Suzuki and Draggin keep partnership

Rizla Suzuki MotoGP is pleased to confirm its continuing relationship with Draggin as its official jeans supplier.

Draggin will be supplying Alvaro Bautista and the Rizla Suzuki crew with its range of protective jeans for the third season in succession. Draggin will also supply the team's cargos and shorts. The tough working conditions of a MotoGP pit-box are perfectly matched to Draggin products and the whole team will benefit from using the Australian company's designs. For road riding, Draggin are lined with a revolutionary hybrid of knitted Dyneema, the World's Strongest Fibre, and Kevlar(R), which makes them so strong that they can withstand at least 4.4 seconds of abrasion resistance whilst also being lightweight and comfortable.

Draggin is the world leader in the protective jeans and they are the makers of the only CE Approved motorcycle jean in the world. Grant Mackintosh founded Draggin in 1997 and shortly began marketing his new invention by literally putting his backside on the line to prove the quality of his product. Grant was dragged behind a motorbike, with the drag test starting out at a slow pace and gradually building up to over 110km per hour! Since the very first drag test was conducted, many Draggin fans that have complete faith in the product have put their backsides on the road to prove time and time again how remarkable the product is! Draggin does however warn people that it is a stunt and shouldn't be tried at home! Video footage of the now famous drag test can be viewed on Draggin's own website.

Rizla Suzuki will be using Draggin's range of shorts, cargos, and jeans at all MotoGP events this year and look forward to a happy and successful partnership with the Australian company.

Fiona Mackintosh -- Draggin, General Manager:

"This is the third year that Draggin has sponsored the Rizla Suzuki team. We keep getting involved because the Rizla Suzuki team are great people and we believe in what one another are striving for. All the best to the team and Alvaro for a successful season!"

Paul Denning -- Team Manager:

"We have slowly developed our relationship with Draggin Jeans since Chris Vermeulen introduced us in 2008, and we are proud to be associated with a great company and an innovative, stylish safety product -- one which enhances the pleasure of riding for all its customers. The products supplied to the team are high quality, stylish and practical - Draggin are a great addition to the MotoGP paddock".

-source: rizla suzuki

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