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Monday August 28, 2000: Hamilton’s Dave Jacombs in the ...

Monday August 28, 2000: Hamilton’s Dave Jacombs in the #88 Speedy Auto Service, Raybestos Brakes Taurus came to this the third National Event on the schedule with hopes of moving up in the National Point Standings. Unfortunately a blown motor late in the 250 km, sixty-four lap event cost them that chance. The Speedy team who had all their equipment stolen in Quebec prior to the St. Eustache race came to this event with a Whitlock Motorsports CASCAR Sportsman car converted to a Super Series car.

The #88 Speedy Taurus had problems right off the trailer and spent most of the day on Friday making changes to the transmission and under the hood. Saturday early they continued to struggle but Jacombs entered his twenty five minute timed qualifying session in tenth position and finished up one spot better in ninth. Jacombs was still unhappy with the car and felt that if they had more time to practice, chassis specialist and crew chief Tim Ellas could get a better set up under the car. After discussions Saturday evening, Jacombs and Ellas arrived at the track early on Sunday and changed springs and shocks. While they would not get an opportunity to try the changes prior to the race they felt confident they had made the right moves.

Jacombs lined up the Speedy Auto Service/Raybestos Brakes Taurus in the seventeenth starting position for the UAP Napa presents the Mosport 250 km event. Jacombs indicated early that the changes they made had improved the car immensely. By lap twenty-two he was into the top ten and said after the race “I was just trying to run consistent laps and I had not even worked the car hard to this point. I was just saving it for later in the race.” On lap twenty-seven under caution Jacombs brought the Speedy Taurus in for tires and fuel. This would be the only stop they would need, as the fuel taken on would get them to the finish. On lap forty the motor expired after Jacombs had again moved into the top ten, resulting in a twenty-sixth finishing position. A very disappointed Jacombs said after the race “I could not believe how good this car was after the changes we made this morning. It is really disappointing for everyone especially my crew who worked so hard on Friday and Saturday. I also have to thank Whitlock Motorsports for all their hard work as they did a great job of getting another car prepared and here for this weekend.” This unofficially moves the #88 Speedy Team into tenth in the National Points Standings.

The entire Jacombs Racing Team would like to thank guests Rob Bichener from Speedy store #0139 in Oshawa and his son Kyle for joining them this weekend.

Team mate Mark Dilley in the #64 NTN Bearings Taurus posted a strong fourth place finish which moves him unofficially into eighth in the National standings and Dave Whitlock in the #98 Ford Taurus had another top performance with his sixth place finish unofficially moving him into fifth in the National standings.

Dave Jacombs and the #88 Speedy Auto Service/Raybestos Brakes Taurus team look forward to the next event on their schedule, the CARQUEST 500 Race Weekend at Delaware Speedway Park on September 1 – 3. It was at the first event on the CASCAR schedule here in May that Jacombs earned his first ever pole position in CASCAR. He hopes to take this Whitlock prepared Taurus to that spot again for this event and coincidentally the car he will be driving is the car Whitlock himself put on the pole for this event last year.

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