Mosport II: Anthony Simone race report

ANTHONY SIMONE SCORES TOP-TEN IN Rx100 CHEVROLET August 22, 2010. Anthony Simone and the ...


August 22, 2010. Anthony Simone and the #95 Rx100 team returned to oval racing for round number nine of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series this past Saturday night at Mosport Speedway near Bowmanville, Ontario. After an early bump in the back the Simone showed his driving skills and the team's determination to manage an eighth place finish.

The #95 Rx100 Chevrolet team worked tirelessly during the afternoon practice looking for more speed in the car. Simone could manage just a twelfth starting spot on the grid for the 200 lap feature event. "We've been having difficulty with the way the car is set up and not getting the power down properly from the right rear" said Simone.

Trouble continued for the #95 Rx100 driver before the race was even at quarter distance. "There were some guys who aren't running the whole series who seem to think they're going to light the world on fire and we were the victim" said the disappointed driver.

Even after the early setback the #95 Rx100 team dug in to work even harder. "We made a pit stop and took fuel and adjusted on the car and it helped" said Simone. "Then a little before half way we made another stop for tires and the team made more adjustments and the car really improved".

At this point Simone began to surge the #95 Rx100 Chevrolet forward and drove his way back into the top-ten. "When we adjusted on the car it really made a difference" said the driver. "And with the fresh tires we managed to climb back into it" he added.

The early stop for tires would play a role in the eventual outcome for the #95 Rx100 team. "By the end of the race our tires were just too worn to keep up with the top guys, we didn't have anything left for them. I had to use up the car pretty good to gain back the ground we lost. But the team did a great job adjusting on the car and to manage an eighth place finish after the early troubles was really good work by everyone" he concluded.

-source: simone autosport

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