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Chronological MotoGP photos :

Alex Barros The start
Tohru Ukawa Freight Train
Kenny Roberts Norick Abe
Jeremy McWilliams Tetsuya Harada
Oliver Jacque Andrew Pitt
Daijiro Kato Barros leads Rossi
Nakano leads Roberts John Hopkins
Jeremy McWilliams Shinya Nakano
Alex Barros John Hopkins
Max Biaggi Kenny Roberts
Norick Abe Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi Max Biaggi
John Hopkins Valentino Rossi
John Hopkins Valentino Rossi
Sete Gibernau Barros waves, Max burns out
Barros burns out Jeremy McWilliams wheelies after race
Tetsuya Harada waves to crowd Fans throw flares onto track
Fans fireworks explode Max Biaggi salutes crowd