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SIMONE DEBUTS NEW LOOK Rx100 CHEVROLET IN MONTREAL August 29, 2010. Anthony Simone and the ...


August 29, 2010. Anthony Simone and the #95 Rx100 team were sporting a new look to their car as they hit the track at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for round number ten of the NASCAR Canadian Tire series this past weekend in Montreal, QC. With a possible podium finish in their sights a bump from behind would bounce them from the competition.

The #95 Rx100 Chevrolet sporting a new colourful paint scheme did not get off to the start they'd hoped for on the challenging road course. "We had some trouble with the rear end and switching between gears" said Simone. "After a part malfunction we changed gears and didn't think the switch would hurt us as much as it did on lap times, we went back to what we started with for qualifying but then had another part break after only a lap" he added.

Simone would line up the #95 Rx100 Chevrolet in the ninth starting position for the 100km race but wouldn't stay there for long. He quickly took advantage of the opportunities in front of him and worked his way into the top-five. "I knew that once we made the repairs for the race we'd have a fast race car" said the driver. "Some of guys were going after it pretty hard and that gave us some openings and I was able to move forward" he concluded.

Others also looked to improve their position and the #95 Rx100 Chevrolet was facing pressure from behind. "The #66 car was trying to move up as well and heading into the hairpin I tried to give him some racing room but he wasn't able to slow down and got into the back of our car and we both went around" said Simone.

Showing great car control Simone quickly got the #95 Rx100 Chevrolet moving again and returned to the fight. However he knew that something wasn't right with the car. "I thought first we had a right rear tire going down from where we got hit" explained the driver. Simone would continue for a short time but knew the car just wasn't the same after the hit from behind.

Only a couple of laps later the #95 Rx100 Chevrolet would suffer a malfunction under the hood and spin to a stop, flames visible from under the car. "Something broke, we're not sure exactly what happened yet, it's disappointing after we clawed our way up to the front of the field. He stated. "We had a really good car and I know we could have been on the podium but the car was really hurt after that contact. We'll just have to come back in a couple of weeks and change our luck and see what we can do on the ovals to finish up the season" said the disappointed driver.

The #95 Rx100 Chevrolet team with Anthony Simone will next compete during round eleven of the NASCAR Canadian Tire series on Saturday September 11th at Barrie Speedway near Barrie, Ontario.

-source: simone autosport

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