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CALGARY'S JARRAD WHISSELL FIGHTS HIS WAY FORWARD IN MONTREAL August 29, 2010. Calgary's Jarrad Whissell and the ...


August 29, 2010. Calgary's Jarrad Whissell and the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford race team looked to conclude their schedule in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series with a strong showing at the very difficult Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal Quebec during round number ten. Battling several mechanical issues throughout the weekend the team can be proud of their efforts.

The #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford team had their hands full right from the start of the weekend. "We had some electrical issues during practice and qualifying and that put us back about six or seven positions from where we probably should have been" said Whissell. "So that made our race a bit more difficult" he added.

A couple of full course caution periods early in the 100km feature event also made the task of moving the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford toward the front more of a challenge. "With each of the early cautions it seemed like we couldn't make any progress" explained the driver. "With each restart we'd pass a few cars but then the caution would come out and with the way the scoring worked going back to last completed lap we'd wind up having to pass them again" he stated.

Undeterred Whissell continued his fight to move the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford ahead when another obstacle would hamper his progress. "After we finally some green flag laps and started to make some headway the #00 car was pretty much stopped on the track coming out of corner ten" said the driver. "I couldn't avoid getting into the back of him and that tore up the bodywork"

Whissell would make a pit stop and the team went to work and make repairs to the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford as best they could. Afterwards Whissell then set out again to continue his fight. "It's unfortunate we lost a lap making those repairs to the hood and bodywork" he said. "But another caution helped us out at the end when we got the free pass" he explained.

"Following the restart and now back on the lead lap Whissell went on a charge with the #44 SMS Equipment/Komatsu Ford and gained a lot of ground. "I think I gained about seven positions in three laps" said the driver. "That part of the race was a lot of fun, we were running the way I knew we could" he added.

Whissell would complete the race in thirteenth position, an improvement of six positions from the start of the race. "The last few laps we were able to make the best of a frustrating day and weekend" explained the driver. "It's good to finish our season this way.

Marking the end of their racing schedule for 2010 Jarrad Whissell wishes to thank all those that make his efforts in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series possible. "I just have to thank all of our sponsors for making it possible for us to be out here" stated the driver. "I also have to thank everyone on the team who gives so much of their time to this program. I'm happy we were able to raise a significant amount of money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society as part of our efforts this year, and I hope we can be back again in 2011" said the driver.

-source: whissell motorsports

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