Repsol Honda Sepang test II day 1 report

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The Repsol Honda Team returns to Sepang with the fastest lap times

Casey Stoner, Repsol Honda Team
Casey Stoner, Repsol Honda Team

Photo by: Hazrin Yeob Men Shah

Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa stole the limelight on the tarmac in Malaysia on the first day of the tests that are being held at Sepang. The Australian Repsol Honda Team rider set the best time of the day, and was followed closely by his teammate. The two riders expressed their satisfaction at the end of another day`s work on their new 1 000cc bike

The Repsol team could not have started the second practice of the pre-season at Sepang in a better way. The storm at the beginning of the afternoon session stopped the action on the track, but after a lunch-break Dani Pedrosa took advantage of the situation to try out his new Honda RC213V in the wet for the first time. Meanwhile, his teammate Casey decided to stay in the Repsol box and get ready for tomorrow`s test program.

The reigning World MotoGP Champion tried out several setups and set the fastest time of the day with a 2 minute, 1.761 on the eighth lap of the 16 he did on the track in Malaysia.

Dani Pedrosa concentrated on the chassis geometry, the riding-position and the power delivery on the new engine and finished the session with the second fastest time of the day, a 2 minute, 2.005. On his final visit of the day onto the track the Spaniard had to stop his bike after it developed a mechanical problem, which will be analysed by technicians this evening.

Dani Pedrosa 2:02.005, 36 laps, 200 km.
"This was a good day of tests for us, we had a couple of good visits to the track. In the morning the surface was a bit dirty and you noticed that there was little grip, although things got better bit by bit and we did the tests that we had planned. It`s quite a bit hotter than it was for the first practice; after my first visit to the track I was sweating more than I did on the whole of the three days a few weeks ago. Today we basically worked on the chassis and the power delivery, and on the riding-position so as to get the weight distribution right, and things went positively. I did a few laps in the wet, but the second time I went out it began to dry very quickly and we finished before we had planned. On my final visit I saw a red light on the instrument panel, so I pulled the clutch in and I stopped. We will have to wait and see what the mechanics say".

Casey Stoner 2:01.761, 16 laps, 89 km.
“It was tough leaving home; Ally woke up the moment just when I was leaving for the airport and I didn`t want to leave her! The first day of these tests went well, we began where we left off three weeks ago, but the conditions out on the track were worse. We have some work to do; in the morning we made some comparisons, we tried out some new discs and I feel much happier. We are also working on the setup, shortening the wheelbase so as to get a bit more traction. We are also going to try with a change to the rigidity and the weight distribution so as to lower the level of chattering. I am sure that I could have gone a second or so faster in the afternoon but it began to rain and it did not dry out enough to go out again, so we will have to wait until tomorrow".

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