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PIERRE BOURQUE MOVES UP IN STANDINGS AFTER EDMONTON Edmonton, AB (July 25th, 2010) Pierre Bourque in the ...


Edmonton, AB (July 25th, 2010) Pierre Bourque in the #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Dodge began the Western swing for the Canadian NASCAR series looking to complete the race scoring another solid finish and improve his position in the overall point standings. Even though a mechanical issue hampered overall race finishing position, Bourque was able to climb another position in the championship standings.

During practice the #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Dodge did not display the speed that Pierre Bourque was hoping for but after some fine tuning by the team the expected the car would be able to move up from the sixteenth place starting position.

Early on during the 100km main event Sunday afternoon the car did just that. "The #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Dodge was living up to its name at the start" said Bourque. "We had a great first lap and a half and think we passed about eight cars" he added.

The rest of the afternoon would prove to be a battle for Bourque and the #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Dodge. "We got pushed up on the curb on the back part of the course" said the frustrated driver. "And we bent a tie rod and I wasn't able to turn right, and this is a track you need to able to turn right on" he added.

The team made the decision to call Bourque and the #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Dodge to pit lane. "We made a pit stop and the team did a great job to make some repairs so that I could at least drive the car but obviously didn't have the handling I did before" explained the driver.

Despite having an ill handling car Bourque fought doggedly for the balance of the race for every position. "We stayed out in the fight and hoped that we could gain as many positions as possible and our efforts were rewarded" said the driver. "We really showed our determination as a team and personally I feel like the Aaron's Lucky Dog as we gained in the standings even with our adversity early on" he added.

Despite his disappointing finish Bourque was able to secure enough points to improve his spot in the overall championship by one position to ninth. "I'm pleased that we were so fortunate" said Bourque. "The #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Dodge had a tough day but our efforts this season got a boost today. We're now only 11 points out of eighth spot and 20 points from seventh" he added.

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