

"We are excited for the chance to show Canadian fans who have not been to a CASCAR event the level at which we compete at every race on our schedule," continues Novotny. "People are excited to come out and see the NASCAR stars compete against Canada's best, and that's great because so am I. But what we also want people to see is the amazing quality of the CASCAR show, a completely Canadian product that fans can enjoy all season long".

When asked how the addition of the NASCAR drivers will affect the show at Cayuga, Novotny responded that it is business as usual.

"As far as CASCAR delivering its show to the fans goes, the NASCAR drivers are just six more competitors in the field. Every one of the events on our schedule is a major show to orchestrate, and the Cayuga event will be business as usual for CASCAR," says Novotny.

The diversity of the CASCAR series is currently in its prime as the drivers face four different types of tracks in four weeks. The CASCAR stars will load their road course cars in their haulers and travel to Mosport International Raceway on June 15th and 16th, where they will compete on the legendary road course. The following weekend makes for a Mosport double header as they compete on the ½ mile Mosport short oval track. They will meet up with the NASCAR drivers on the 5/8 mile Cayuga track the next weekend, and then the road course cars go back in the haulers as the teams head to downtown Toronto, where they are the Saturday feature race at the Molson Indy Toronto.

CASCAR has performed at the Molson Indy event in Toronto since 1999, and in Vancouver since 2000. Many people were skeptical that the CASCAR stars, primarily seen as oval course drivers, would perform well on the tight street course that runs along Toronto's Lakeshore Boulevard. But each year the CASCAR race has been a fan favorite, as the non-stop overtaking and two car wide action takes the fans' breath away. The CASCAR stars quickly put an end to any speculation about their road racing ability, and now the race is widely looked forward to by Molson Indy fans.

"The diversity of CASCAR makes it a truly unique challenge for our drivers," says Linda Novotny, CASCAR vice-president. "We compete on short ovals, road courses, and street courses. It not only requires amazing talent from the drivers, but an incredible skill level from the teams to make the cars perform in such diverse conditions. We are very proud of our association with the Molson Indy events, and it is great to be able to bring our show to Canada's largest urban markets each year"

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