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A TOP TEN POSITION REGAINED FOR KALLIO IN THE U.S. GRAND PRIX, NINTH. ESPARGARO' SLIPPED THREE LAPS FROM THE END OF THE RACE. The white line that demarcates the asphalt did not allowed, with three laps to go, the Pramac Racing Team to see both...



The white line that demarcates the asphalt did not allowed, with three laps to go, the Pramac Racing Team to see both riders finishing the race in the top ten. During the third last lap Aleix Espargarò was in ninth position with more than a second from his immediate follower Capirossi, unfortunately while breaking in turn five the young Spaniard stepped with the front on the white lines that mark the track and his bike slipped away. Too bad because despite a poor start that saw him lose several positions at once, Aleix had consistently turned much faster than the riders ahead of him. He had recovered at first three seconds from his teammate, and once passed Mika, had begun to reduce the gap from Capirossi that was in the ninth position with three seconds gap. In less than five laps he managed to reach the Italian rider and overtaken him with four laps remaining. Mika has instead made a great start in which he has earned four positions after the first lap. In the first lap Capirossi struggled with him for the twelfth position but the greater experience of the Italian rider didn't allowed to Mika to maintain the gap. Mika was then overtaken by Aleix that was riding nearly half a second faster than him. Thanks to its rhythm Mika has lowered his lap times and decreased the gap from the tenth position. Thanks to an excellent last lap Mika has taken full advantage of the slipstream overtaking Capirossi on the line with just a millisecond and conquered the ninth position.

Fabiano Sterlacchini - Pramac Racing Technical Director

"Too bad for the occasion lost three laps from the end. I think that if Aleix had not fallen and that if Mika had entered the race with the mill metric overtake on Capirossi, we'll be celebrating now the top ten for both riders. We are very happy that Mika that, on a difficult track like this, has gained a good position. We have worked hard these days to allow both rider to be very fast and competitive in every section of the track. Now we'll have three weeks off holidays to relax and to come back more competitive than ever in the next race in Brno, where we know that we can aspire to a good result with both riders. "

Mika Kallio - Pramac Racing Team - 9th in the race - 14th in the World Championship

"Finally, a good result after so many bad races. I had a very good start which allowed me to find myself in eleventh position after the first lap. I struggled with Capirossi to maintain this position, but unfortunately he was much faster than me. Thanks also to Aleix that has reached and overtake me, I was able to lower my pace lap and together we took Capirossi. I could be very close to Loris in some parts of the circuit and I studied its trajectories to see where I was able to try to overcome him. Three laps from the finish I saw my teammate slipping after touching the white line with the front. I've not lost my concentration and I tried in every way to stay as close as possible to Loris. In the last corner exit I made my best to try to use as much I can his train and thanks to the higher top speed I managed to get ahead of him be one-thousandth the finish line. It been a very tiring weekend for me that I had never race on this track, I hope this result will serve to make a change in my season so far for poor of results. "

Aleix Espargarò - Pramac Racing Team - DNF the race - 15th in the World Championship

"What a shame! As usual I had some starting problems, I have lost just a couple of positions in the first turn, but I had recovered the thirteenth position from which I started in less than one lap. In the third lap Bautista tried to overtake me and we touched. I apologize for the accidental contact with him and his fall, I know how important it is for all the rookie to score points on all the tracks. The contact has made me lose few positions and I found myself struggling with De Angelis and R.L. Hayden in the fifteenth position. My pace allowed me to be faster than them, I have overcome them and in a few laps I had reduced the gap I had from my teammate. Once I overtake Mika, I had Capirossi ahead of my with a gap of more than three seconds. Form the box my technician have reported that my detachment was decreased and in five laps I was able to close the gap. Among the twenty-second and twenty-fourth lap I struggled with Capirossi for the ninth position. With three laps I overtake the Italian rider and tried to keep my pace constantly to put a little gap between me and him. During the third last lap I slightly touched the white line that demarcates the track and I lost the front of my bike. Too bad because I would have easily finished the race in the top ten, that on a so difficult track would be a good result at the debut. "

-source: pramac racing

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