MotoGP set for stewards structure revamp after Rossi/Marquez clash

MotoGP is considering a revamp of its stewarding structure following the controversies at the end of the 2015 season.

The stewards' famous decision to penalise Valentino Rossi in the aftermath of his clash with Marc Marquez had an impact on the championship showdown - and became a subject of widespread debate.

While Rossi focussed his criticism on Marquez, suggesting the Honda rider colluded with Jorge Lorenzo to help his compatriot to the title, MotoGP promoter Dorna has also been under fire - with former champion Phil Read suggesting they behaved like a "Spanish mafia".

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta says that, in order to avoid further criticism in the future, the promoter will not be part of the sanctioning body anymore once the Grand Prix Commission approves the proposal for a new structure.

"We've taken a series of measures that will be made public when they are approved by the Grand Prix Commission," Ezpeleta told Spanish daily Marca.

"There were people who accused us of having acted based on our own interests. They said: 'this was decided this way because it's beneficial to Dorna from a mediatic point of view.'

"That has a very easy solution: we will not be a part of the sanctioning body. It's a job which appears to make our lives more complicated and that's something we don't need, so Dorna will not be a part of the sanctioning body anymore."

Ezpeleta also tried to ease the tension because Rossi, Marquez and Lorenzo, even though he does not think that's his job.

"I've talked to them. After they've cooled down they have to know they are adults and that they have to do what they think they have to do. I was with Marquez in Austria and with Valentino in Barcelona. Most of us know what happened, but it's not worth continuing to talk about it."

The Spaniard said he was proud of how Dorna had handled the situation - and that shareholders Bridgepoint shared his view.

"They believe we managed it very well. And I think so too. In a situation like that you can never believe that you have done well, but we tried to do what we had to: to stop things from burning. The deal that we reached for Valencia was good. And the riders thought so, too," added Ezpeleta.

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